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I personally think people shouldnt tan (the tanning bed thing is bad) at all. If you want that glow to your skin they do sale products that can give you that look. Just dont go too cheap or else you’ll be looking like “oompa-loompa”…

I think we each was made to have our own like cute/sexy thing about us…it so happened that my skin is one of those…I have a permanet eva mendez tan when she’s tan lol!..every state, every place..they say how beauitful my skin complexion is…too bad I havent fount the perfect fondation :/…which I dont need thank god!!!…the MSFN is helping me in that department though (thank gosh!!).

but if you dont need it(porcelain beauties) say no to it…i love olive skin that automatically gets tanned. brazilian/italian/jewish/ hispanic/latin/etc are lucky to be able to switch back and forth naturally.

I totally agree with Lala. I’m so jealous of your skintone!
I’m super pale, naturally (NC15) but because of my Italian blood, anytime I’m in the sun I tan sooo quickly! It’s weird to look at myself with a tan, haha.

beautiful skin you have emme!!!! …each season you get to play w/ different styles of makeup…summer jlo glow to winter dita von teese!! ooh lala lala I’m jealous of you! <3333

Tanning beds are horrible, I’d never use one and I don’t understand why anyone would want to.
I’m half spanish so when i’m over there visiting family I tan really quickly(even tho I’m constantly topping up the factor 20) but in the UK i’m pale olivey kind of tone and don’t really want to look any more tanned than that.
I like the idea of lotions but the only one I’ve tried ( Johnsons holiday sun) streaked really badly down the back of my legs and I refused to wear skirts all summer lol :o)
Anyone who does use a tanning moisturiser – which one works for you?

Hi Chica – last year I tried Dove’s self-tanner and it worked well but you have to be consistent and put it everyday. I liked it, but the tan never got deep enough b/c I have olive-toned skin and it just never really made a big enough color difference for me to say that I love it. But in all other aspects it was really good.

i think tanning is really bad for you especially with the sunbeds. did you know that 20mins on a sunbed is equal to spending 4 hours in the sun? i’d rather have pale healthy skin like nicole kidmans than an unhealthy orange glow. saying that i do use nivea gradual tan which is very natural and much safer plus it has a lovely apricot scent πŸ™‚

I’m in the same category as Emmie; pale skin that tans easily. When I was younger, I would often lay in the sun to tan or even visit a tanning booth. I looked good with a tan. But now, especially since I work at night, I don’t even bother with tanning.

I’ve used the Jergen’s Natural Glow a couple times, but I guess I’m just too lazy to use it everyday! Besides, I have very oily/acne prone skin and am afraid to use any tanning products on my face. How wierd would that look to see someone with a totally tan body and a pale face? Hahaha.
So…I just wear sunscreen and try to avoid future wrinkles.

I’m from India and have olive-toned skin so I tan really easily, even when I don’t try. I love my skin tone and don’t believe in tanning. I used to in my teens and early 20s, but knowing all the damage that tanning causes (except with self-tanners), I definitely avoid it at all costs. Plus self-tanners turn my skin orange.

I hate tanning. While it’s a personal choice, it makes me really sad to see someone really young (teens or early 20’s) with a hardcore fake-n-bake on. I grew up in Southern California, and tanned easily. However, my natural tone is very pale. I just have that ability to tan. Back in the day we used to slather ourselves in baby oil and lay out in the backyard all day long. When I was about 18 I started going to the tanning booth to get that same tan in a shorter time.

Now I’m 35 and have pretty bad sun damage. I have to work really hard to hide the brown spots, and I’ve had a deep wrinkle in my forehead for about 10 years. I always thought “well who cares – I’ll look good now and it won’t affect me til I’m old anyway.” Yeah well I’m definitely not old, and here I am thinking about a laser peel to try to prevent skin cancer.

Seriously, use the lotions and sprays. Don’t chance having skin cancer or wrinkles or nasty age spots on your forehead in 10 years. It sucks.

I am pasty, pasty white and don’t tan at all. I sometimes burn, but I usually just stay the same pasty white shade. I used to use the Jergens self tanner but then I became allergic to the chemical that gives the fake tan. I liked the Jergens because I could get a little bit of color without going orange. I don’t mind fake tans, but I detest tanning beds. I have many relatives who are my age, but they look a lot older from their tanorexia damage. I love my bronzer in the summer too πŸ™‚

Oiy! Tanning beds are very bad! One does not need to damage their skin to look like a golden diva. Tanning lotions are a much better idea, though I’ve never used them.

