Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

What beauty product/area do you spend the most money on? Eyeshadow? Lipgloss? Face masks? What?

Temptalia's Answer.

I always seem to blow my money on lipsticks and lipglosses!


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80 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What beauty product/area do you spend the most money on?

  1. Lipsticks and skincare. Zelens Intensive Triple Action Eye Cream = 6 lippies!

  2. Definately, eyeshadows and skincare.

  3. All things makeup, definitely, and I go through phases. I can be looking for a perfect foundation and buy only that during a while, and then Ill move on to the next obsession and will get tons of mascaras, or eyeshadow palettes, or lipsticks…

    • Kelsey

      that sounds like what i do. i went through a phase where i needed to find the perfect loose powder… and ended up with eight of them. same with black liner, and lip balm, and pink lipstick/gloss… and the perfect nude eyeshadow, it took me 3 years to find it. i had to buy Fafi Eyes 1 just for Hey eyeshadow, it’s my HG now.

  4. Kaleen

    Eyeshadow hands down. I own near to nothing of anything else in comparison.

  5. Jenny

    LIp products and eyeliners

  6. Nicole13

    eyeshadow and hair products

  7. Probably on eyeshadows and lip products. I just like to have a lot of variety of colors and textures.

  8. Anitacska

    Probably eyeshadows, I have a ton of them. But having said that, the most expensive items Ive bought are face powders/highlighter eg. Chantecailles LE powders, Guerlain Meteorite Voyage Powders and LE Mac MSFs like Pleasureflush, Lightscapade and Stereo Rose.

  9. sharon

    I just bordered a clarisonic brush! I ordered the original and a few minutes later I read your review on the mia so I called sephora and asked to exchange it. I spend a lot on lipgloss but it never seems like much becuase I never buy more than 2 or 3 at a time.

  10. lisa

    For me it is always facial moisturizers!

  11. Saira

    Probably eyeshadows! I find new eyeshadows really hard to resist, especially brightly coloured ones.

  12. aramis

    foundation in general, blush, studio fix and dazzleglasses not alot but more than my eyeshadows and lipsticks

  13. happybadfish

    mascara and eyeshadow

  14. Heather

    Definately lipstick and lipgloss! I always have to have some kind of lip product on my lips at all times.

  15. Tina

    Eyeshadows for me…and pigments…

  16. Megan

    It used to eyeshadows but I giving that a break cause I dont have a job, so lack of money and places to wear it. But to contridict myself I have a growing love for lipstick!

  17. Charlene Daalling

    foundation, mascara, eye shadow

  18. Eyeshadows … there are sooo many colours and I always highlight my eyes

  19. Marina

    Make-up wise – powders and lip glosses. Skincare wise – vegetable and essential oils.

  20. Sarah M

    I tend to spend most of my money of face products like powders, highlighters and bronzers. Having said that I am a glitter baby. LOL! Anytime I see something sparkley I have to have it… MAC dazzleglasses, MAC reflects glitters, you name it!

  21. Ali

    I definitely have to say eye shadows. I don’t have too many lipsticks because I like bolder eyes and there are pretty much unlimited color combos. Next would be lip gloss.

  22. Davina

    Eyeshadows! There are sooo many colors to choose from

  23. Tattoo Girl

    Anything to do with the eyes…shadow, liner, shadesticks, PP’s…it doesn’t matter… I must have it ALL!!!

  24. daphne

    In terms of sheer quantity, eyeshadows. I have tons and tons of them, including quite a few pre-made palettes now (and about 70-80 MAC single eyeshadows in palettes).

    I am most willing to spend a higher amount of money on a lip product. I would never spend more than about MAC price on a single eyeshadow, but for the rip lipstick, I’ll spend $20 or $25 or even $30+. I wouldn’t quite go Cle de Peau :) but I’d buy Chanel, YSL, etc if the item is just right in a lippie. Not a single eyeshadow, though.

  25. tremorviolet

    I would’ve said eyeshadows six months ago but now I have so many colors, I’ve moved to collecting lipsticks.

  26. KM

    Eye shadows and lipsticks

  27. Crissy

    Lipstick is my kryptonite! I just never have enough! And nail polish is a close second.

  28. I tend to buy a lot of eye shadows and lipsticks. I like to have lots of variety to choose from.

  29. Wendy

    My weakness is eyeshadow. Seems that I can’t get enough!

  30. Cherie

    Eye shadows, skin creams and hair products

  31. Brandi

    Brushes! I have more brushes than I do products! LOL!

  32. Almost black.

    Eyeshadows & blushes! I’m just sucker when it comes to those stuff :)))

  33. Jennifer

    Lipstick …Then probably foundation and powder.

  34. Sass

    Definitely eyeshadows and brushes.

  35. Erica

    hair products,l/s,glosses,eyeshadows and skin care.

  36. Ruth

    Lipstick, lip gloss, lip pencils, lip stains, lip lacquers and everything else lip related.

  37. Karen

    Blushes and lipsticks. I think I am obsessed with pink/coral colors so whenever I see anything in pink or coral, I can’t help to reach out to my wallet….:)

  38. Ruth

    Lipsticks, lip glosses, lip lacquers, lip stains, lip pencils and anything lip related !

  39. Jennifer

    Foundation/tinted moisturizer, primers, skincare products, and brushes. I will on occasions spurge on blushes, liners, and contour/highlight products if and only if they catch my eye.

  40. nail polish, more nail polish, and still more nail polish!

  41. Rebecca

    I probably spend the most on skin care, but quantity-wise it’s definitely eyeshadow. I have way too much eyeshadow, and sometimes end up buying something I already have, but I think I’m addicted!! ; )

  42. Bridgette

    Mainly lipglosses and lip prodcuts.

