Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What brushes do you have to use to do your eye makeup? Are they all essential?

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30 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What brushes do you have to use to do your eye makeup?

  1. nikki

    my mac 239 & 217 are always my go to.

  2. On an everyday basis, I use a shader brush, blending brush and pencil brush for my eyes, and a Kabuki and Duo Fibre stippler for my face. When I do more extreme makeup, I use synthetic brushes for cream shadows, smudge brushes, line brushes, small duo fibre stippler, crease brushes, chiseled brushes for contouring… A LOT!! but I’d say my essentials are those I said first, the ones I use everyday. I pretty much think you can create anything with those five.

  3. ashleyxmakup

    same as nikki. Mac 239 and 217! :)

  4. My MAC 208 and 217 brushes are my essential eye makeup brushes

  5. adi

    mac’s 239 @ 217 are must!
    i use 242 to apply paint pot..

  6. Cat

    My favorites are mac’s 217, 219 & 239
    I also use a couple from Sonia kashuk, got those in target

  7. 239, 219, 217, 231 or sonia kashuk angled eyeliner brush

  8. Liz

    I use Sephora’s all over color shadow brush, crease brush, and angled liner brush.

  9. Juliet

    for daily eyewear only my Mac 211, and maybe 266 (not so much now I have the Penultimate liner)

    for clubbing makeup my Mac 239, 211 & 224 (266)

  10. Nicole

    I mostly use my MAC 217, 219 and 249 for applying Paintpots. Sometimes I also use my 224 and/or 228 (my 1st MAC brush).

  11. victoria

    217,226,266 and nars 15 smudger brush, kind of like the mac 214

  12. Rio

    I only use a medium shadow brush and a blush brush. I really, really want to pick up a brush set sometime soon though.

  13. Megan

    I use the Sonia Kushuk all over shadow brush, the sephora blending brush (similar to the mac 217) and the sephora all over shadow brush (similar to the mac 227)

  14. Natasha

    MAC’s 219, 217 & 266, an regular eyes shadow brush from believe or not AVON, lol (and it works well) , concealer brush and just a blush brush I got from Quo.

  15. Avatar of Charlene Dizz

    242 for paint pots, 239 to pack on eyeshadow, 219 to define the crease or to blend eyeliner into eyeshadow , and a Sonia Kashuk crease brush to blend.

  16. Deidra

    I have MAC brushes but I dont’ use them nearly as much as I thought I would. I own the 224 but I use it mostly for my liquid concealer application under and around the eye. Mainly, I use the Sephora #15 small eyeshadow brush. I find it easier to use than my 217 because I don’t have a huge amount of lid space. Then I have their small synthetic brush for applyng cream shadow, the Sephora large synthetic brush for applying paintpots or cutting my crease bcuz its really thin. I use a liner brush from Loew Cornell which I got at Michael’s. I do enjoy using the MAC 239 its nice and thin and its blends well. I also enjoy the blending side of my Stila #30 double ended brush. Its so small that it fits nicely into my crease which is painfully close to my brow bone. Finally, I use the Sephora smoky liner brush to smoke out my pencil liner or to help even it out if it skips. It works really well wet for applying shadow as a liner.

  17. DaniMae

    I generally use around 10 brushes when I do my make up. I “need” all of them, but if I had to narrow it down I would say I really only NEED MAC 217, 239, and 182.

  18. 242, 213, 217 and sometimes the 219. Since I started using the 213 to apply pressed shadows I have hardly touched my 239!

  19. Susy

    Here they are… all by MAC
    Brow 208
    Liner 209 (great for fluidline)
    Blending 217
    Shader 239
    Shading 275

    Now if I’m doing a really fun look I would have more tools involved. This is for a quick morning :)

  20. inani

    239 and 217 by mac…the best ones ever :D

  21. hi

    I use an E.L.F Professional Eye Liner Brush for EVERYTHING – yep just one. Its square and flat so i have to cut it into a rounder shape soon….

  22. Myxa

    Can anyone recommend a brush that is like 239 or like 213, but bigger? I have the 227, but it’s just huge! Is there no middle ground? I have a large lid, so it takes forever with 213.

    • haydee

      Go to CVS there is a small brush from Essence of Beauty/ Eye shadow brush. I love it! It a lil smaller than the 227. Its cheap and the hairs are really soft. I think they come 2 in a pack. for 4.99 :)

  23. Myxa

    I use:
    * 213 Fluff Brush
    * 217 Blending Brush (white hair)
    * 242 Shader Brush
    * 266 Small Angle Brush

  24. haydee

    217 a must have. I got the 224 recently and love it as well. E.O.B. small e/s when I dont want to dirty any of my beloved MAC brushes. Oh yes I just got the 213 as well- Im in love :)

  25. Yvette

    242se to apply paint
    239 for my tear ducts
    252 is my work horse
    224 to blend

  26. Saira

    I normally use the 239 for applying colour on my eyelid, 239 or a dense crease brush (I have a Jemma Kidd one that’s really good) for the crease, fluffy Jemma Kidd highlighter brush for highlighting my brow bone and a large fluffy blending brush for blending everything together nicely. I sometimes use the 219 for the outer crease/inner corners/lining.

  27. viv

    mac 239, 217, 219 are my basics
    i have this other cheap angled brush that i use if i really need to blend something out hardcore!
    i also have the 266 which i use from time to time depending on what i’m going or if i’ve ran out of clean brushes i’ll use that

  28. MAC 219, MAC 239, MAC 223, and MAC 266. Usually more but I like to improvise.

  29. Diana A

    MAC 217 is my favorite and I usually use Sephora’s Professionnel Angled Liner/Eyeliner Brush #15 to line under the eye (I use eyeshadow down there, doesn’t run as easily and is less irritating for me). Depending on my look sometimes I’ll use the Sonia Kashuk for Target white handled angle eyeshadow brush.