Monday, October 22nd, 2007

What do others think of your beauty/makeup love? (Okay, perhaps addiction is a better word!) Do your family or friends love it or hate it? Support it, fund it, or scoff at you?

I’m so lucky that my mom supports all of my hobbies–not financially, unfortunately (!)–but she loves that I’ve turned a passion into something productive (the blog), and she’s always bragging to people that her daughter is a blogger, actually! Now, nobody thinks I should be spending as much as I do by any means, though. I just moved back to my hometown, but none of my friends are here, so I’ve not encountered anything from that side of things. Thank god I met Karen of, who I can gab about makeup and beauty all day and night long 馃槈 My boyfriend was afraid I’d turn him into a girl with all my beauty talk nonstop!

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50 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What do others think of your beauty/makeup love?

  1. Lindsay

    My boyfriend hates it and completly tunes me out, so I am glad I found your blog so I don’t have to talk to him about it any more!

  2. Alisha

    my boyfriend loves it whereas my family thinks its “too much” and a complete waste

  3. Joselina

    They think that I麓m obsessed, with makeup. I think that makeup is my hobby and I enjoy it a lot. I don麓t think too much in what they say, this is my passion, just like they have their own.

  4. everyone keeps threatening to lock me away. or take away my credit cards. but they will never stop me!!

  5. Carrie

    I’ve explained to my husband that it’s like his CD collection (owning hundreds of CDs, new ones coming out all the time, and how can he ever listen to them all?). But he likes how I look in it, and gets that it is a hobby that makes me happy.

    Everyone else seems to not care one way or the other! :)

  6. Tekoa

    My male companion is totally supportive of my makeup addition! To quote “You need to spoil yourself, you deserve it! In fact, you aren’t spoiling yourself enough.” And I can chatter to him about every product imaginable and he pays attention to the topic. This is both a blessing and a curse. The benifits are obvious. The downside is there isn’t anyone to reign me in when an amazing collection is launched. >_

  7. Traci

    My husband doesn’t like how much I spend but he’s glad I have a hobby. I try to get him to pick colors for me to wear but he usually rolls his eyes.

  8. i don’t buy a whole lot so nobody bugs me tho i dropped a wad this month on all the mac brushes i need and my mom flipped a lid along with my best friend but they know i absolutely needed it and i don’t usually spend a lot so the freakout was shortlived. Other than that, my friends ask me to do their makeup when we go out and since i’ve been more of a makeup nut since i found temptalia this year, i’ve been taking a lot more chances with my looks and friends have asked for their faces done more and also for makeup instruction. I feel stupid giving instruction tho as i’m fairly a newbie and what the heck do i know! i just know what i like, know what looks good and i guess being an artist helps me to apply that knowledge and talent to the

  9. Chyla

    Oh man… My friends actually crack up at how addicted I am to make-up. I’ve got girlfriends that want to plan trips to the MAC counter with me as their personal consultant 馃槈 They also crack up at the fact that I can tell them which of the MAC artists at our counter have the best make-up which is a direct result of how much time I spend at the counter. I have two co-workers here at work who are voluntary models whenever I want to try out my latest eye combos! I’m even thinking about doing cosmetology on the side! For the most part, I’d say my friends & family find it hilarious but they totally support it…

    • same here chyla and since im boycotting the mac store because of repeated bad service lately (read:attitude outta tha wazoo!) sucks that i owe friends a trip to mac. i might steer them elsewhere tho dammit i LOVE mac :(

      • Chyla

        Ugh, I know how that goes… Some of the artists at my counter have attitudes (like, we’re talking divas) but I have others that are really great & totally helpful! I mean, they’re like the coolest people, & those are the ones that will get my sale as well as the sales of the friends I may bring with me 馃槈

    • Aww, that’s so cute! And how fun! I’m jealous :)

  10. Kate

    My friends, family and husband totally don’t get my makeup obsession. My sister makes fun of me and rolls her eyes when I excitedly show her a new eyeshadow I bought or a limited edition MAC item I scored at the CCO. Lately she’s shown some interest after I did her makeup for her wedding (and most of the other bridesmaids).

    My husband thinks I’m absolutely crazy – I was online looking at swatches on Specktra and gasped at a few of the pics so he wanted to know what I was looking at. When I showed him the screen with the MAC Holiday palettes he shook his head. :-) But he knows if he’s in the dog-house all he has to say is, “Wow, your eyeshadow looks really great today!” and all will be forgiven.

    • Aww, it’s too bad your sister is like that! Mine is 17, never wears makeup, and is kind of a tom boy, but she tries to get it at least.

      How cute, about your husband 馃榾

  11. tanya

    No one in my circle makes fun or is unsupportive of my newfound joy of make-up. My SO is super nice about the fact that I have a “hobby” that I seem to enjoy and keeps me happy. Actually I think he is happiest that I have found this website and have a outlet to talk to likeminded women. I am a very non-conservative person living in a very closeminded, republican, religious community and I often feel really isolated from anyone who understands me or the things I enjoy. I don’t even think any of the school moms at my sons Catholic school have any clue what MAC even is…so making friends and having people to talk to when it comes to make-up is very limited. Its actually kinda sad when I read over what I just wrote :(

  12. Kim

    My husband thinks I am just nuts. My friends think it is strange to like make-up so much. As most of the people here have pointed out,I now spend a lot of time on this site and also a HUGE amount of time on MUA. If I’m not buying new stuff, I’m doing the swap thing. I think the Barbie collection just turned my love of Mac into an obsession, as I did not know about the collection until it was almost all sold out. Since then, I want to know the information as soon as possible. Luckily, my birthday is Thursday and the new stuff comes out then, so I won’t have to listen to griping when I come home with a haul!

