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I’ve seen people it looked awful on, and then I’ve seem people who look really amazing with it. I think for most ‘normal’ men, IE those who aren’t going for the goth look, look best with groomed brows, a touch of mineral foundation, and sometimes, depending on the fella, a little smidgen of brown kohl liner.
But on some men it does just look overdone, and I think you really do need a certain face type/style to pull it off without looking silly.

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I’m so envious of my boy’s brows. They’re basically perfect (at least for a man, I mean for a woman, they wouldn’t quite work!).

I’m not a big fan & I wouldn’t like it if my other half wore any – saying that some men can pull off eyeliner really well.

I personally don’t care if men wear makeup or not. If they look great with it on, then why not?

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with eyelashes. It’s like all the men I know have *beautiful* eyelashes!! My boyfriend has ridiculously long lashes with just the right amount of curl to it. It makes me want to put a coat or two of mascara.. haha =)

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I think so, too! I think it’s a shame that some guys feel really odd about wearing makeup, when I’m sure some of them would LOVE to cover up acne or acne scars like us ladies do!

I personally dont care if gay men wear makeup but it irks me when straight men do. I was raised VERY old fashioned in Cuba and Men that wear makeup= gay. LOL!

I wouldn’t date a guy who wears make up… but I think that there are some amazing drag queens out there. Oh, and guys like Mr. Jay on Top Model look AMAZING with make up on.

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Hey Mary! How are you this morning?

It’s not a turn on for me, but I love seeing what guys come up with when they do more than just liner.

… sorry, time for some male intervention, ladies. I love the question. I’m a MA at a MAC store and the same dilemma crosses my mind from time to time too.

When we have events in the store, my colleagues like it when I go along with their look and add a male twist to it. Of course wearing makeup in a MAC store when you are a man is totally different to wearing it on the street. But still, I sometimes wonder what customers think of a male MA wearing makeup.

I agree that it can look over the top. But I strongly believe that guys can pull off a lot of makeup, as long as you don’t follow the makeuprules that apply to women. Makeup for women works well because you emphasize things. In the case of men you might have to change those rules.

Maybe I can prove my point with this : http://wizardofgloss.blogspot.com/2008/05/makeup-and-men-metalx.html

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Hey Bart! Thanks for commenting πŸ˜€

When I first got into makeup, seeing men wearing FULL makeup at the MAC store was definitely a new thing for me, but I’ve ALWAYS had great service and advice from them, so now I totally seek them out!

One of the best things is that men see women differently than we see ourselves, so it is an opportunity for another perspective.

πŸ˜‰ thanks for seeking us out Christine… I have to admit, my colleagues told me that this was one of the reasons that they wanted to hire a male MA. I’m so very much for positive discrimination πŸ™‚

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I’ve seriously never had a bad male MA! And I feel like I am always learning something from them. I think because you rarely encounter men who work as makeup artists just as a job, but they do it for love, for passion, so they are more into experimentation, discovery, and finding new things and just being imaginative.

I think it’s compeltely fine for men to wear make-up, just ask my fiance. During this past semester I was taking a course in stage makeup and I was always trying to get him to be my test dummy. >.< And as a special surprise a little while back he let me put drag make up on him – face sculpting and everything – (and take a picture!!!).

congrats to you and your bf. I admire men (and women) who feel confident enough to play around with their appearence. At the end of the day it’s just good fun, and sometimes we look for too many hidden meanings and reasons behind someone’s appearance.

I have lot’s of male customers coming in to the MAC store asking for foundation and concealer. I’m sure 90% is not gay. The gay guys already have lot’s of experience and really know what they want :-). Most of the time it’s the girlfriends who send their bf’s to our store πŸ™‚

i don’t really care if they wear makeup or not. you can’t judge someone until you know them. but i wish i had my nephew’s eyelashes, it would be so perfect for mascara. it’s long and thick so you would only put on one layer of mascara. his lashes are beautiful.

My boy’s eyelashes are so long… I put eyeliner on him when he went as an emo for halloween and I stared at him all night! πŸ™‚ Maybe I would have anyway. I know a few guys I have tried to convince to try blotting papers or blot powder, and maybe a little waterproof liner (smearing looks way worse on guys, I’ve noticed). I think the world needs just a touch more makeup, and some guys are definitely included. (Of course some people need a touch less makeup… haha! They’re making up for all those people who haven’t figured it out yet.)

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Hey Erin! πŸ™‚

I know a few guys who suffered TERRIBLE acne in high school and are left with scars now, and I wish they would feel comfortable wearing some concealer or something — I know it’d just boost their confidence so much, y’know?

Interesting Q. If a man is insecure about having a blemish or something, a little concealer is fine, I think. As far as full-on makeup goes, I’d say save that for actors/makeup artists/models etc.

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I wish more men felt OK about wearing concealer if it would give them more confidence! It’s not fair that us women get to hide a few of our flaws πŸ˜‰

if a gay male wears makeup, its like no big deal because its almost expected. but if a straight (non-model) male wears it, it seems that people are either not into it at all or they find it kinda edgy in the sense that the guy isn’t afraid to show his feminine side or care about any stigma attached to wearing it…..

with that said, i’m a total sucker for pretty boys who just wear a bit of eyeliner and some dark nail polish πŸ˜‰

my hubby also has lashes to DIE for…so jealous!

I have a friend who was recently in a car accident and his window smashed into his face and hand. Now he has scars on the side of his face, and he admits he is jealous of women for being able to hide what he can only use Mederma on and hope it fades. I told him to “slap some spackle on it, honey!” But he doesn’t dare.

Another girl with a guy who has amazing lashes… I’ve already asked more than once to try some mascara on him, but it’s always a no and I’m so sad :'( Haha! They probably think we’re crazy!

I have no problem with men wearing makeup; I think mine should consider it for his acne scars and such. But many men seem to have this mindset that makeup is for women and will instantly turn you gay, like a switch or something. My boy is a little more comfortable with himself than most, but he still needs some convincing! He’s afraid of losing masculinity or something, as if people will know he’s wearing it. I just want him to feel a little better about his skin. πŸ™‚

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I know exactly what you mean! I think a lot of women wear makeup to feel better about their skin or whatever, not necessarily because it’s feminine, so men should do the same!

i like when they wear eyeliner.
but when the shadow, mascara and lip products get involved it screams GAY!
but i thinks it adorable when the gay guys are all made up. its cute. but not for a straight guy.
it just makes me question their sexuality!

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