Tanning just isn’t for me. I’m NC 15 and I personally enjoy being very pale. In fact I tend to emphasise it. Dita Von Teese is my fashion hero. πŸ™‚

I think tanning is absolutely disgusting- naturally tanning (by working outside, etc) is fine – but intentionally seeking out to tan is just plain wrong in my opinion. Not only is it bad for your health, but it causes premature aging, skin damage, etc.
Last year a caucasian woman I knew (who would literally tan to the point where she would look african american) died from severe skin cancer, at the age of 38.

I suppose it could be argued that makeup is the same- we intentionally wear it to look different… but i don’t know-i think we should just be happy with what we were given: pale or dark.

I prefer being my own, pale NW15 self. I don’t actually like summmer anyway because I burn so easily.. and I certainly don’t need anymore freckles!! Maybe for a special occasion I would use self tanner only so I didn’t look like I could glow in the dark. I’m surprised some people still use tanning beds and I think they should be banned. There’s no need for them anymore because there are so many products available these days.

I personally feel like everybody looks hotter (and thinner) with a tan. I’m very pale, and VERY self conscious about it. The only time I will wear shorts and show any skin is when I’ve been tanning. I tanned (in beds) all through highschool and part of college, and it took my mother those 6 years to scare me out of it by sending me articles and youtube clips of people with skin diseases and stuff from tanning beds.

Now I haven’t been tanning in 2 years, and I MISS IT like crazy, but am also pretty scared out of it, and know I shouldnt do it. Now I load on bronzer on my face, and don’t show the rest of my body.

I’m too lazy to try using a lotion or spray-on type, I just figure it will look streaky unless I put a lot of time into it, and then it’s going to wash off anyway.

I use to like to tan in the sun, but it alwyas took forever for me to show some colour. Which is pretty weird becasue I’m very pale. Now Im so afraid of skin cancer I dont tan at all and alwyas wear my sun screen. Ive tried a few sunless tanners but there not for me. Being orange just isnt for me.

I don’t like tanning and I won’t do it myself. If I get a tan it’s because I’m jogging or running around outdoors. I can see justification in getting a tan to prep for an exotic, sunny location if you are pale though. To adjust your skin I guess πŸ™‚

I’m not a fan of tanning – I think everyone looks best with their natural skin color. I’m exceptionally pale, but with self-tanner, I feel like I don’t look like myself, so I’ve given up using it. Like Tekoa, I’m NC15 and proud of it – I’ve gone to great lengths to keep my skin in good condition. And I don’t think anyone should EVER tan in a booth – it’s even worse than tanning in the sun, which isn’t great either.

I have been told just how bad tanning really is but I’ll be the first to admit I tan alot.
Every other day.
I love my tan and it gets me great compliments.
It hides my imperfections, and hides my cellulite…Not that I have any rite ladys. πŸ˜‰
It makes my face clear up and I love haveing that glow.
I over mositerize so it’s ok. rite??
Love your site temptalia ;>

my personal opinion is stay away from damaging light. I personally have not sat out in the sun in over 8 years and as far as tanning @ home or a tan salon, never.

The best compliments received are when I so out without makeup. Somehow age comes up in conversation and I tell my age, 53, heehee and they are quite surprised and want to know my secret of looking young.

Tans are a funny thing and varies hugely across the world. In Hong Kong (where my family are from) kits are sold to ‘whiten’ faces. The paler, the more beautiful. While in Japan you have the Shibuya girls who tan their faces to the extreme (google them, they are scary!).
Personally I don’t tan because being chinese my skin is naturally Olive. We all know lying in the sun tanning is bad for you but the discolouration of the skin (as a result of lying in the sun) is actually a sign that the skin is being damaged! So think about that one next time you’re lying in the sun.

Please do not tan every other day! Ouch, and how expensive.
It’s not a question of if you will get skin cancer, it is a question of when.

Tanning should be a once or twice in a year thing, if that. I worry a lot about exposure to the sun.

I dislike tanning, its icky. BUT like many I would slater on the baby oil (yep no spf at all) and lay out until a dark red’ish brown when I was a teen. Now instead I slater on SPF 100, at a minimum, anytime I am outside. I know a majority of the damage has been done and I have had a few irregular beauty marks removed. Now I just try and pamper my pale skin πŸ™‚ Makes my tattooes look better to be pale πŸ™‚

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