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I have it pretty well organized. I don’t have that big a stash, so I purchased these things which you put in the kitchen drawers to keep your forks, knives, spoons and so all separated, and I have my foundation, concealer, several primers and stuff on the largest one, and then I have one for mascara, eyelash curler, false lashes, eyeliners. Another one I use for glosses, as I have my lipstick in this ceramic pots on the table. Other one I use for my potted eyeshadows and little palettes and the other large one I use for blushes and highlighters. So yes!! It’s kinda easy to find what I’m looking for! And I highly reccomend this kind of storage, it’s

My collection is pretty organised. I bought a dressing table about 6 months ago and now I have my foundation & blushes + my brush holders on one side + my skin care & hair products on the other then 3 small drawers – one with my palettes stacked on one side and loose/single shadows, 1 with my lipsticks and any packaging I really liked so don’t want to throw away & the last with back ups I’ve bought.

I don’t have problems to find, what I’m looking for. Except for Lipsticks, because most of the are distibuted about my 4 handbags.

i was just wondering if everyone could post ONE or TWO pics of their make up organisation?? i am not very well verse with the space needed and all. just a thought. Christine would be the best person to answer:)..oh yes, i do find my stuff easily..but mostly tend to grab the lastest buys or favorite ones!!!

I keep my things pretty organized too! I have like 3 containers, one for eye stuffs (excludes pencil liners + mascaras). Another one for brushes, and the third one for face stuffs.

Then I have a pencil holder, one side for lipstuffs, and the other for my pencils + mascaras.

I will go crazy if I can’t find my things easily!

NOT. my train case is a mess plus I have crap everywhere!! I dont have TIME to organize. i can never find anything though πŸ™

Considering I just bought a huge make-up suitcase, its pretty organized. One side is all eyeshadows and pigments sorted by color. Other side is all blushes, primers, bronzers etc. bottom is lip glosses, lipsticks & masacaras those are in seperate plastic click type sectioned craft container and put in the bottom of this giant hard suitcase. Sounds good for now anyways!! How long will it last is the question?

I keep everything in a large train case (so my stash isn’t big), but it’s all well organized. I keep things separated in their own bags. For instance, there’s a ‘face’ bag (foundation, concealers, powders), a ‘primer’ bag (UDPP, foundation primer, etc.), and so forth. I keep my pigments in the trays and my eyeshadows have been depotted and put in palettes.

I have a few of those clear plastic drawer units. I have one that stands on the floor with 2 large drawers and 2 smaller drawers. The bottom drawer (big) is storage for makeup bags, extra cotton pads etc. The other big drawer is for hair stuff (hot rollers, curling irons etc), and the 2 smaller drawers are for storing non-high end makeup and extra skincare products. I have one small set of drawers that I use for my pigments and pigment samples. And then I have a medium set of three drawers with a drawer for eyes, face and lips. Eyeliners and brushes have separate cups. All in all, it’s very organized πŸ™‚

My stash is small enough that it’s not a challenge to keep it organized, but I have been looking for some kind of container to put everything in instead of just leaving it all spread across my shelf. I’m also hoping to find some kind of cute, antique teacup to hold all of my brushes in over the holiday season.

my stash is pretty scattered. but i have one really cute green organizer 4 drawers (one- blushes two- MSFS three- Heatherette, trios and quads four- loose MAC e/s, paintpots and some gel eyeliners.)

Yes, I have things pretty organized at home. There are drawers with different categories, like a ‘Face’ drawer and a ‘lip gloss’ drawer.

The problem for me now is that I’m out of town and have been for about a month. I’m living out of a suitcase and that means I’m living out of a makeup bag. It’s harder to find things, for sure.

I keep the stuff I use everyday very organized, but other stuff is kind of strewn on my counter. Some are in my train case, but that’s the stuff I use rarely.

Not at all. πŸ™ I’ve got far too much stuff to start with and very little space to keep them in. They are now cluttering up all my drawers (clothes) and some are in a bag in my wardrobe. The rest are all over the top of my chest of drawers and in boxes on the windowsill. Need to organise it (which is my plan for the weekend when I’ll be on my own – no children!).

I have my stash pretty organized thanks to Ikea =)
I bought (and stained) two smallish wooden organizers, one with 9 slim drawers, the other has 3 big drawers and they’re all pretty deep.
Big drawers:
1.chunky palettes
2.powder/foundation/sunscreen/tinted moisturizer
3.flat palettes
small drawers:
1. light or neutral eyeshadows
2. dark eyeshadows
3. lipliners/glosses
4. lipsticks
5. concealers
6. blushes
7. eyeliners
8. mascaras
9. misc testers
Everything was fine until all the f&f sales, I think I ran out of room again =O

I keep my makeup organized, but let me tell you, when I’m getting ready, I pull eeeverything out and make a huge mess. Then I put everything back where it goes. Then I do it all again. πŸ™‚

My beauty stash is also organized thanks to IKEA. I bought a wooden organizer with 2 slim drawers and 4 big drawers.
Slim drawers:
1. Face (foundation, blushes, MSF +++)
2. Eye (Palettes, quads, pigments, eyeliners, flash lashes ++)
Big drawers
3. Moisturizers, perfumes, prep and prim face,

and the rest of the drawers is currently filled upp with clothes πŸ˜›

I have also a plastic 3 drawers organizer where i have my
1. lip gloss and lipsticks
2. mascaras
3. eyeliners and lip balm i use everyday.

Pretty organized. I have a five drawer plastic tower thingy, lipgloss in the top drawer, 8 Dior compacts in the second, laura mercier mosiac shimmer blocs, Chanel eye quads and blush, plus 2 slim packaged foundations in the third, the fourth is a bit of a jumble with Dior face powder (that cute white leather D’tectiv Chic shimmer powder and brush set – takes up heaps of room), Stila bronzer and lip glaze quad, single eyeshadows, etc and the bottom has all my Smashbox fusions, a bunch of shimmer powders and brow stuff.
All my lipsticks are in the vanity drawer in a small plastic basket. Then all my Chnael travel compacts and the extra Dior and Fresh compacts are stacked neatly to one side.
I have a bag with all my backups and a divided square plastic container for all my brushes, pencils, mascaras and whatnot.

It’s pretty easy to find stuff. πŸ™‚

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