Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

Do you copy looks you see or prefer to come up with your own? Do you just get inspired by a look in a beauty ad and modify it or do you try to replicate it 100%?

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22 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you copy looks you see or prefer to come up with your own?

  1. sssolene

    I love to (try to) copy looks I see!

  2. Lena

    I do my own thing. I know what looks right and really off on me from much trial and error. I don’t look at looks really for technique. I look at the colors used. I can spot a color across a room that would look right for me, so that’s where I focus.

  3. viv

    i take inspirations i guess… so if i see something i like, i’d work with what i have because most of the time i don’t have the “same products” therefore even if i copied it, it’d be different.

  4. styrch

    I’m horrible at copying looks. I have to substitute so many things sometimes. But I do love getting inspiration from them. And I absolutely adore it when you highlight a particular MAC color and give different ways to use it on your Blog. That’s super helpful!

  5. Carrie

    My eyes are shaped really differently than a lot of people’s, so I almost always have to modify looks to fit my face. But I like getting ideas from other people’s looks, magazines, etc. (I’m european-american but have folds over my inner eye corners like some asian folks, but also have a sort of regular crease over one eye…it’s complicated! but i like it.)

  6. My eyes are comparitively smaller, wth less space between crease n brow bone. so many a tyms if the look demands 4 colors i mostly have to skip a color, coz it becomes all muddy on my eyes. Also, i take great ideas, color combos from other people’s look..if i have same products i m happy but if i have some missing, the look changes…
    i would thank temptalia here for mentioning dupes..from mac itself..its such such help…christine can’t imagine hw much these are helpful for me personally!!!!

  7. Crystal

    When I cant think of something on my own I always get on YouTube! There are endless video tutorials and I always find something new and exciting!

  8. lily

    I usually come up with my own looks, especially for my eyes. I like to experiment lol

  9. Shefali

    A little of both.

  10. DaniMae

    I would say…BOTH! I’m still on the quest for the perfect shaping and contouring techniques for my eye shape, so I often refer to other people’s looks and techniques, but I might also tweak them to suit my color preferences or my shaping preferences. A lot of days, I just do my own thing though, I love to experiment.

  11. kat

    Definately just immitate. I don’t have enough makeup to just copy looks I see, plus I think it’s important to find a personal style with makeup that is catered just to you! It’s great to experiment, but do what works for you :)

  12. i love to try and copy eye makeup, but i tend to modify the rest like the blush color and lip color since everyone has a different skin tone and its hard to pull off some lip colors.

  13. Kella

    As an artist, I get inspired by things I see, but I would never copy a look.. Obviously what looks good on someone else won’t necessarily look good on me. I take my inspiration and work with it.

  14. Dina Adam

    I’m usually inspired by a makeup look that I am willing to try on myself – while altering it slightly in order to make it my own ‘look’, or work on my own face. Does that make any sense?

  15. whitney

    i pretty much copy looks. i dont have a large eyeshadow collection yet so i find looks i like and go out and get those colors. so i try to find and copy looks that have universal colors in the so i can use them for more than one look. if i try to pick out my own colors at the mac counter its so overwhelming i don’t even know where to start. its really convenient that i have the same kind of long dark hair and medium complexion that christine does so most of the colors that look good on her work for me too.

  16. I tend to copy looks! Even if I don’t have the colour, I try to find something that is similar. As I have single eyelids, naturally I would need to modify the techniques a bit but so far I am coping well! ^^

  17. Rio

    I just come up with my own. I’ll look at others for basic inspiration, but I never copy them exactly, or even using the same products.

  18. Haha it’s so funny that you asked that because I just did one of your looks today and posted it on my blog :-) You are my inspiration!!

  19. megan

    I get ideas from here and youtube but i also like to try-out my own ideas

  20. Jenn

    Copy Them as I am still honing my techniques.

  21. Macaddict

    Like most ppl said, I have my own style & love to experiment. I never know what look I’m going to end up with. I take inspiration from others – like Christine – add a dash of my own twist and make it my own. It’s very “spur of the moment”/spontaneous most of the time! I like to challenge myself as well with different style & techniques, not just colors. Since I have soooooo many e/s and m/u in general, when I see a look online or in mags, it reminds me of colors I have stashed somewhere but with which I might have forgotten to “play” with for a while and so, that’s where the inspiration comes from: I’m like, “Oh yeah! I do have these! I should do a look with them!”

  22. Lydia

    If I see a model/celebrity with a similar skin tone to me, I try to take inspiration from the colours they are wearing to see which shades would work for me.