Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

How would you describe your skin/skin type? Normal? Slightly oily? Even in tone?

Temptalia's Answer.

I’m mild-to-moderately acne prone with normal-to-dry skin in the later half of the year and normal-to-oily skin in the first half of the year. I don’t love my skin in the least bit, LOL!

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42 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – How would you describe your skin/skin type?

  1. I have very sensitive combination skin that’s slightly drier in the wintertime and slightly oilier in the summertime. My nose is the best part. It can be oily AND flaking at the same time. T_T

  2. Normal/oily (combination) = Normal – cheeks, Oily – T zome!

  3. graykittyboo

    I have the same skin type as you Christine! During the colder months it gets dry but now, I’m oily as hell and the breakouts aren’t helping either! Do you have any recommendations for large pores?

  4. I describe my skin as: reverse combination skin. My t-zone is super dry, while the rest of my face is oily. Eczema also runs in my family, so that’s why around my nose, it’s super dry & almost scaly looking.

  5. charlieee

    I have oily/combination skin that is very dehydrated. Now that i’m using my dermatologist product, it gets very sensitive and dry too :(

  6. Nathalie

    Mixte and very sensitive skin with a tendency to be very strongly de-hydrated (itchy on my cheeks, a tiny bit oily on the T-zone). Also some eczema on my eyelids and around my mouth. Eczema routinely come back and go away with no particular reason.

  7. AbbyL

    Difficult is how I’d describe my skin. Acne prone, dry, and very sensitive especially around the eyes and mouth/chin. Basically, if I use a moisturizer it tends to give me pimples. But if I use an acne cream, my face cracks and gets all red =(

  8. MissNice

    Oily T zone/normal cheeks acne prone, not a lot but enough to make me crazy
    so it’s hell to me
    i guess nobody is perfect

  9. Wilcoa

    Dry skin with eczema :S Always gotta be watching for the signs, otherwise my skin is really good :)

  10. joyceee

    combo to oily skin for meee. really oily in my tzone, but dry around my cheeks and hairline? lmao it’s so weird. i’m pretty good with pimples and stuff, though! :)

  11. Combo – Oily skin

    My tzone gets really oily too. :|

    I hardly get pimples anymore though, which is a great thing. ^_^

  12. Jodie

    I have dry, acne-prone skin…but since you recommended the Mario Badescu products, my skin has never looked better! No more breakouts, and my skin is always glowing and looking fabulousssssssss!

  13. Melia

    I have dry, sensitive, eczema-prone skin that “refuses” rich creams. It can take almond oil (weird) at night but only sunscreen in the mornings. I rather have slightly dry skin to creams just sitting on my skin. I’ve been known to sweat light blue, because of a moisturiser that was that colour. I’m really happy that I have a friend who is an esthetician (I think that’s the right word) and she is baffled by my skin and gives me loads of samples.

  14. Avatar of Chantale Macaddict

    Normal skin with a bit of a shiny t-zone: so I guess a combination skin! I am lucky that I never have had acne or pimples/blemishes. I have been taking really good care of my skin since I was 12 years old (believe me, that was a WHILE ago! LOL!). I don’t know if that could be the reason that I never had any problem with blemishes… or if it just is genetics :P

  15. msviolet

    I have a super oily face but crazy dry skin on my body. The only thing that keeps my face glowy instead of oil slick is the green mint wash from Origins and a mattifier under my makeup. It sucks! I’m also genetically predisposed to easily scarred skin, which is great when I get deep acne cysts that turn to dark spots on my skin when they finally go away. Sigh. The rest of me is really dry and itchy during most of the year, so I cocoa butter myself liberally after showering to keep it at bay. Finding the right balance is both an art AND a science. LOL My new bf thinks I’m low maintenance, but he has no idea what goes into making me presentable every day. :P

  16. Christy Snow

    Combination. It’s dryer in the winter and oily in the summer. My t-zone get oily. Retin A and Duac are my friends. :0)

  17. Ricci

    well my chin area under my lips are so sensitive any lemon juice, or citric acid wil kae it red and rashy,, I have great skin other wise I dont wear foundations .. my forheads a bit oily at times I always wash my face

  18. kat

    “normal” skin…. If anything my nose can get VERY mildly dry in the winter, but applying a moisturizer once or twice a week sorts that out completely. Hm… no complaints here!! If i had to chose, I’d say more on the dry side because I never have any oil residue or buildup on my skin ever… but it’s also never uncomfortably or noticibly dry. I think I have the very elusive “normal” skin which isn’t so normal after all haha!

  19. Avatar of Jessica Jessica

    “Annoying!” hahaha In the winter, my cheeks are dry/normal, while my T-zone is oily. During the summer, my cheeks are normal/oily, and my T-zone is…more oily. :P I’m not acne-prone (although I do break out occasionally), but I have lots of clogged pores and blackheads around my nose/chin that never go away ;~; And while I wouldn’t say I have sensitive skin, if I use a product my face doesn’t like, it pretty much explodes haha. And of course the rest of my body is superdry.

  20. Combination skin, more on the oily side. Somewhat acne prone. I used to have horrible acne and oil as a teen so I have huge pores and some scarring because of that. Lots of redness from rosacea.

