Sunday, May 18th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What do you notice first about someone else’s makeup? Eyes? Lips? If they did a good or bad job?

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70 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What do you notice first about someone else’s makeup?

  1. Susanne

    The eyes!!

  2. The lips. I’m drawn to the mouth, for some reason. I guess that’s because that’s where the talking is done. I’d notice whether she’s using lipstick, or just a gloss. Or if there’s anything green stuck between the teeth. I’m weird that way.

    • Hey Tine!

      That’s interesting, but I can totally see why. I’d notice if it there was a lot of product or they were really bright myself.

  3. natasha

    always the colours on the eyes first
    (then i will try to guess what they are)
    then the technique/ presentation.

  4. k8ie-lou

    i know this sounds horrible but i do look to see if it was a good job or not!!!!
    if it’s good then i’m drawn to look at eyes just because it is inteesting to see how other people use colour…
    on the other hand if its bad i find i cant tell people – for example i had a consultant who always used a foundation 2 shades darker which was blended in with her hands BUT it alway left that mask effect. at the start i did tell her she had a ‘slight’ line to blend in but there is not much more you can say is there?!

    • Eva

      I always notice whether it´s a good or bad job, too!
      Too much blush, foundation that´s too dark, badly drwan-on eyebrows…that stuff. And it´s scary how many women run around like that.

    • It is hard to give someone else criticism, especially if you aren’t good friends! But the mask, nooo! No woman should allow herself to suffer that :(

  5. bec

    How heavy/natural looking it is and whether they did a good job or not.

  6. Kella

    Same as the last two commenters.. I always first decide if the makeup was done well! Then I make changes in my mind! LOL I can’t help it.. My biggest pet peeve I’d say is bad brows!!!

  7. Beverly Vinson

    I usually notice the eyes, I love the eye makeup where the bottom and upper lashlines are lined (the waterline sometimes is or sometimes isn’t lined), you know the really thin perfect lines usually it looks like they used their eyeshadow to line their eyes, I can never get my liners to do that. Sigh….I prolly just need to sharpen my liners more often.

    • Hey Beverly! It’s probably sharpening, but even if not, you can always take a q-tip with makeup remover and run it under so you have that really thin line!

  8. For some strange reason, my biggest pet peeve is non matching foundation…you would be surprised how many women are still walking around with that line on the jawline…drives me crazy! I just want to blend it for them! Other than that,I just look at the overall presentation, especially the eyes.

  9. Lauren

    Yeah, I look at how its done as well. Not because I want to make fun or anything, but its kind of automatic, to notice if a person’s makeup is done poorly. Then I look at the eyes. Its my favorite part when I put on my makeup and I like to se ehow others do it!

    • I agree! It’s kind of like when you notice someone’s sense of style or what they’re wearing and think “That’s a great outfit!” or whatever.

  10. MEG

    always the eyes! : )

  11. I notice the entire creation.

  12. Alisha

    if it blends and the colors go well together..

  13. Julieah

    I try not to be a hater, but a lot of times, I see women running around with bad, bad makeup on. And sometimes, with friends, I will go up to them and just give them a few sister-to-sister makeup tips and constructive feedback. But only with friends. I could never do that to a stranger!

  14. Tina

    I look at whether they did a good job or not, which usually is determined by looking at their eyes.. The face is pretty simple to me and is hard to really mess up. (For me, at least..)

  15. Michelle

    I have to agree with the rest of the ladies… I look at how well they applied the makeup, how heavy/light it is, etc. Then I would focus on whatever is emphasized… if someone is wearing a red lip, my attention will probably shift to that, otherwise it’s usually the eyes.
    But I definitely have to agree… I’m surprised at how many people leave their houses with certain makeup applications. I know that it’s a form of creative expression, but when people leave with crazy-colored eyeshadows, and gigantic falsies, and heavily drawn-in brows… let’s just say that’s not my taste. Makeup is supposed to enhance your features (which doesn’t mean I’m all about browns and nudes… I’m all about a smokey, green look 😉 ), but as long as it’s applied well and not too over-the-top!

  16. Hmm… I honestly have no idea. I think I notice the foundation more if it is done badly. Can I see a line on their jaw? Eww.

    I may also notice eye makeup…I think I need to pay attention to my own…noticings…more.

  17. TR

    If their foundation/powder matches their skin tone. That immediately throws me off, whether or not they did a good job on their eyes or lips.

  18. I see eyebrows first. If they are drawn on or just botched up. Then eyeshadows, and then if your foundation matches.

  19. michelle

    I notice if other people just have on “regular” makeup, or if they do beautiful eyes- like all the women here. And I won’t hesitate to compliment if I think its looks good. I think we need more of that energy in the world. And if it looks bad- maskish or something, I just keep my mouth shut.

  20. Courtney

    i always look at their foundation =P

  21. Pquanda

    Foundation Match/Finish

  22. dee

    In order, I notics if their foundation isn’t blending right. Then I notice eyes, then lips.

  23. Skyler

    Definitely eyes. First the colours and even more so the application. I’ve grown to really admire well-applied make-up so it’s something I constantly look for on ANYONE I see wearing make-up. I also notice nice skin because I long for it myself. Heh. Oh, and eye brows also stand out to me. Not sure why but I always notice overplucked/bushy brows. I don’t have perfect brows but it really bothers me to see hideous ones. 😛 I don’t go around looking for bad make-up though because I’m not one to sit in judgment. I more often notice make-up I admire.

  24. The eyes.. usually their liner and mascara. I hate clumpy, crunchy looking lashes, and liner where there’s a skin coloured gap between it and the base of the lashes!

  25. Charlotte

    Here’s my aforementioned embarrassing eyebrow story:
    My assistant once came to work with a mirror and a black eye brow pencil. She told my brows were way over-plucked. She showed me where they should start and stop. Then she took the pencil, drew proper eye brows on me and said, “See, much better!”
    This must have irritated her for months before she finally said something. I was horribly embarrassed but rather grateful. She was totally right. I penciled in my brows every day until they grew back.

  26. karen

    Brows, its essential for any makeup. foundation is also important. i dont like cake-like foundation.

  27. Pia

    Lipstick because its my first makeup staple and i always wonder whether i have that color or when i don’t, whether i should get it. Then the eyeliner as i still do badly with mine so i always enjoy looking at it. Then overall face; skin condition, makeup application, eye shadow.

  28. Cel

    I always look at the eyes. Since I’m a newbie I try to see what they’ve done with their eyes and the colors used. I try and see if I can get some pointers for the next time I’m applying makeup.

  29. Sash

    The eyes!
    For sure.
    If I like it, I try to copy it!

  30. The EYES,i think is the most important wen i notice anybody makeup,I just hate if eyeshades r not blended well as long its MOST DRAMATIC,Its so like…NATURAL,cant help it!