    • I’m glad you’ve found an outlet for your beauty addiction, Kim! I know what it’s like to talk to people who give you the, “Like I care” look, lol!

  13. Ashlee

    My friends have starting trying to do there makeup like mine. Not to be rude but its annoying, and they sit around & play with makeup instead of taking care of there babies. They dont have the proper brushes or good quality makeup. Then they write me on myspace or whatever and tell me “omg look i did it JUST LIKE you”. But its not even close.

    My family likes it alot and they are support me wanted to be a pro at it, but i got a long way to go.

    Then the people on the internet will get pretty mean with me for posting fotds so much. lol

    I dont really care what they think though, it what i love and thats that!

    • That’s so cool, Ashlee!! I’m glad your friends are getting into it, too. It’s awesome that your family supports you and wants you to be a PRO!

  14. My fiance supports it and loves MSFs, he thinks the swirly colors r fun, and lol whenever I get one in the mail he wants to be the first one to touch it LOL…I dont know why, but he just wants to.. My mom is supportive but doesnt understand why i need sooooooooo much of it. My dad supports it as well, but doesnt say much…

    Plus, my friends all love M路A路C as much as I do so it’s great!!!:):):)

  15. Janis

    My husband is totally amused with my make-up addiction and would sometimes bring me make-up shopping if he’s in a good mood lol…and whenever I do wear make-up for whatever occasion he always comments on how gorgeous I look hehe. My family also has the same addiction…my sister doesn’t spend so much on make-up as I do but she appreciates good quality brands…my mother-in-law I would say is even more hooked on make-up than I am and it’s usually what we talk about whenever I see her.

    • That’s great, Janis! I wish my boyfriend would take me makeup shopping, but no way, too much over here.

      I’m jealous that your mother-in-law is a makeup addict, too!

  16. Allison

    This is funny that you should ask this since my husband and I were just talking about it…He Hates it. I think in total with a combo of my perfume addiction I have spent about 6 thousand dollars…Crazy huh.
    That still does not stop me though..ha,ha,ha

  17. Ivy

    all of my friends are like whoa you own MAC and Sephora. and think that i have an obsession. luckily my roomate shares the passion and loves makeup too. my boyfriend knows its one of the few things that give me great joy and that doing my makeup helps my self esteem and makes me happy. it is an obsession though because in my spare time,all i do is read makeup message boards and websites and lemming for new collections that come out. everyone needs a hobby tokeep them sane. ours just makes us sane and look fabulous at the same time.

  18. Stephanie

    My husband thought I was nuts about my MAC makeup until last week when we saw several friends that we hadn’t seen in months (pre-MAC addiction). The women swooned over my “dewy-like” face (thanks to glimmershimmer in Sweet & Shy!) and my “beautiful” smoky eyes (thanks to TUTS on Temptalia!). The women also spent most of their time looking and wanting to sample my various 3-D lipglasses I took w/ me. When my husband saw how excited all those women got over my MAC stuff he seemed to “get it”. He also told me that I am beautiful no matter what the name of my makeup is so that’s nice.

    Anyway, I’m glad that I have this website to keep me connected and make me feel part of the group. MAC-on. Time to do some Holiday 2007 shopping!

  19. Madeleine

    I don’t really have much to say…since my husband collects pianos (grand pianos – I mean) and has been thinking about getting an airplane (real thing)how can I compare my little addiction to this (rather his!) madness.How? I don’t even have (like some readers) 590 pieces :( But ,he is always happy as long as I am happy.So…viva MAC-mania!
    I have almost put my Christmas order in – o,boy,I feel like a little girl waiting for the first x-mas star to come out :)

  20. Zsofi

    Awesome question! :-DDD

    my mother used to work as a cosmetician,so i thik she made me addicted 馃榾 she supports my hobby,she bought me my huge collection 馃榾 and i can always talk to her about beauty and makeup,she is very interested in it. last year i got an Allure subscription from her, but maybe since 10 years,i get all the beauty magazines i want 馃榾 and makeup,cheap or expensive. we even go abroad just for beauty shopping. since the age of 11 i use anti-wrinkle cremes LOL! they cleared up any blemish i had in the past because of the retinol.

    my dad thinks it is pointless to own this much makeup,but he is just an old-fashioned man after all.

    my boyfriend supports me,i got a makeup book for last christmas, alongside a Prada parfum, Redken hair pruducts (the whole dry hair collection ).
    living in Hungary this id贸s a big thing,we only have 1 -2 shops that sell Redken.
    he always makes me compliments on how good i look in makeup. if i do a new look,he stops anything he was doing and pays attention while i tell him what i used .he is the only boy i know,who knows what a smokey eye is.

    so i am blessed with my mom and man,love them 馃榾

  21. Erin

    I got a good friend of mine to go to Nordstrom with me because her only makeup was a pink shimmer cream that she stole from Claire’s when she was 14. I was mortified and forced her to go with me. She ended up getting a Nordstrom card, and sure enough started dropping $200 at a time. So, compared to her, nobody really notices how much makeup I have except my boyfriend and my family. My boyfriend will say “You sure do have a lot of makeup……… but you know how to use it and you look great!”
    He’s so sweet. My mom thinks I could probably buy products for cheaper, but otherwise enjoys my little suggestions and letting her borrow things.

  22. My man HAAAAAAAAATES it and tries to hide my makeup all the time. My fam doesn’t care.