Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

What color eyeshadow do you wear most often? Are you a neutral girl, or are you always wearing blues and greens?  What do you find yourself reaching for?

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64 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What color eyeshadow do you wear most often?

  1. bec

    Pink! I love everything pink when it comes to makeup.

  2. Blues, greens and gold/bronze mostly… Pink/purple eyeshadow just does not suit me, frustratingly!!

  3. I wear mosty pink, silver & browns :)

  4. Ivy

    i wear black and brown everyday. no matter what color im using, black and brown are always in my crease

  5. M.

    Depends on the season, but right now I’m all about silver, gray, and black.

  6. Cristina

    I usually go for neutrals. Other than that, I use either golds & greens :)

  7. chuarmk

    For me is usually purple/lilac/lavender colors.

    • What are some of your favorites from that color family?

      • chuarmk

        I like eyeshadows with glitters & shine. My favourites gotta be:

        MAC-Mercurial mineralize eyeshadow (can this be consider a purple?) :)

        Testimo(Kanebo)-Purple frame impact eyeshadow palette

        Jill Stuart(Japan)-Jewel Violet eyeshadow palette

  8. Sara

    I prefer the earthy tones for the most part, but I love trying out those “not so safe” colors too!


  9. lisa

    I wear mostly neutrals except for certain special occasions. The colors i find myself using the most are naked lunch,espresso, satin taupe, vanilla, rice paper, bronze and nylon.

  10. glamqueen

    depending on my outfit I wear purple/ mauve built around Petalescent, or pink/ brown with Pen’n’pink , Brown Script and Copperly, or as green as I get with Gorgeous Gold paired with Copperly. bronze or gold always joins the party somewhere! gold is really festive and nice to use for work in december, paired with “Faith” from Nars..the sky is the limit!

  11. Tonee

    I wear a lot of gold shades – current favs are MAC Goldmine and UD Honey. I stick to a few brands when it comes to eyeshadow – MAC, UD, Smashbox and Revlon. Most other colors I like – olive green, copper, orange, peach can be easily blended with gold – so I use it as a base almost every day with the only exception being the days I wear a black/purple smokey eye.

  12. victoria

    no. 1 shadow that has reach the bottom is woodwinked. i guess that would be neutrals? i love golds, bronze and plums. my favorite crazy combination is with a twist(lime green)and nightbird(dark teal)they’re from last year’s holiday palettes. actually all of them were, i got the warm and intense eyes. they still rock.

  13. Lindsay

    Probably the colors that I have been wearing most lately are Your Ladyship and Soba, I wear this when I have to be at work early and do not have time for anything else. Otherwise I try to switch it up every time I do my make up. I just bought Steamy, which I love and also the cool pigments set, with Softwash Grey, and I am also loving Metalblu. And I love a purple smoky eye…I pretty much love it all I guess. haha.

  14. Kat

    I usually do neutrals. For a very light makeup look I just apply Mercurial (I know you criticized these shadows but it goes great with my fair skin and auburn hair) and if I want dramatic I layer on Trax for a smokey eye (once again, the warm colours look good on me) but I also like sweet lust, pink venus, playful, and hepcat for pinks; all that glitters and falling star are my gold/browns. I used to be really into blues and greens so I have surreal, shimmermoss, tilt, and swimming in a palette, but I haven’t touched any of those in months! If I feel like a blue, I put on Ether over a neutral base…

    I used to be into bright colours? But now I’m REALLY leaning towards neutrals. But purples and pinks are still fun :)

    • Hey Kat! Nothing wrong with the mineralize shadows, I just prefer the powder ones myself :) No hate for them, though!

      It’s so funny, several of the colors you mentioned I could never get to work for me (Trax, Sweet Lust, Pink Venus!).

  15. Gio

    I usually wear pink, blues and greens

  16. addicted_2color

    my top three would have to be greens purples and pinks…but lately i’ve been a neutral girl.

  17. Ashlee

    My favorite mac color to use right now its phloof, I wear it alone in the coner or as a highlight.

  18. Sara

    Right now my favorite “not so safe” colors would have to be blues and greens. BUT I have yet to find a blue that I love…any suggestions? I don’t use “baby blue” or “so dark that it might as well be black”. I thought “Morocco” single eyeshadow by NYX would be perfect for this one outfit I planned to wear on Christmas day (according to what the color appeared to be on CherryCulture), but it turned out to have a lot of purple tint to it, nevertheless its still a gorgeous color; just not for that outfit! As far as the greens go, I like almost all shades…I’m sure theres a few out there that I wouldn’t wear though, for instance; puke green.


  19. Carrie

    Taupes/browns with greens a close second.
    My standard day look is Earthline technakohl with Mystery, Innuendo, and Brule e/s (applied lightest to darkest up the eyelid). I also love Fiction, Moss Scape paint, Satin Taupe, Naked Lunch, and the most recent Smokey Eye palette. and a billion others.

    My fave “not safe” color is yellow-green, esp. Eyepopping.

    I used to love plums (Laura Mercier Black Plum) but since I dyed my hair red, not so much.

  20. Tanya

    I bought Your Ladyship on a whim and am sooooo in love with it. I use it with the glycerin mixing base and just use it on my entire lid. Mascara and then pink blush and pink lips. I prefer to play up my lips and cheeks lately than my eyes. I am a bit too aware of the fine lines around my eyes so I am shying away from “too much” eyeshadow. I adore greens and golds for those special nights out.

  21. Browne/Bronze/Copper because it pops my blue eyes. :)


  22. dee

    Lately I’ve been wearing Bobbi Brown’s Bone Eyeshadow or the Bronze shimmer brick.

  23. Lori

    Most often: pinks–specifically do a base of Fresco Rose p/p, helium pigment or the pinky-beige side of the Engaging duo on my lid, then a brown for the crease and blended
    -though its not my fav I have been trying to branch out more and use the colors I don’t use often (or nearly at all :o) like all my blue pigments and blue e/s–I loved doing a silver inner lid/eye colour, then in vertical type lines do two progressively dark blues (like Cornflower and Naval blue) blend it well and line your eyes in black!

    (sorry bout the tangent there…lol I could talk all day about all the color combos I like, and you just need to try new things at least once!–at least force yourself to use the stuff you’ve purchased with perhaps not really thinking it through :S)

  24. Kimberly

    I wear a little of everything, browns, purples, silver, green, & a few pinks as well. Going to try to start working in some gold too!

  25. Annie

    bronze… lol i wear it with EVERYTHING!!!

  26. Allison

    Absolute love taupes..My favorites are ArtDeco #218,MAC French Grey,innuendo,Coco pigment,Satin Taupe

  27. Moopiechan

    black, silver, blue…. together they’re just about to be perfect