Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

What do you do to get out of a makeup rut? Most of us, if not all of us, have had it happen to us. Our interest in makeup wanes, we end up doing less and less, or we do something incredibly simple and nothing more extravagant. How do you beat the makeup blues? How do you rediscover your creativity?

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28 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What do you do to get out of a makeup rut?

  1. true your comments are! Just checking out the new MAC products & the suggested looks (as well as magazine photos)and of course checking Temptalia site out, helps to keep us refreshing any out-dated looks & make up application.

  2. I’ve found that playing with colors I wouldn’t normally wear helps me rediscover my creativity.

    Even if it’s just digging around in my makeup case and trying something I haven’t worn in a while because it’s too bright, or too dark, or I just don’t like it, or going to the store to pick up a cheap shadow or blush that I wouldn’t normally try, and figuring out a way to apply it so that I’m not embarrassed to wear it out helps.

  3. dee

    Every Halloween I go to the MAC counter and tell the makeup artists to do whatever they want to match my outfit(it’s always an outfit/costume). Last year sparked my love of blue eyeshadows and liners, which I still haven’t explored as much as I want to. This year has given me a red/berry lip(Rebel). I wear it almost every day now and I’ve never been one for lipstick.

  4. Vy

    I just dig up colors I haven’t used in awhile and do a color makeover. I switch between a no-crease vs. a crease look too. Or I can just go buy new stuff! =D

  5. aziajs

    I like to just jump right in. I agree with the other posters that it helps to try a color combination that you would have never considered or wear something in a new way. It gets your mind working again and helps you break the monotony.

  6. tanya

    Last year when I was in a mega make-up rut I hit the MAC counter (which is how I became a fan) and asked for help with creating a look for a party I was attending. The MA created the look from beginning to end and of course I bought almost everything she suggested. It was really helpful to tell her that I was in a rut, since it stopped her from asking me over and over again (it drives me nuts when the MA asks me what I want…if I knew I wouldn’t be asking for help DUH) what colors I usually wear. Even though she picked out colors I wouldn’t wear daily it was really helpful to get new ideas from a different point of view. I also think its helpful to ask MA’s for suggestions of colors they think would be flattering…though I have had some mixed results with that, either way it helps me to get new and different ideas from someone who knows make-up and colors:)

    • I’m so glad the MA was helpful, and she was willing to give you new ideas. I’m going to MAC today, and I hope this one MA is there, because she’s great.

  7. Emily

    I avoid buying more lol. I just look in my stash and try on stuff i havent worn in a while. I kinda make a point to use the stuff and make it work. I hate buying stuff and not using it.

  8. Ivy

    i go through the specktra FOTDs!

  9. allison

    I tend to keep magazines…cosmo,cosmo girl, allure ect… and flip through the pages. I often will copy looks..
    Having so many clients that give you free range helps the creativity coming…I hardley get in a rut.

  10. bev

    i look at websites and mags to keep me updated of make up techniques and new products with a different twist. mixing and matching colors is easy when you imagine what you want to get. i also practice putting make up weekly even if i’m just staying at home.

  11. Look through
    *make-up blogs, esp urs
    *magazine sites,, etc
    *look at cosmetics sites, for face charts
    *go to mac_c

  12. Zsofi

    i read Temptalia of course 😀 You really helped me to get out of my makeup rut,with the countless gorgeous color combos,looks,tuts…
    and i have another trick: i put those colors,that i use frequently away after a time,so i force myself to use new combos.

  13. Zsofi

    i just found a new way to get out of my rut:
    wait some seconds,and You will see the new list.
    i discovered this today… maybe You know about this since ages Christine,but if not,it is really worth a look :-DDDD let me know how You like it 😀

  14. candi

    I use colors I have, and just change things up a bit. It always works, and saves me $$$!