Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

If you could create your own beauty line, what would you call it? Who would be your customer? What kind of products would you make?

Duh, I’d call it Temptalia, and I’d have everything under the sun in terms of color and product. I’d love a full line of beauty products that appeal to a wide range of ages.

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12 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – If you could create your own beauty line, what would you call it?

  1. hmmmmmm this is interesting. I’d love to call it Paint and there would be artist inspired colors and items like fingerpaints for lips cheeks and eyes or maybe pressed pigments in those old style watercolor boxes with a paintbrush inspired applicator. Or maybe palettes based on paintings like starry night or mona lisa…but i dunno what the copyright issues would be on that lol. I’d love to specialise in darker foundations for us medium/dark toned girls that are in the middle and have yellower undertones too. There would also be a lot of palettes for things like blush and foundation for contouring n stuff. Maybe i’ll call those palettes ‘paint by number’
    hm….this is fun!

  2. Carrie

    I would like to have a line inspired by the colors of the North: snow, rocks, the northern lights, moss and lichen. It would have the best greens, grays, browns ~ earthy colors with occasional punches of brights like flowers on the tundra, red-orange, violet, periwinkle. I am endlessly inspired by the colors. It would be all natural ingredients with ecologically sound packaging and a portion of the proceeds would go to help environmental causes and to support and promote Inuit culture.

  3. Tekoa

    Name: Clarity
    Products: Acne products that actually work and don’t irritate or dry out one’s skin.
    Clients: Anyone suffering from a single pimple to persistant cystic acne.

    And the containers would be biodegradable!

  4. Katie

    If I had ever had a beauty line I have always wanted to name it Argent et Noir (my favorite colors but in French). It just has a nice ring to it and the silver and black packaging would be gorgeous. :) Maybe some day my dream will come true!

  5. Skyler

    “Midsummer Night’s Dream, a Shakespearean collection. The entire collection would be named after his plays, characters, or famous lines from plays/sonnets. :) There is nothing more sensual than the language and imagery in his works–a careful artistry just like make-up–and I think I could come up with a ton of great product names and colours with that inspiration! :)

  6. Zsofi

    My idea is slightly different: it would be a school-spa-makeup lesson-weight loss complex 😀 the costumers would stand in front of a jury,which would decide,how mush time each costumer needs to look their best. it colud be between 1 year and 2 months.
    the costumers would live in welness hotels,enjoy spa treatments,and they would have to work hard. there would be 6 hours of makeup lessons each day, 2 hours of intense cardio activities,gym excersizes. everybody would get personal treatment. they could get plastic surgery,if they needed. the best dermatologists would work with the clients. makeup artists,stylists,personal shoppers,hairdressers,visagists… there would be an array of pros.
    if one very heavy weight costumer would shed some pounds,she would get a new shade of MAC eyeshadow 😀
    the name would be: Look Your Very Best Beauty Farm by Zsofi :-DDDDDD
    of course this would cost a fortune,but you have to suffer for beauty anyways :-DD