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For me it started when a MAC store finally opened in Oslo, Norway!! That was about two years ago. I have always liked make up, but never fallen in love with any brand before MAC 😛

I’ve always loved make-up but I think I’ve really got into it the last few years or so – I’m really into experimenting with different colours now and trying out different looks. There are a lot of fun beauty brands now (Urban Decay, Mac, Two Faced) which have lots of cool products to try. I think discovering Mac has really added to my love of make-up, as there are so many amazing colours available!

I think I’ve always been interested in makeup, but it went all addict-like last year when I lived in the middle of nowhere and the only sensible shopping opportunity was ebay 🙂 Makeup is better to order by mail than clothes and shoes, and it was oh- so much fun!

At the same time my nail polish addiction started, mostly because the chalk from the blacboard (I’m a teacher) make my nails break, so I stared wearing polish to protect them and make them look ok, but also because of wonderful head2toebeauty.com and 8ty8beauty.com.

I guess the answer is that easy and (fairly) cheap access made me into the addict that I am 🙂

This past summer. I came across a lot of makeup gurus on YouTube and from there fell in love with all things makeup.

i am very much in love with MAC shadows. i think it started with my friend who introduced me to this site and i saw all the great things that can be done with multiple colors. before coming to this site, i played it very safe and used no more than two colors at a time. what the hell was i thinking?!

I broke my foot and it made me terribly depressed for various reasons. Youtube gurus and beauty bloggers were the only things that could cheer me up.

When I was a little girl in the mid to late 1960’s, my Mom worked at a cosmetics counter in a department store in Washington, D.C. she’d bring home so much makeup. She wore blue and green and purple false eyelashes and was very glam. I just thought everyone had that much makeup around the house 😉 so I kept the practice going and I love makeup!

(i actually stopped in at Sephora yesterday and only bought some Philosophy Carrot Cake body wash and an OPI Nail Polish in Sample Sale – can you believe it – all that make up in the store and none came home with me this time!)

I’ve been a beauty addict since I was a small child. I received a cheapo make up palette for Christmas when I was like 7. I loved that thing and I had it for years. I was very protective of it [like how I am of my high end make up now!], hence owning it for years. Every time my parents gave me an allowance, I would trek to the drug store up the road and spend it all on Lip Smackers chap stick and gloss, Jordana eye shadows and pencil liners, haha…ahhhh Sweet memories.

When I was very small I’d sit on my mother’s bed and watch her do her makeup all the time. When I was about five or six she started letting me look through her makeup supplies, and would give me a tiny drop of foundation to try or give me a little dab of lipstick to wear. I always wanted play makeup for holidays, and then little kid’s makeup (Hello Kitty lipstick and Tinkerbelle Brush on Peel off nail polish!), and then I started buying Maybelline and Covergirl with my allowance, and then I moved on to better brands. I love everything to do with makeup. 😀

I’ve always loved make-up and beauty products since I was about 12. My aunt worked at a beauty store so she always provided me with samples from Dior, Chanel etc….

But the real addiction came about 2 years ago, when Mac came out with the Barbie collection….from there on there was no stopping or getting back!

I’ve always loved makeup, even as a child. I remember watching my Grandmother apply her super bright pink lipstick, & peeking at my mom’s cosmetics as a child, I loved every second of it! I’ve always had a tendency to collect perfume & toiletries in my twenties, but over the past five yrs. or so my makeup collection has just exploded! It went from casual collecting to all out addiction!!

When I found your website in January lol. I had been wearing makeup for the last 3 years, but it was only basic makeup things. Then I was googling something about MAC, I think Fafi and your website was the first to pop up. I went through your archives and I was like wow you can do all of this with makeup?! I would like to say thank you while my checking account would like to say hmmph!

I have always loved makeup and have been wearing it every day since age 13. However, I didn’t become a true addict until I discovered MAC in 1993. My friend wanted to pick up a lipstick or something at this “new” makeup counter and it was MAC. As soon as I saw their color line and the cool people behind the counter, I was hooked. They have been my fav for a LONG time now and I would say about 80% of the makeup I wear is by MAC. You definitely make my addiction even stronger because I get to see what all the colors actually look like on so it opens my eyes to things I hadn’t even thought of! Thanks (but my wallet shrivels up and dies!)!!

