Monday, April 28th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What do you do when you start getting lazy about your beauty routine? What’s your strategy for getting back into the groove?

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35 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What do you do when you start getting lazy about your beauty routine?

  1. Stephanie D

    I still will always wear full makeup, but when I am lazy I will just wear browns & neutrals instead of fun colors.

  2. Briodmun

    The only lazy day i have is when i’m on a day off and i’m lounging around at home. And my lazy day literally just means that i’m not wearing makeup, styling my hair to the nines and wearing my lounging clothes :D.

  3. Actually Cristine,I never get lazy from my beauty routine.And if also i start getting lazy, then i apply Electric Eel eyeshadow or Goin bananas,With these 2 eyeshadows i am,like,CHARGED!!


  4. Kathleena

    I know that I am getting lazy about my routine when I stop doing my eyebrows everyday.

  5. My eyebrows. When they look bad I just have to get back into doing em.

  6. Kakes

    I am new to the everyday beauty thing so I have lazy days all the time! Which then I find blush, mascara and lip gloss will suit me fine.

  7. Vee

    I’m still adding components…. learning to contour, highlight, etc…. so I haven’t gotten bored yet!

  8. Katherine

    I get lazy all the time. To perk myself up/get some inspiration, I buy a really gorgeous bright eye shadow – it works every time! :)

  9. Nell

    This has yet to happen…
    I wear make up every day, I am never without, even five hours after my cesarean section (where I went fully madeup into the OR) I hauled myself out of bed to wash my face and apply new makeup! It just makes me feel good!

    • Skyler

      I was just stating below that I found your comment completely hilarious because that’s soooo me. 😛 If I started having contractions I’d be like, “WAITWAITWAIT! Let me get my make-up on and then we’ll leave!” Haha. 😛 It’s funny but it’s not because that’s literally what will happen if I ever have a baby.

    • I’m so envious, Nell 😛

      WOW, you are soo dedicated, lol!!

  10. Shefali

    I just let myself be lazy…what gets me back in is having the break from makeup. Everything in my drawers looks new again to me after that!

  11. Liz

    Four words:

  12. Heather

    Yep, I was thinking the same thing. Go out and buy new stuff to play with!

  13. Skyler

    Eh, nothing because I just force myself. I’m so self-conscious without make-up that I can’t leave the house without it, even if it’s just to do laundry or pop into the variety store. Nell’s comment made me laugh because that is SO me. 😛

    But honestly, I sometimes do sneak out without it and wear sunglasses and just throw on some lipgloss. Hah. I never even used to be able to do THAT but I guess I just get really tired of doing a full face every day now!

    When I’m getting lazy about my routine otherwise though, I try to do something completely new so I feel excited about it. 😛 I go through my ridiculously massive collection and choose some items that have been neglected for a long while or never even opened. :)

    • Sometimes I’m jealous when people manage to get themselves to do things no matter what! I can get REALLY lazy, but I do try to at least do my brows, lol.

      I like your idea about going through your collection!

  14. Danielle

    im always lazy, i guess. i just like to be quick and still have a flawless look, and i hate the feel of a “full” face, with foundation and the whole nine yards. so what i do is cleanse, tone, moisturize, treat, prime, conceal, set with powder, brush on some blush and MSF, apply a crease color on my eye, a neutral wash of color on the lid and highlight. brush on some mascara, and spritz the face with a setting spray. usually sometime in between moizturizing and treating i apply MAC prep and prime lip, and dap some bright red lip gloss in random “patches” on the lip. then at the end of the routine when the lipgloss has “absorbed” a little bit, i brush it out and blend into the lips to create an easy stained look. and that’s it. that when i’m “lazy”.

    when i REALLLLY REALLLLY don’t feel like doing anything i cleanse, tone, moisturize, prime and set with powder, throw on some masara and lip balm and go.

  15. Nettimacs

    i just don’t like having no make up- lazy days i tend to wear natural colours:PP

  16. listenlikethieves

    I just throw on sunglasses and a ponytail and wait for the laziness to pass, it never lasts more than a few days. Meanwhile I keep doing my brows, working out and taking care of my skin.