Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What do you think of false eyelashes? Love ’em? Too much?

Temptalia's Answer.

I like them sometimes, but I wish I could apply them! No matter what trick or tip I use, it just takes me way too long to get one on. I really don’t have enough time on my hands where I can spend the time practicing either!

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59 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What do you think of false eyelashes?

  1. Ilaria

    I absolutely love them!

  2. I like the look of them, but I suck at applying =P

  3. Personally, I prefer the natural look. For dramatic looks I use good mascaras, 3 or 4 coats. About the false lashes I think the same as you

  4. Lizzclare

    i love the look but My eyes water and run if its windy or I go in anywhere air conditioned so then they lift on the corners and my eyes look red – so Ok for going out as long weather permitting lol

  5. like them for special events, not everyday wear.

  6. ..amy..

    I really like how they look how they can add a lil vavavoom but I don’t wear them all that often

  7. JENNA

    false lashes are a must. every day!

  8. Cat

    I really love the look of them but for me they are not work appropriate. So I just save them for special going out nights.

  9. I would absolutely die without them! 😉

    yes, DIIIIIEEE!!!!!

  10. I like them, but my eyes can’t stand them!

  11. Emm

    I like them if they were easier to apply. Otherwise I hardly use them because of this.

  12. IZzySA

    woo hoo.. You gotta love em- they are THE single item which change a woman’s eyes! They can be small and simple to really dramatic. I have applied singles, one strip, two strips, double and triple strips, and lower ones for different photos and shows… I LOVE EM~!!

  13. claudine

    love them they can looks so pretty
    applying takes me 4 min for both incl. waiting for the glue to get sticky
    my MAC MA showed me how its not difficult

    • Tanya

      Gahhhh!!! Can you do a video tut? Pretty please!!! You will be everyones new best friend!!

      I think more than any other make-up (can it be called make-up?) I think false lashes are just stunning! I would wear them daily if I could get them on :( which I can’t!!

  14. sprut

    I would love them if I could ever get them to work on me. 😉

  15. kae.

    i’ve personally have never worn them, but am always open to them.

  16. rowan

    they’re good if you want to look really glam, or if you have short eyelashes. but i don’t like them they look a bit tarty imo

  17. An makeup looks much better/polished wth false lashes…its a different story that i don’t know to apply them!!! with lenses, then eyeshadows to be blended and eyeliner to be well lined…i find false lashes too much of a pressure!!!!

  18. I love lashes, especially individuals, but usually only for photo/video shoots or auditions.
    I am a failure at putting them on myself. But I would like to try eyelash extensions one day.

  19. Kayc

    For me I don’t think they’re necessary. Yes, they look nice but it takes way too much time and extra effort. If I want my lashes to really stand out I just add an extra couple of coats of mascara and curl them nicely. The effect is pretty much similar.

  20. can’t leave without them!!! I use them whenever I have on makeup which is pretty much everyday ;P

  21. Katya

    hmmm.. i dont really care for them.. – myself i would never wear them unless i have to, and i think they are not for everyday life, plus i hate women who would put the falce lashes on , but the lashes themselves are tooo tooo hugeeee.., or they are ok but they dont fit with makeup , and the outfit… lol

  22. TT

    Lashes are a God send. Too bad I haven’t mastered putting them on yet. A little practice and I’m sure like anything else, I’ll get the hang of it. Somehow those babies can change your appearance from “girl next door” to “italian movie star” in seconds =)

  23. bCreative

    I hate putting them on, but once their up there and they look good they make my eyes look sexier!

  24. they’re starting to grow on me!

  25. tremorviolet

    I love them but the look is too dramatic for everyday. Plus it always takes me a couple of tries to get them on decently so I save them for going out/special occasions. They do make me kinda insecure that they might be lifting so I wind up checking them a lot when I wear them.

  26. Edna

    ive never used falsies before and i don’t think its a necessary item for me. I have naturally black and curly lashes (lucky me!) and I just started using black mascara last year just to intensify my lashes.

  27. Andrea

    I only like them when I want to look really dramatic. Have gotten my makeup done a couple of times when I’ve been in a wedding party, and it looks amazing in the pictures!

  28. lizzii

    i love them….if i could just get them on. haha. tricky things they are. sometimes i put them too high or not enough adhesive and it just looks like a spider on my face. isn’t it funny how when they fall off, they’ll stay on your face but won’t stay on your lid? XP

  29. I love false eyelashes!!! Acutally I probably love them too much!!! lol

  30. Luda

    Love the look but it takes too long to put them on.

  31. I love them, but I suck at putting them on.


    i think falsies are fun for special events and stuff when you wanna be a little extra. unacceptable for everyday.

