Saturday, October 27th, 2007

What are Saturdays made for? How are you spending your Saturday? (And for that matter, how about Sunday, too?)

I’m lazing around the house for another hour or two before heading up to my parents’ house for the day. Sunday will be mostly devoted to school work (how fun!).

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24 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – What are Saturdays made for?

  1. I plan on doing no work today. Nope. None whatsoever…(we’ll see if that holds up!)

    I’m going out with my girls tonight. We’re going to a pole dance class (hey, it’s a dance workout) and I am extra mortified because I’m supposed to wear BOOTY SHORTS to the dance class. Wearing them helps you grip the pole. Hmmm…

    Afterwards we’re going to drinks and dinner and then dancing. The clubs around SF will be doing Halloween stuff so we’re all dressing up, too. Should be fun!

    I don’t miss schoolwork on Sundays. :)

    • No work? Sounds good to me!

      I hear pole dancing classes can really tone you up. I don’t think I could wear booty shorts to ANY class no matter HOW well they helped me grip the pole.

      Are you dressing up as Amy Winehouse?

  2. Changed blog address.

    Saturdays are made for lazing around, and then going to my fiance’s place for dinner.

    And then late night catching up with school :/

    • Thanks for letting me know!

      Definitely, lazing around, I’m so with you on that score!

      And ew, school!

      • EW EW EW, as much as i love psychology, i hate studying late night….:/…. christine need some help i want a chocolate brown lll and im stuck between coco bar and brass beat…and MUA doesnt help, but i dont want a blackish brown, i want my LLL to look like im wearing brown :/

  3. Not tonight. I don’t have time to do the beehive. Plus, if I dance it’ll get all sweaty…so not cute. Tonight I think I’m going to just wear some cat ears.

    The booty shorts issue is stressing me out a little.

    • Gotcha! BellaSugar did an Amy Winehouse tutorial for Halloween, LOL.

      Sounds good. Keep it simple!

      Aw, what about short shorts instead? I only wear booty shorts around the house. I think I’d die in public myself so I understand your reservation!

  4. hannika

    im suppose to be studying but instead im just lounging like everyone else. the weather in toronto is not that good. so its all cloudy and stuff so im just lazy. lol.

    • Haha, that’s me on Sunday, Hannika! Ugh, I hate cloudy, rainy weather because I just want to curl up with a hot cup of somethin’ (tea, cider, whatever!) and watch TV.

      • Jet Black

        the weather is almost always like that in the UK! I photographed autumn (called fall in the US?) leaves. LOVE the colours at this time of the year. Then off to belly dancing to keep the body in shape!
        Now however i’m going to play with make up

  5. tanya

    My weekend started 5 hours ago :( with a scouting event, next its a soccer game, then I might be lucky enough for a nap (my fav thing to do on the weekend…or any day for that matter), supervise and help with a bookreport, grocery shop, menu plan for the week, make dinner, and maybe if I havent collapsed from exaustion or lack of just me time….I might just snuggle up in bed with a good book.

    Sunday is going to be much nicer and low key. We usually all (SO and our 9 year old) walk to the local coffee/bagel place, read the paper and just enjoy the morning. Then as a reward we are taking our son to Petraglyph (sp?) for some fun crafting/ceramic painting….he came in third place in his schools red ribbon week poster contest :) Yep I am one proud Mommy. Later I might work on some Christmas gift making…this year I am making all my Xmas gifts so getting an early start is key.

  6. Moriah

    I’ve been sleeping all day. Trying to rest up so I can go get Guitar Hero 3 tonight at midnight without falling asleep on the drive home!

  7. vinna

    work, work, work…. :(
    so i earn money, money, money…. $_$
    so then i can spend spend spend!! hehehe 😀

  8. Chyla

    For me, Saturday’s are usually for being lazy-chilling at home & watching a movie. The most exertion I have on a Saturday is shopping/running errands with friends or cleaning up around the house.

    However, this Saturday, that was not the case :-/ I helped a friend throw a Halloween party & didn’t know it until the time came that I was going to be the MUA for three of our friends 😛 Good thing I brought my entire make-up case so that I could give them all three different looks!

    • I hope you had fun putting on everybody’s makeup, though 😉

      • Chyla

        OMG! I had a blast playing MUA! My favorite combo of the ones I did was Pixel Paint all over the lid, Vex on the lid, Thunder on the outer lid & in the crease to define, & Carbon in the outer crease to smoke the eye out… This particular friend was a “night mistress” ;P

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