Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What are your favorite nail polish shades? Do you stick to a certain family of colors or perhaps a family or two? Do you wear any and every color? Or are you a no nail-color-wearer?

I’m up for any color these days, but I definitely have a preference that does not include bright yellows or neon colors.

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68 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What are your favorite nail polish shades?

  1. Zsofi

    i usually stick to pinks (all kinds),deep reds (my boyfriend hates the ๐Ÿ˜€ )and clear polishes. i have one purple polish from Versace, very good quality,but horrible smell. it1s smell causes headaches…

  2. vinna

    i totally agree with you on the blindingly bright neon colors… urgh. But i usually stick to light pinks or deep reds and i prefer a dark purple over black nails. Black is a difficult color to keep nice looking and i just HATE IT when people wear black polish its all chipped off… it just looks dirty ๐Ÿ˜ก

  3. Kate

    Lately I’ve been obsessed with OPI’s “Who Are You Wearing?”, a beautiful dark purple (almost black) with microscopic red shimmers. But normally I stick with Essie’s light pinks like “It’s Delicate”.

  4. lisa

    I’m a big fan of french manicure as always i go for the light neutral colors but i do occasionally use dark colors.

  5. George

    I spent a good while using black and white (in an alternating pattern, it looked rather whimsical IMO ^_^). However lately I’m in the purple (favourite colour) or clear glitter gloss kind of a place.

  6. taj

    I’m so addicted to dark shades, like Chanel Vamp Red. Or I’ll do French nails when I want to stay simple.

  7. I usually stick to reds and brighter/darker pinks, but occasionally I’ll go for a French, something purplish, soft orange or even blue. I’m not scared of experimenting with my nails :)

  8. Tina

    I don’t polish my nails very often but when I do, I wear a glossy white polish, burgundy, or a French Pink manicure.

  9. Hi,

    I dont wear daily but whenever i get chance i always wear red,kinda crazy for red’s..

  10. chuarmk

    Nail polish is a “must-have” item for me.

    I prefer colors such as different shades of purple,silver and pink.

  11. Lydia

    I like all colors. I usually wear reds or pinks though.

  12. Hannah

    Im a huge fan of the delicious classic…. Chanel Rouge Noir!
    I love it! xxx

  13. Lindsay

    Red all the time. I like MAC’s Rocker and Rimmels Celebrity Bash, Revlon Get Reddy…pretty much any shade of red. I love it, definitly my favorite!

  14. sharon

    my all time fav is opi lincoln park after dark- typically i go for dark moody mysterious nail colors- i find the sheer pale colors insipid . almost too common. different is for me

  15. Tanya

    I only wear OPI and am doing well with keeping my nails looking nice and changing the color when it starts to get worn…as per my new years goals. I would list a few of my fav colors but I’m staying with my parents for a few days (due to the heater being broken) so I don’t have access to the names of the colors as I post this. But I adore nudes, light pinks and very dark reds. I’m trying to expand my taste by branching into corals both for nails and face. Right now I’m wearing Strawberry Margaritta by OPI which is a very intense and bright darkish pink. On my toes I have Polar Bear by OPI which is a dark nude. I am among a minority when I say I can’t stand the look of french mani’s…so stepford wife…and white trash fake nail.

    • How many OPIs do you have now, Tanya? I hope your heater gets fixed soon!

      I don’t love French manicures either (though I don’t dislike them), they’re just so-so to me!

  16. lala

    bamboo by sally’s …it’s like a pale pink.

  17. My favourite colour ever is OPI’s Cajun Shrimp. It’s an orange red. I have an extensive nail polish collection (all OPI, eek) and my other favourites are the Night Brights and the dark colours in the Russian collection. And An Affair in Red Square from that collection is the most beautiful sparkly red.. it reminds me of Dorothy’s ruby slippers :)

  18. Shefali

    Oh! nail polish is one of my obsessions. I’m always looking for good colors. Right now I’m into dark colors and trying to do something besides red/burgundy which are my classic faves. I get a mani/pedi every 2 weeks because I’m OCD about my nails looking good. Right now I’m wearing MAC’s Vestral White. It took 3 coats to look white but it looks super cool. Other MAC polishes I have that I love: Steamy (from Barbie Collection), Gold Veneer, Hi Lily Hi Lo, Whirlwind (from Blue Storm Collection), Rainy Day (from Blue Storm Collection). My fav Chanel polish right now is from their Spring 2008 collection – Blue Satin. I have a bunch of OPI polishes that will take me a while to list here. OPI is coming out with an India Collection on Feb 6 and there are going to be some AWESOME colors in it that I can’t wait to get!!

  19. Tekoa

    Almost never wear nail polish, but I did like a pale green one from OPI.

  20. Gotta lean towards loving the jewel tones or a nice french manicure :) But I’m up for anything as long as it’s nothing tacky.

  21. Beda

    Well, when I am in my “lazy mood” I just buffer my nails and add some clear and shiny top coat. But like every two weeks, I paint them in some of my fav shades: black, blue, green, red or purple. I love how they look. By the way, I wear my nails very very short. I donยดt want to look like Elvira.

  22. Kelly

    Shimmery reds are my favorites. I love “I’m Not Really A Waitress,” “Suzy Loves Sydney,” and “Botega Blackberry.” Much <3 for OPI!

  23. lina

    i LOVE opi!!
    right now im wearing affair in red square on my fingers, and koala bear-y on my toes
    i pretty much wear all colors lol

  24. Annie

    I usually am a french tip acrylic girl… To me, there is nothing that beats the classiness/sexiness of fake nails LOL!!! But other than that, I like “Charged Up Cherry” by OPI and also another OPI color- I can’t remember the name- it’s at home somewhere… But it is a red color with red and gold glitters… I love it!

  25. zoe

    I love pinks and golds, my favorite of the moment is chanel ballerina.

  26. claudine

    when i get them done i go with french gel nails
    my favourites are gee whiz (is that right lol) and steamy from MAC of course ….i love pinks

  27. Chica

    Pinks mostly but i like red or gold as well, i don’t tend to go with anything that far outside the norm, i love bright eyeliners and eyeshadows and don’t mind going a bit mad with them but I like more classic colours in varnish.

  28. I’m wearing a dark pink colour at the moment. It’s got a TINY bit of blue in it, so it’s kinda more cold…I guess it’s a dark fuschia…

  29. Rabi

    It really depends for me on how long my nails are. If they are short, Lincoln Park at Midnight by OPI is my favorite, or MAC’s Beiged Bliss. As they get longer, I tend to stay towards taupe, nude colors. I always love how french manicures look on everyone else, but on me, they always look horrible!

  30. Brandi

    TAlk about a popular post.
    I usually wear pale colors since my soft nails chip so easily.
    However I’ve been using Dark Red by ELF on my toes, so hot!
    And mostly Mademoiselle on my fingers. That or a Nude by Elf.

  31. Bianca

    I may be too late posting here, but I LOVE dark dark colors on short square nails – all year around. Purples, plums, deep wines, dark chocolates, navies, dark greens…

  32. honeyBrown1976

    Browns, reds, and pinks.