Monday, March 24th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

If you could create an eyeshadow, what color would it be? What would you name it?

For me, Temptalia (of course), and it would probably be something reddish purple!

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52 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – If you could create an eyeshadow, what color would it be?

  1. Hmm. My color would be a carnation pink, like VIP in Trio 2 from Heatherette, but with a fuchsia/hot pink shimmer, kind of like a duochrome effect. I would name it something silly like Glam R Us. 😀

  2. About 10-12 years ago MAC made my perfect eyeshadow color called Haze. It was a combination of blue, purple and green and it made the most amazing smoky eye. My sis and I have been scouring the planet for just a tiny bit of the shadow so we can get 3CC to make us some up, but alas, luck. If anyone still has a bit of this color, please let me know and I will be soooo happy! I’ll send you a new 3CC version …

  3. dee

    Hmm..I would call it Jonee(my middle name) and it would be Cerulean Blue(in the crayola box) with shimmer in it.

  4. Lia

    I think mine would be a soft dove grey with a hint of blue – bit of shimmer and not chalky. Something just smooth and soft, very light smokey color. I have no idea what I’d name it though Besides after myself, that is!

    • Carrie

      Hmm, if there’s a Sephora near you, you might want to check out eyeshadows by Fresh. I think they have several that could match this description! I own 2 that are kind of like it, one is blue-grey with light gold shimmer (Corazon del Mar) and one is paler blue-grey with very light silver shimmer (Mist on Everest). I love them!

    • Sounds like a unique color, and you know, Lia isn’t a bad shadow name at all 😉

  5. Lingping

    oh, it would be a hot pink with warm shimmer, pink enough not to get “eaten up” by the pink/blue in my skin, but also soft enough to wear to work. and golden enough to look pretty on said pink/blue skin.

    it would have to be called Perfect Pink :)

  6. Nell

    “Origi-nell” would be a soft, shimmery shade somewhere between silver and gold.

  7. Erin

    I’ve always thought that a deep shimmer gray with red sheen would be pretty.

  8. Tonee

    Forest green with cobalt blue and gold shimmer and I would call it Tanamera.

  9. Ping.

    i think i would name it Summer.. haha and it would be a light golden champange colour with light shimmer on it… haha i am quite a light person when come to eyeshadow..

  10. Tekoa

    It would be a frost with a very dark purple base and dark/light blue duochrome shimmer. I’d call it Orca.

  11. Annie

    I would call it goddess… and it would be a dark deep bronze color similar to bronze by mac, but more shimmer, and more color! and i would present it as a duo with a rich rich black color with slight shimmer, not glitter. i would call the black diva. and the duo, i would call seductive… yes, i have been thinking of this for a while lol! i just cant find what im looking for…

  12. Tanya

    It would be perfect nude/white’ish type color…with just a hint of coolglitter in it. It seems like nude/white color are either white with cool glitter or nude with golden glitter. I want a nude/white with a silver/cool glitter!!!The type of color you would just swipe across your lid when you wanted a quick and natural eye. Paired with black masacra it would really play up on the natural beauty of ones eyes. I guess it would have a name that reflected when it would be worn Sunday Brunch?

    It would be worn with black mascara and a soft pink lip :)

  13. Shefali

    I think a pretty yellowish-pink would be so awesome…nothing peachy. I would call it Shefali…only because my name is the name of flower that blooms in India and the color sounds like the color of a flower. Another option would be Spring in My Step because it sounds like a spring-ish color.

  14. Lindsay

    I would make the perfect true purple…not too blue and not too red but just right with just a touch of shimmer. I would call it “finally.”

  15. Sanayhs

    I would release an entire line of matte finish shadows with great colour payoff that were smooth and easy to blend.

    For an individual colour, I would probably go for a smoky deep teal colour with a slight dark purple duochrome. I would call it “automatic jacket”. 😀

  16. xbrookecorex

    I would want a teal reflecting pinkish purple! MORE DUOCHROMES PLZ!

  17. Carrie

    I want a Paint Pot with a warm pewter gray base that reflects a bit of silver, brown and green. It would be called Boreal.

    • How’d you come up with the name Boreal? So unique, haven’t heard it before.

      • Carrie

        Yeah it’s an odd word. It’s the name of a climate zone, northern forests in Canada, Alaska, Siberia and N. Europe are “Boreal forests.” I would love a whole line of rich, earthy colors and fragrances inspired by northern forests!

  18. Natasha

    i’d want create the eyeshadow equivalent of mystery liner and it would have a gold/green glitter. it would be a VP, spreading smooth as butter. i’d name it “jealousy”

  19. Mine would be called glamazon and it would be the perfect goldish brown!

  20. Glosslizard

    Mine would be called Glosslizard (why not?) and it would be a medium purple with green iridescence!

  21. lola

    Mine would be a soft lilac with pale blue shimmer, and would be called Twilight. I wish I could find a shadow like that!