  43. amy

    I am mostly I lip girl but I don’t spend a lot on lip products compared to eye shadows and skin care because I think the base for good makeup is good skin care. Also in general, I think it is more important for me to have better quality eye shadows then lipsticks and lipglosses because it makes the application easier.

  44. Emm

    Eyeshadows and skincare..

  45. slick

    I’m about 50/50 with eyeshadow and lipglosses. Next would be blushes and brushes! Not so much into eyeliners or mascara. I’m always drawn to eyeshadow/combination palettes as well (especially UD). I don’t own very many since they are pricey but I’m always drooling over them.

  46. Lipstick. I used to spend the most on eyeshadow, but I’ve grown out of that phase and love my neutral eye colors. I also spend a lot on mascara because I’m always searching for something better despite how much I love my current mascara.

  47. Miss_M

    I spend most of my money on skincare, blushes and lipstick/gloss.

  48. Jess

    Most Of My Money Goes To Skincare Since My Skin Is Super Important To Me. :p

  49. Brandi

    Eyeshadow, lip products and nail polish!

  50. Jenny

    skincare and concealers – still in the endless struggle to make my skin happy.

  51. A big part of my money goes to face and eye creams.I will be 30 in a few years and I dont want to see any wrinkles yet. I want to have a beautiful face and skin even without makeup. Another part of my money will go on perfumes and mascaras:)A girl can never have to many perfumes

  52. laura

    face products

  53. Vern

    Hair products….. a girl only need her hair on point and everything else falls into place with or without makeup. Then I think maybe lipglosses… I would say face products but recently found my holy grain products and threw everything else away but mostly hair products.

  54. Nicci

    Lipglosses and skin care products

  55. Asia L


  56. Chai

    I dont hesitate on foundation (MUFEs HD) and primer (MUFE UV Primer). I limit how often on the eye shadows (MACs of course but only 1-2 pans/month). I dont do too much blush. I find that if I find one I like (usually based on others reviews), Ill stick to that for awhile. Id love to be able to buy everything I think Ill like, but Id rather not d/t other expenses (like children!). I have 2-3 lipsticks that are high end otherwise, I stick to the drugstore brands cuz I find that theyre usually comparable.

  57. Jennifer

    Eyeshadow in general. Even though lately Ive got a lipstick love… and I do tend to splurge on moisturizer/eye cream now and again. BUT, if you look at my collection, eye shadows/pigments are the things that are overflowing out of my bathroom, so I guess if I had to pick one thing it would definitely be eye shadow :)

  58. jolenz

    I spend the most on skincare and suncare followed by lipgloss lip balms and definitely eye shadows!

  59. Michele

    $ per product, probably skin care items but quantity wise lipsticks and eye shaddows. I cant resist trying new colors and looks. I guess for me makeup is kind of the big girl version of playing with crayons — its fun!

  60. Francoise

    I love buying eyeshadows and lipglosses! Aside from my ever growing MAC collection, I’ve learned to peruse drugstores for totally affordable glosses.

  61. Natalie

    everything and that’s why I am broke :) Foundations, primers, lipsticks, lipglosses, concealers, skincare, gel liners, paint pots.. grrrr

  62. Definitely lipsticks and skincare.

  63. Sushi Flower

    Nail polish; I seriously think I have a problem lol. I’m getting quite a collection. Second would be bath and body products, mostly bubble baths/shower gels.

  64. Jadetive

    Skincare and hair.

    I only recently realized how expensive it can be to maintain dyed hair. It’s a vicious cycle: dye hair -> hair has new color but gets damaged -> buy more/new products to keep it looking healthy -> color grows out -> dye hair etc..

  65. Jenny

    Probably the most unnecessary thing to have too much of.. for me, lipglosses.. haha

    I can see spending a lot on eyeshadows

  66. Mari

    Eyeshadows and blushes.

  67. Missy

    I spend the most money on high end foundations and concealers. Right now my liquid foundation is Revlons colorstay($13.50) and I love it but the next foundation I want to try is Chanels teint of innocence($47) and my setting powder is Macs MSF natural($25) and concealer is Macs select moisturecover and studio finish,($16.50) however, the next concealer I really,really want to try is Bobbi Browns creamy concealer($22).

  68. freewing78

    eyeshadow and skincare~!! my skin is hard to please..

  69. Dorie

    Skincare all the way!!! I may buy the occasional gloss, hair product, or liner but skincare is where most of the funds go and its also where I feel okay spending the most for a single product. I mean, the palette is so much more important than the paint.

  70. Alice

    Everything. I go through stages and it depends on what I’m obsessing about in the moment. Skincare, perfumes, eyeliner/eyeshadow/mascara, lipgloss/lipbalms/lipstick, nailpolish, brushes, tools, limited edition, department stores, a given brand, ugh i hate myself lolll

  71. looks like i agree with a few people… eye shadow and skincare!!
    it’s starting to become foundation and concealer too though since i’m having a hard time looking for ones that work, i’m heading towards more expensive brands now

  72. Carla

    Eyeshadow. I own 2 times eyeshadow than all the rest of my face products put together.

  73. aksaiyo

    skincare and hand care, the money i spend on makeup is sooooo insignificant compared to them

  74. Constance

    Skincare. My skin is dry and sensitive and I pamper it. After that it’s eyeshadows. I have enough for 50 lifetimes, but it gives me a thrill to look at all the pretty colors. Yes, I am an addict!

  75. Rio

    Eyeshadow and liner. I don’t wear much else!

  76. NaNa

    Price-wise it’s easily skincare- cystic acne never takes a day off. 😛

  77. Jessica

    Lip products.