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Well, I understand if you have no eyebrows, or if you’re really blonde so no one can see them, or if you’re older and they’re thinning out because of age, but for dark haired girls to first pluck the life out of their eyebrows, and then drawing them back on… I don’t understand it. I’m lucky, people envy my eyebrows, they’re full but not bushy. I like them, they give me a younger look.

I have no problem with those drawn-on eyebrows as I understand the importance of it. but I feel girls should be careful about the color of their eyebrows pencil. thats strange to see a black hair girl with a red-brown or purple tone eyebrows. and I like natural eyebrows, at least, a good drawn-on eyebrows should look as natural as possible. please, don’t try those sky-high or super-surprised eyebrows if you have to shave your whole eyebrows first.

Thumbs down. Sorry to any girls who do it. I understand if they burned off and are never coming back (like one of my aunts who draws them on), they’re too light, too thin, etc. But I just really don’t get it if you have eyebrows, pluck/wax them off and then draw them back on. They look so unnatural, weird, and obvious to me. Like a bad movie villain or aging socialite stereotype. I prefer eyebrows to be well-groomed but natural looking.

If you just shave them off and than draw them back on than I agree its very creepy and unattractive looking and some people reeeally overdo it.

i have drawn on eybrows because my natural ones are blonde not full and make me look tired because of their natural shape lol
well i try not to use a pencil that is to dark sometimes they look great and when i have a bad day they look weird haha

I color in my eyebrows simply because they are too thin and scarce I totally wish I didnt have to though I use a very dark brown almost black and to be honest people dont even notice until I point it out! I envy those that dont have to but I for one do. I totally agree that people that just shave off their brows and draw thm in is a bit creepy for me and being a brunette with red eyebrows is a no-no!

I have to draw mine. 🙁

Or at least I HAVE to draw the left one, so I make sure to use the same stuff on the right so as to match. See, I had two eyebrow piercings once upon a time that left scars, so the brow started growing in differently AROUND the scar tissue; I had to pluck the hair or else I’d just have one eyebrow that was much lower than the other. With a combination of light pencil strokes and lighter powder, though, it doesn’t look bad.

I’m not a fan of drawn on brows, because they look very fake. It’s better to fill in brows with powder or something if you have sparse or light brows – don’t draw on an unnatural black line! Obviously, if for some reason you don’t have eyebrows, yeah, I can understand it, but… do try to make it look natural!

My eyebrows are pretty sparse…always have been, so I use a powder to fill them in. But people tell me I have nice eyebrows and then I point out that I have to fill them in, so I guess I am doing it correctly! I am Asian so, sparse eybrows and lashes!!!

I have drawn on my brows before when I was trying to get my brows to grow back. But if people DON’T have brows I understand, but it kinda bugs me when people shave there brows off and drawn them on. And you can tell its fake eww, and if they don’t know what they are doing that could break a look. I’ve seen people use liner to draw them on and I’m not a fan off it. But if you can draw them on with powder and make them look ‘natural’ then kudos to you!

If the brows in question have to be filled in with powder or gently pencilled in out of necessity, then fine. Scrawling the Maccy D arches over your eyes, shaving off your brows and redrawing them just under your forehead, or extending the brows to the temples are NOT. ACCEPTABLE.

Ugh. So many crimes against eyebrows, so little time!

I fill mine in a little bit with powder to neaten them up but proper drawn on eyebrows scare me! Especially if they are higher up than they should be :o/

HAHAHA i love sharpie eyebrows. that’s what we call them up here, alot of hispanic women around here do that and it always looks horrendous, IMO. it’s one thing to shade them, or use pencil to fill in, but it’s another to totally draw them on!!! and when you do it heavily enough, it really does look like sharpie.

all they need is some brown lipliner with clear gloss on top to complete the look. *sigh*

I don’t have a problem with drawn on brows, if that’s what other people like, then that’s their preference. Personally I fill mine in (sometimes), add a little length on the end and that’s all.

My eyebrows are sparse as well and I JUST learned about shaping and filling like last year. I don’t particularly DRAW them, but I use udpp as a base and then to strokes to go with the natural shape of my brow, then I fill. I think it works well because it doesn’t look extremely unnatural.

As for other people, whatever floats your boat. Contrary to other people’s opinions, I think that the shave off – draw on thing works for some people. Like the girls who go for the “suicide girl” look, or the girls with the goth style. Punk rock girls too! There’s a girl on Spektra who draws on her brows, and yes it looks unnatural, but it looks cool and fitting all the same.

I’m blonde so my eyebrows are light, although luckily still are visible and I’m quite happy with them, I just fill them with a light powder on occasion. As for the whole “shave them off and draw them on” when you don’t need to, not a fan! I knew a girl back in the day in one of my high school classes who would shave her brows off and drew a harsh black line in place (she was blonde), along with bright orange cakey foundation that stopped in a clean line at the jaw. She’s etched in my memory for that reason. There ARE some women out there who work it, but its only when they don’t make it look harsh and unnatural.

I actually pull my brows out, i have a condition called Trichotillomania. It’s left my brows TOTALLY sparse and non existent and they used to be so full. I have had mine actually tattooed on now. They are “drawn on” but they look natural and I get compliments which i’m really happy about. I would obviously rather have the real thing but it’s just the way things have panned out….rock what you have naturally I say!! One day I may have a hair to my name!

I think it’s okay, but not for me. I’m horrible about my brows anyway. I don’t have the money to get them waxed anymore, and I really, really hate tweezing, so they remain out of control most of the time. I just use some wax to tame them…

Due to the fact that I barely have any, I have to draw– well stencil mine on. Otherwise, it looks like I don’t have anyway… =(

I used to know some girls who would shave off their perfectly good eyebrows and then draw them on. That didn’t look right at all.

But people who are really fair or red-headed, who have no eyebrows, SHOULD do something about it. But maybe eyebrow powder rather than liner.

i am one of those lucky people who do not have much brows. i was drawing them on every dayand it got way old. about 5 or 6 years ago i had them tatooed and love it.

i absolutly hate when girls have serious black lines….like “sharpie brows” … that drives me crazy

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