Thursday, December 25th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What beauty product do you wish would be invented? What need do you have that isn’t yet met?

Thanks to Tanya for the question!

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24 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What beauty product do you wish would be invented?

  1. Chrissy

    Something that could really erase dark under eye circles so you would never need concealer again!

  2. lisa

    Something like a cream that would reduce large pores permanently!

  3. DD

    undereye concealer that would never crease and wouldnt have to use layers and layers of to hide those nasty circles!! Something that would get rid of them permanently like Chrissy said would be GREAT too!!

  4. Lollo

    a eyelashcurler,falsh lashes and mascara in one, that gives you long, thick and beautiful lashes!

  5. under eye dark circles!!!!!! anything n everything to get rid of them!!!

  6. maz

    something to cover large pores and black heads…

  7. Hillary

    well since we’re talking Beauty products…

    I’d say some type of hair dye
    that the color comes out of your roots
    so you never have to touch up again.

  8. mahalia

    Something that couldn’t permanently and instantly erase my hyperpigmentation spots. It would save me concealer money I can use on eyeshadow. Hahaha

  9. paola

    definitely better concealer :( it’s not lack of sleep it’s genetics my dark circles :(

  10. Liquid Eye Shadow…jst like BeneTint! :)

  11. Carrie

    It’s a fantasy, but whatever: Lipstick that somehow knows where your lips end and your regular face-skin begins, and only sticks to your lips, so you could just smear it on and it would look perfectly neat.

    • Tanya

      yes, please!!! I want some of that lipstick and for sure in a red color…thats the one that always ends up all over my face…LOL and my boyfriends :)

  12. summer

    Something that made under eye bags less obvious.

  13. nikki

    some sort of quick fix cream or lotion for acne scars. that really works and works fast!

    /one can only dream

  14. jess

    Something that would make my eyebrows PERFECTLY SHAPED that wouldn’t hurt, make me red or cost a ton of money.

  15. Tekoa

    A cream that would utterly eliminate acne scars.

  16. a cream that would get rid of dark spots really fast! like in 10 minutes?

  17. Burlesque Doll

    Something that would actually remove mascara without rubbing for hours and if it actually gets in your eyes you don’t destroy your contact lenses or make you eyes red from the stinging.

    Or a cream that you use once to get rid of your lovely everyone must have cellulite or im getting too fat or too thin to quickly marks

  18. maddie

    concealer for sure!!! it would be a wonder product!!!!
    i have tried so many but non are perfect..

    my only other wish, tho more like a pet peeve, is that i want lipsticks that have a dot or color of the lipstick on its top or bottom.. :/(

  19. Jenny

    A mascara that would last for weeks with no flaking or anything.

  20. Roberta

    A moisturizer that has a SPF of 45 that is anti acne, anti wrinkle, evens out skin tone, and fades scares, without irritating my skin or making it break out.

  21. a UDPP FOR THE FACE! all other face primers are no match for my oily face, but for some reason oil can’t break through the UDPP