It started when I was about 11 or 12 years old. My mom started to sell AVON products to help pay the bills. It was a perfect intro to MU for me; it was perfect for my budget/allowance and it helped my mom’s sales (I was her best customer!). From then, it evolved into drugstores’ brands, and higher end brands.
At some point, I became “bored” with what was available colorwise on the market: that was before discovering MAC! MAC made me rediscover the joys of MU! That was over 3 years ago. Since then, the love story keeps going…

I just recently started loving makeup actually! I’m young and my parents were very supportive of my major hauls! (Urban Decay, MAC, CCO bargains, sephora, Benefit, and mounds of lippies!) In summer 2008, I was looking at the new MAC collections, Cool Heat, and researching swatches and such when I stumbled upon this website and many others, the muse’s and vanessa’s! I immediately bookmarked them and persued their contents with avid rapture! I really do love this website and credit it with many of the reasons I hoard my collection with such passion! Haha! Although my collection could never rival yours, (I use my parent’s funds!) I enjoy immensely the eyecandy your provide so kindly like yor FOTDs, swatches *sigh*, hauls, and reviews! I must say I look to temptalia as a true source of inspiration and guidance to the world of cosmetics. Thank you so much! Keep up the hard work because someone has to!

Mmmm last holiday so about a year ago, I had liked makeup before just not anywhere near this degree. I started with Dior because I was scared other stuff would break me out and and after trying Dior out I knew it didn’t. I bought last years lip palette but didn’t really look at MAC again (Which I regret) until right after Cool heat (Lucky for me I was able to get most of the eyeshadows I wanted, still on the lookout for Gulf stream though) and then it went downhill I currently have like 20 something lipsticks, 3 full (15)eyeshadow palettes, 1 full blush palette and some other stuff and it just keeps getting worse.

My addiction started about 2 years ago when I started working for Clinique. In my teens, well in high school I adored makeup but I never knew how to apply anything so I just wore powder, liner, and mascara. Now I am like my mom who has rubbermaids of stuff lol. Well I only have a couple, but their organized by various things like eyes, face, lips, so it’s not that bad…yet!

My mother has never been interested in makeup, but nailpolish has always been part of her routine. I am an only child, ao I think my first makeup-“idol” was my girlfriends older sister. She was really into the 80’style with lightnings on her face and tons of gel and other stuff in her hair LOL. I practiced a lot in the evening, but never wore the makeup to school. In 8th grade I wore makeup in scholl and since the I have worn makeup on an off. When I bought my first bike helmet, I swore to myself that I would never wear that ugly thing without looking fabulous underneath it. Until now I have succeded 😀 and it

My mom was an Avon lady so she introduced me to makeup. I always admired the way she put on lipstick, after every meal, before leaving the house. It was so glamorous to me, that to have a polished look and be ready for the day you need your lipstick on. Now I have worked in cosmetics for 3 years, and that is when the real obsession started. Its so fun looking at all of the different lines and playing with all the products. I like comparing products from line to line so I feel like I’m getting the best product. I like being friends with the other consultants so I can ask their honest opinion of their products, I like the insiders viewpoint! Now that I’ve taken my obsession online and look at makeup blogs its made me a much more informed beauty addict. I love this website, Spektra and Makeupalley to look at new collections and get reviews on products. It has helped me become a savvy and smart consumer, so I no longer impulse buy makeup! I can compare swatches and look at upcoming collections so I can plan ahead what I wanna buy! Thanks for such a great website!

My mother owns her own beauty school. As far back as I can remember, I can see her putting on her makeup in the mirror.. I used to always play in her makeup… I became a tomboy but when I was 16 she said I could wear makeup… I went to the MAC counter and I have been in love ever since. I believe that if I am going to do something I do it all the way.. I discovered this website and I have been getting better and better… now I want to be a makeup artist

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