  21. I used to have sensitive skin, but then I abused it by using cheap makeup and not removing it, so now it’s pretty much sensitive and cobination (really oily around my nose area) it’s pretty ironic, because when I was younger my nose area was really really dry, and was flaking and bleeding. :)

  22. Sadie

    Pretty normal now. I used to be oily but Accutane has fixed that! As long as I stay on top of my moisturizing (Cetaphil CREAM has been a LIFESAVER) it is all good for the first time in my life! YAY accutane!

  23. Ceci

    Face: Oily, acne-prone skin (mild to moderate) year-round
    Body: Eczema-prone, but normal at the moment.

  24. Kella

    My skin is combination-oily. It dries out really easily if I’m not careful with the products I use. It also gets oily throughout the day, but especially according to my cycle. I used to have mild-moderate acne.. now my skin is clear, with occasional mild breakouts. I’m super fair, with really rosey cheeks and some freckles.. so I do tan, but I also burn. The texture of my skin is completely smooth, but I use makeup to even out the colour.

  25. Lia

    My skin is normal, maybe a bit oily in the summer. I’m super pale so any irritation or redness I get look 10x worse because they are so red. I’m lucky that I have such good skin, easy to take care of too!

  26. Eva

    Dry (very dry in the winter), sensitive skin, a bit prone to break out despite being dry, sadly. :o/

  27. Leigh

    Face: Oily and dry/flaky at the same time, very sensitive (I can’t use drugstore brands or sunscreen because they burn), very acne-prone. Sucks to be me, huh?

    Body: Normal. Slightly dry & really itchy in the winter

  28. Oily in the t-zone, but somewhat dry in the other areas. Can be acne prone depending on what products I use.

  29. i have dry skin & rarely got blemishes & breakout..
    but i always have to make sure my face is moisturised..

  30. HoneyBrown1976

    Combination skin (dry cheeks/oily T-zone) with a mild bit of sensitivity (I have to be careful with using certain products as I will break out a tad bit). If I get pimples, it’s “that time”.

  31. Heather

    I have very sensitive combination pale skin

  32. Jannie

    -Combination dry/oily
    -Dry nose, esp in the corners
    -Right cheek/face broke out so HELLA scars on that side
    -Left cheek/face just a few scars here and there
    -Always getting zits, acne, pimples, etc
    -MAC NC40

  33. Summer

    Nobody has skin like me lol

    Very Very oily. My face is shiny within 3 hours. I have to have the best face products or else you’ll be able to see the oil on my face mix in with my foundation. And you can see the actual foundation seperate on my face. not a good look.

    I always have ance break outs. My face is only free of acne 3 or 4 times a year. But I all the face products I use are recommended from my dermatologist. The only thing that worked was a medication in pill form but I had horrible side effect, I had to stop using it.

    I have to use full coverage foundation when I go to work because I work with people and I don’t want them to see the huge scars all over my face.

    My skin also peels a lot for some reason but my skin never feels dry, even in the dead of winter or after I wash my face. never.

  34. Kathleen

    - oily to very oily
    - acne prone
    - react to many ingredients such as oily and silicone
    - at the moment, I am using Proactive so my chin is dry, but the Dior Hydrating Serum is helping it

  35. My skin is combination.. pretty oily in the summer, and not just in my t-zone, more dry in winter. But always very dehydrated no matter how much water etc I drink!

  36. Rio

    Dry and very sensitive. I have to wash it very little, and moisturize it a lot. If I do that though, it usually looks nice.

  37. Nic15

    oily skin with acne. i hate it. its been that way since i was 14 and i’m 31 now so i don’t know when it will ever change. can someone please throw this sista a bone regarding the skin please!!!!

  38. Ugh – Horrendous.

    I have an acne prone t-zone, dry flaky cheeks, and eczema. It takes SO much work to keep it looking good.

  39. Julie

    I guess that I can’t put mine in ONE category.
    I have DRY cheeks, a comfortable-oily T-zone, but I’m also acne-prone. Like ALOT. I get so much stress because of this!

  40. Julie

    I guess I am lucky with my skin. No acne at all, only onc or two pimples a month. I do thend to break out with selftanner, but that is the only product that does that to me.
    My skin is very fair and thin, since I am Scandinavian.
    It is kindda see-through, so veins are visible, witch annoys me in the winter time. When I get a sunkissed look, they are not visible any more.
    I rubbed off my freckles with a cleaning sponge as a kid, so I have very rosy damagde cheeks now.
    Besides that, no problems at all. I am on the dry side, but there are lots of great cremes out there to help.

  41. Briana

    I’m with Julie in that i can’t really put my skin type in ONE specific category. However, I do find that my skin becomes extremely dry, almost like leather but not flaky, in the winter time or during the fall. But, for some reason my T-zone gets really oily throughout the day and sometimes i have to blot it with tissue or pads. It’s not excessively oily, just moderate i guess, but it does look shiny. My skin is also not very acne prone, maybe 1 or 2 pimples a month, nothing too bad fortunately. My skin is very sensitive as well, I get hives if I sweat too much or when it gets crazy hot in the summertime. I also tend to scar quite easily =(

  42. hi

    I have warm, SUPER pale, pinkish sensitive skin that is dry everywhere in the T-zone where it’s combo. I get occasional pimples and I have to powder my nose and forehead often, but other than that, I’m fine! :)