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I haven’t get any of this kind of comment. as a makeup newbie, I am still on the stage that most of people said the color on my face is not visible.
I am the only one who is keeping ask if the color is too much.

Oh i hear you on this one! Alot of ppl always saying: “I didnt know you wore makeup!!!” LOL!
And i still feel like im plastering it on!

That’s what I say too. Mostly it’s ppl who don’t know who to wear makeup that make these kinda comments!

“If my appearance makes you uncomfortable, I think the obvious solution is to simply not look at me.”

Hey Cristine,

I never ever got this comment from any one of my relatives,freinds or strangers.Infact im the only one who keep on asking if my makeup is too much??


I have never had this happen. People usually tell me that it looks natural and not plastered on. If someone told me that I was wearing too much, I would probably tell them there is no such thing as too much makeup, lol. That, and they don’t want to see what I look like without it.

I simply tell them “It’s not YOUR face, so don’t worry about it” and that usually solves the problem.

I usually get this from my mom when I do more glam or darker eye looks. Once it was for a school event where everyone dresses up so I told her she didnt know what she was talking about. Another time it was for prom but everyone ended up loving my turquoise make up and asking me if i did it myself =)

I’m with you Grace, the only person who’s ever said that to me is my mum because she doesn’t wear make up and doesn’t really like that I do – and that’s only about how much eyeliner i’ve put on – or the brightness of my eyeshadow – i’m really light with my foundation & blush so I don’t get comments on that.

I have never had anyone say that to me. I think it would be really rude of someone to do that, so I am not sure what I would respond…maybe just say thanks for letting me know? Usually I have people ask me what I use (eyeshadows) or just give me a compliment…

I’ve had people say that in a bit more subtle manor, ie “Why do you bother doing your makeup for class?” to which I respond “I don’t spend all this money on makeup for it to sit in my room!”

HA! I hate that! I went away on a weekend and all the women there asked why i wore makeup on holiday!! Cos i loooove it! I wish id thought of your comment! 🙂

A new guy asked me why do I have make up on and I told him to deal with it or get out. He cannot take my face from me.

No one has actually said that to me, but I think a lot of them have thought it. I DO wear more makeup than most people, especially during the day.

I like what I do, so there! 🙂

I don’t recall any of my friends giving me such a comment… but I’m sure my mom has, once or twice when I was younger a few years back. Now she’s stopped.. haha
Anyways, if someone did say that to me I’d probably say something like “You think THIS is too much? You must be kidding me. There’s nothing you can do about it anyways” LOL – I actually RARELY wear full make up so… my MU can never be too much! : D

It’s always men who tell me this. Women generally are fascinated by my makeup and ask me to do their makeup for special occasions.

I actually did have one guy tell me I had too much on. He was security for a building I have to go into once or twice a week. He said “oh you don’t need all that, you can just be natural”. I said ok, and went on with my day. When I thought about it I realized I hadn’t put on MACs Blot Powder like I usually do. I went back in another day with the Blot Powder on and he said it was much better. So now I know for that natural look, I have to make sure to wear a powder.

Also, my mom says it all the time, but I really don’t care what she thinks in general…As long as my boss doesn’t complain(she’s also my friend so she’d tell the truth) I think I’m good.

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