Monday, November 10th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

In what order do you apply your makeup? Foundation, cheeks, eyes? Eyes first?

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26 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – In what order do you apply your makeup?

  1. Lori

    -eye makeup (shadow first–inner eye, lid, then crease), then liner and mascara
    -concealor, foundation and then powder to set as I use liquid.
    -lips would be last, sadly I barely wear anything in the morning when putting it all on as itll come off with my coffee!

  2. vinna

    concealer and foundation
    eyeliner and mascara

  3. sol

    -Foundation, concealer & powder
    -Eyes (shadow, liner & mascara)

  4. Olaronke

    moisturiser and lip balm
    face – concealer, foundation, powder
    eyes – brows, eyeshadow, liner, mascara
    lips – lipliner, lipcolour
    cheeks – blush
    face – finishing powder

  5. inani

    face – primer, foundation, powder
    eyes – eyebrows, primer, shadov, liner, maskara
    cheeks – blush, highlighter
    lips – lipliner, gloss

  6. Face – moisturizer, foundation.
    eyes – eyeshadow, falsies, eyebrows
    cheeks – blush
    lips – lip balm
    eyes – eyeliner
    face – loose powder, highlighter
    lips – gloss

    I jumped around a lot because sometimes I am lazy to wait (eg, after falsies I would need to wait for it to dry before putting on eyeliner).

    If I am really rushing for time, I would just slap on moisturizer then do my eyes and then go back to foundation! LOL…

  7. viv

    face: prep everything with moisturizer
    eyes: all my eye make up, then concealer for undereyes
    cheeks: blush or bronzer
    lips: balm and then gloss


  8. SnickerDoodle

    Wow, I feel so weird and backward. I go:
    Face(primer, foundation, concealer, powder)
    Cheeks (blush, bronzer to contour)
    Eyes (base, shadows, liner, mascara)

  9. jess

    face (moisturize, prime, foundation), cheeks, eyes, lips.

  10. Face, Lips, Eyes, Cheeks :)

  11. Face: Primer, foundation, concealer, loose powder, glow powder
    Cheeks: Brown/Bronze blush, pinkish blush on apples
    Eyes: Primer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows
    Lips: Lipstick, gloss

  12. – Eyes (except mascara)
    – Blusher
    – Mascara
    – Lipgloss! x

  13. jou


  14. Heather

    Face primer, eye primer, concealer, eye shadow, blush, foundation and sometimes bronzer.

  15. kat

    if i do a full face this is my routine…

    1. moisturizer
    2. eyes
    3. concealer
    4. foundation
    5. cream blush (learned this from kim k and her MUA)
    6. powder
    7. powder blush
    8. lips
    9. eyebrows

    eyes alwasy first so i don’t have to worry about fixing my powder/foundation if i have shadow dust on my cheeks. plus, if i’m in a hurry, my eyes are already done. the rest can be done with less precision.

  16. shyan

    Lips: blam
    Face: Select Tint, concealer, MSF natural
    Eyes: prime, lid, crease, eyeliner, mascara
    Lips: LipStick and Gloss

  17. DevilishDoll

    1. Lip balm
    2. Powder on my face
    3. Eyeshadow
    4. Mascara
    5. Eyeliner
    6. Lipstick
    7. Lipgloss
    8. Blush

  18. Ceci

    1. Prime eyes, lips, and face (always! especially for my oily skin)

    2. Apply lips (sometimes lip liner, lipstick, gloss; most times just a little lipstick and gloss)

    3. Do eyes (sometimes shadow and liner (primer provides a nice neutral color), always mascara)

    4. Apply foundation and concealer (sometimes concealer, foundation, and some more concealer if I want extra coverage)

    5. Do cheeks (sometimes bronzer, always blush)

  19. pre: moisturize around eyes, then full face, lip balm

    face: concealer, foundation
    eyes: primer, base, shadow/pigment, liner, mascara, brows
    cheeks: highlight, colour (blush/bronzer)
    lips: liner, lipstick, gloss (or just gloss)

    finish: blot powder, fix+

  20. Jen

    My order is…
    Eyes first: primer, highlight, crease, lid (sometimes lid, crease), eyebrows, liner
    Face: Prep + Prime, foundations, contour, highlight, blush
    Back to Eyes: Prep + Prime lash, mascara
    Lips: liner, lipstick, gloss

    wow it seems like a lot! haha i can’t believe i do this everyday!

  21. Theresa

    Face – Toner, Face Serum, Pore Minimizer, Moisturizer and Sunblock (a must!). This is followed by foundation, concealer and loose powder. Blusher is always applied last.

    Undereyes – Eye Serum, Day Eye Cream, MAC Moisturecover and follwed by Highlighter.

    Eyelids – Eye Primer and this is followed by eye-shadows, (still don’t feel comfy using pigments considering the klutz I am!) eye-liners and i’d finish off by applying mascara.

    Lips – this is done just before i step out of the house. Lip-liner to line followed by lippy and lipglass or lustreglass.

    That’s pretty much it. Sounds like a L-O-N-G process but cant believe I squeeze all of the above in 30 mins.

  22. Sarah

    Face (TM, concealer, under eye powder)
    Blush then Eyes or Eyes then Blush (varies, depending upon what I’m emphasizing)
    Loose powder over everything (to set and blend/soften everything)
    Highlighter (Meteorites most days)
    Retouch concealer if needed (mine seems to travel for some reason)

  23. Erin/slipnslide

    If I’m doing something that might have a lot of fallout, or might be messy like I’m trying something new, then I’ll do my eyes first. Usually I like to start with my undereyes at least and any blotches or redness, so that if I’m doing a dramatic eye I don’t just look funky.

  24. Lizzii

    face – moisturize, let that set in and put in my contacts and eat :)
    – primer
    – foundation
    – setting powder
    cheeks – contour with bronzer
    – blush
    eyes – shadow insurance
    – pink, green, or blue base [depending on the colors i’m planning on using]
    – then the magic


  25. HoneyBrown1976

    foundation (if I use it)
    eye shadow
    mascara (after curling)
    lip gloss/lipstick