  33. ice

    i haven’t worn falsies but I’m dying to try them on! I’m scared to put them on myself because I’m scared all my eyelashes will come off too as I remove them. But I’ll definitely try them one day, on a special occassion:)

  34. I really want to try them, I’m searching for a good pair.

  35. they take a really long time to put on/perfect.. BUT.. i think they look great. they sort of block my vision as a monolid so i think i have to get tapered ones :)

  36. Julie

    I love them, I collect them, both for fun/carnival and for nice evening wear etc.
    But as many of us think, they are a B…. to apply.
    I just found this little helper and I am getting one, so I can not recommend it yet, but it looks good:
    Hope it will help me apply my lashes in less time with no fuzz.

  37. Anita

    Love them I think they can make or brake a look.

  38. I cannot believe I waited so long to start wearing them regularly. I think I just needed to find DUO, because the other glues just don’t work. I don’t care for the really long dramatic ones that are not realistic, but a natural full flirty lash is changes my eyes completely. I was told that nobody ever knew I wear falsh lashes and they thought I had long pretty lashes. It is all about finding the perfect lash to blend with your own lashes so it doesn’t look false. I have small eyes and suddenly I have large doe eyes.

  39. HoneyBrown1976

    I really want to try them; however, I keep hearing about the difficulty of applying them. I don’t know, though.

    • Sasha

      It just takes a little patience and some practice, like any makeup (or other) skill. I think you should give them a try!

  40. Sasha

    I really like them, but I don’t wear them too often because I still haven’t mastered applying them perfectly! But I disagree with everyone saying that they can’t be worn every day. Why not? You can get more natural ones or dramatic ones depending on what suits your style and preferences.

    The funny thing is I don’t NEED them; my lashes are naturally long and kind of thick, so a good mascara will do me just fine. But I still think they’re fun =)

  41. Brie

    I hate em. I don’t think they look good unless you are going to a club or something, otherwise it’s just too much. I typically prefer a more natural look in all cases though!

  42. Rosie

    I honestly wish I could wear fake eyelashes, but my real lashes are to curly. They literally make a “C”. The makeup artist at mac tried to put them on for me, but she told me that I would have to cut my real lashes in order to have the fake ones look right

  43. Anna

    I never bother w/ them because I wear glasses all the time, and the falsies would just brush against the lens all the time.

  44. S.

    Never wore them, I thinks it because I know in my head that their fake lol but plan to give it a go this summer. Just for fun.

  45. Christy

    I love them! I get mine at this Japanese store for $2 per set. I have super dramatic ones, full fluffy lashes, criss-cross, outer corner lashes, and a ton more. Be patient while you put them on and bam, they’re gorgeous! I don’t wear them everyday, but for an event or clubbing, I must wear them! Make sure to trim your lashes, so that they aren’t too wide for your eyes. I’m Asian, so most sets are too wide. I would also recommend to start from your outer corner then gradually push the lashes down as you move towards your inner corner.

  46. Rio

    I love them. I just have to be careful where I set them on my lid and make sure they are decent quality, or they tend to poke my eye with the edge of the lash band. I actually don’t have any lashes, because I have trichotillomania, so it’s nice to put them on sometimes. I usually go without though.

  47. Daisy

    I find them a bit intimidating. I have applied them for friends without any problems but on my own eyelids.. it just ends in disaster. Perhaps I should practice more. I prefer the little lash clusters instead of those full lash lines. This post did make me want to try them out again. Its nice to read other peoples experiences!

  48. Hanna

    There are a lot of work for me. I have to curl my lashes for as long as the amount of time to put the fake ones on!

  49. I wear them once in a blue moon. Def not everyday. My natural lashes are pretty long, anyhow. :]

  50. niknik

    i LOOOVE them. i’m just starting to get better and faster at applying the, but i’m always rushed in the mornings so i’m lucky to wear them once a week.

  51. i love them! they make my eyes look sexy. :) as long as they don’t fall off. :p

  52. mars

    I love false lashes and wear them 3-4 days a week. Most of the time it’s a more natural set but sometimes I go for super dramatic double or triple stacked lashes. Once you get the hang of it, I honestly feel like putting lashes on is faster than layering on the mascara.

  53. Vanessa

    At first I was very intimidated by falsies but I’ve been getting much better at applying! It really just takes patience and I really only wear them for special occasions. They really make a difference!

  54. claudia

    i’ve never worn them, but i don’t like it when i look at someone and i just *know* they are wearing them, because they look so heavy and fake. i guess what i’m trying to say is that i don’t like it when they look too obvious. this doesn’t include the crazy ones that are meant to be seen! :)