Saturday, January 19th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What are you doing this weekend? Fun night out?  Spending the day curled up with a good book?  Taking the kids to the park?  Share!

My boyfriend and I are going to his mom’s house to watch the UFC fight on Saturday, and we’ll stay through Sunday.  I’ll be busy reading up for next week’s classes, but at least he’ll have fun!  I’m supposed to teach his brother how to play piano while I’m there, too.  Busy busy!

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34 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What are you doing this weekend?

  1. TO the NFC Championship Game here in Lambeau Field-freezing my behind off in -25 below windchill!!!!!!!! Vaseline and layers and layers of wool will be my lifeline!!


    GREEN BAY PACKERS!!!!!! yay!

  2. Tina

    Continuing my birthday weekend (1/18)! Still not quite sure what we’re doing today since it’s freezing out there. On Sunday, my sister is joining us for lunch and we’re going to do some shopping.

  3. victoria

    i’ll be going out of town with the family, my husband has some business and while he does his thing, i’ll be going to the mall with the kids and spend some quality time with them. yippee, mommy gets to shop at mac again.

  4. Kelly

    I went to a meal assembly kitchen this morning and made the hubby and I some fast dinners. Taking the dogs to the pet store and the park next… then a nap, then dinner out with friends followed by a fundraiser-benefit for a friend who’s mom has just been rediagnosed with cancer.

    Tomorrow will be a day of recovery and watching the Patriots game. The hubby is from NH, so he wouldn’t think of doing anything but football this Sunday.

    • Sounds like a good weekend, Kelly! I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s mom! :(

      My boyfriend hates the Patriots, but we’ll be watching that game on Sunday, too.

      • Kelly

        Hehe, well my man’s been a fan since he was a kid (he’s 39 now) so he’s been with them through thick and thin. For me, growing up in Michigan watching the Lions choke year after year, it’s nice to have a 2nd team to root for that actually has a chance. Patriots have a lot of OLD players though, so we predict some rough years in the near future when a bunch of these guys retire. Maybe by then, the Lions will have pulled their heads out of their….

        I won a $25 giftcard to Macy’s in a silent auction last night at the benefit. Someone beat my bid on the $50 one. It’s got “MAC” written all over it. =)

        • Yay for the gift card!! :) I have no school today, so I think I will go… SHOPPING! It’s been awhile since I’ve gone out for just fun shopping.

  5. Tanya

    Trying to stay warm :( Our big ol house is freezing cold because our heather gave out, yep in the very near future we will be spending a small fortune on a new heating system…until then its extra layers of clothing and a couple space heathers. deep sigh…blah that might be our vacation fund…so long Costa Rica or the Galapagos Islands :( At least my SO isn’t a sports fan…except watching our son play soccer which we will be doing Sunday.

    • Oh, no, that’s awful, Tanya!! We just use a small space heater for our apartment, but turn it off at night, so we’re bundled up in blankets while we wait for it to finally warm up the joint.

      I’m so sorry to hear it gave out :( My boyfriend’s mom just had to spend a bunch on fixing/getting a new one, too. Boo!!

  6. Shefali

    Yesterday was MAC shopping day because it was my Friday off. Too fun. Last night hubby and I stayed home with our 1 year old. I made dinner and we started watching the second half of the last season of “The Sopranos.” Today I’m going to visit my best friend’s new 1 week old little boy. Totally excited about that. Don’t know what we’re doing tonight…maybe hanging out at home or taking a walk around Old Town Pasadena. Tomorrow I’m working all day at home. Monday I’m off so I’m spending time with my little guy – maybe going to the zoo.

    I’m rooting for the Packers too!

    • Awesome! What did you end up picking out, Shefali?

      Lots of Packers fans here, who knew!

      • Shefali

        Hey Christine! I bought Feline eyeliner and Trax, Humid, and Ricepaper eyeshadows (I had posted that on another post I think). I also bought foundation from Benefit and their Rush Hour cremestick that is for lips and cheeks. I absolutely love the color and when I’m in a hurry it saves time. I ended up buying my first NARS product yesterday – one of The Multiples. The color is Mustique. It’s an orangey-coral…never thought that would look good on me but I absolutely loved it. That’s going to save me time in the mornings too.

  7. I’ll be going to my usual meeting for the internship I have with Disney! We’re animating a sequence for a new animated feature! It’s very exciting! I got the job of Key Inbetweener, so I am very excited!

    Other than that, just homework, homework, homework! But at least I don’t have to go to bed super early on Sunday night! YAY Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!!

  8. Leigh

    I cleaned my grandma’s house and ran some errands, and tomorrow I’m going back up to school! It’ll be the first day there after spending a month at home… I’m more sad than happy about that :\ But I guess watching the Packer game as soon as I get up there will serve as some consolation (if we win, of course lol).

  9. cleaning the house and haning out with my best friend tonight for some much needed girl time :)

  10. Madeleine

    I just can’t resist to tell everyone about my exciting Saturday (and equally exciting Sunday).So as I’ve mentioned earlier is so called tax season so I went to work (I work “occasionally” for KPMG if I am not traveling with my husband)at 9am and JUST got back after 9 hours.And tomorrow for an additional fun my husband and I are going to get a shelf unit for the basement and my ambitious husband is going to put the whole thing together ….himself .What a boy! It’ll be interesting to watch him providing that he can’t hurt his hands by any stretch otherwise he’ll be not able to…practice piano…..

    • Tanya

      At least you can get your man to do those type of projects…my SO is a computer geek and I swear I know more about home improvements than he does…which leaves me doing them :) Maybe after tax season you can get yourself a massage and a trip to MAC :)

    • lol, definitely sounds like one fun-filled weekend, Madeleine! Hope he didn’t hurt his hands!

  11. Gaming… Everquest 2. I’m such a geek. 😛

  12. Zsofi

    not really to this topic, what i loved to know what kind of music You listen to Christine?
    All the other ladies? what You love?
    i personally can’t get enough of Gothic Rock,the finnish band HIM and i would die for their lead singer,Ville Valo.
    he is the cutest one in this world.
    “This life ain’t worth living,join me in death”-sure,Mr. Valo :-DDDD
    plus his mother is from Hungary,just like me.
    and Finland is a “brother-land” to Hungary.

    • Hey Zsofi! I honestly listen to EVERYTHING! Some genres (generally heavier stuff), I have to be in the right mood, but you’ll catch me listening to country as often as rock as often as rap!