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i get excited going to sleep thinking about how im going to paint my face the next day HAHAHAH

-Renee :b

hahahaa….me too! Its when I plan out my look for the next day because I start work super early and dont have time to sit and figure it out in the morning so I plan it out in my head the night before. If I am really ambitious I will pull out all the products I am using the night before too. I wear different make up every day because I wear a uniform that is mostly black…so I have lots of options!

Im glad you do this too because now I dont feel so ridiculous!

Oh ya…and I wear full make up every working day as well. Weekends only if I go out or feeling like playing with my make up some more.

I do NOT leave the house without foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and at least a touch of gloss. I’ve felt horrible on the days that I’ve tried it–I even wear light makeup to the gym. It makes a huge difference in my confidence.

all day every working day ! ! ! (only that I do not touch up often during the day, and usually after breakfast and some cups of tea, all my lipstick/gloss will be gone !

I go extremes on either side. Some days, I have absolutely nothing on my face except a swipe of lip gloss, other days just eyeliner and lipgloss and other days everything from foundation primer to smoky eyes!

Maybe 1-2 days ina week? It was more often, but I noticed some breakouts, so I’ve stopped the full face for some time. Right now it is just moisturiser plus one drop foundation, lipstick and eye liner.

Every working day I have on at least foundation and mascara. I do the same if I know I’m going somewhere. What varies is the amount of time spent on eyes and cheeks.

Every day! even during weekend when I just lounge around reading papers or gutting fish for lunch. My full make up consists of sunscreen, light foundation, powder, eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, liner, the works. Good thing I cover my hair, cos my hair is just crazy and would otherwise take forever to fix.

every working day which is about 3-4 times a week. in fact, i look forward to my part-time work because that’s when i get to wear full makeup! 🙂

I’m with Claudine…I wear full make-up every working day, and if I’m going anywhere on Saturday, then Saturdays too. Usually Sundays are a completely no makeup day, unless I have to go out somewhere.

I love my MAC makeup too much and consider it a creative outlet and a way to have fun.

Don’t leave the house without eyeliner, mascara and lipstick but i probably wear foundation & blusher a couple of times a week. My skin is pretty sensitive and reacts to foundation if I wear it too many days on the run.

Chica, I have the same prob, except worse. I can’t wear powder or foundation because I break out. I can handle cream blush (hard candy, tarte). What do you do if you break out? My skin got extreme oily all of a sudden, so I’m trying different cleansers but no luck yet.

I swear by the Body Shop aloe vera range, i use the cleanser,toner and day/night moisturisers ever day plus their exfoliator a couple of times a week.
If my skin reacts really badly ( all blotchy and puffy ) I use Harley Street Natural Calendula herbal gel and leave all my make up off for a few days. It’s really awesome stuff, calms your skin down really quickly and it’s oil free so it’s kind to oily skin.

I wear full make up every other day.I give my face a one day break not that my face is bad.My husand seems to like me better with just eyeliner and lipgloss.So Almost every other day i go out somewhere so i gotta do my whole face.When im home i wear nuttin.

I usually wear it about 3-4 days a week. I always have to wear foundation when I leave the house because of my redness and mascara is a must. If I am doing a YouTube video my husband always cracks up when he comes home because I’ll have some fancy eye look going on while wearing a t-shirt and pajama bottoms – lol. And rocking the socks and crocs look … sooo glamorous around the house!

probably about twice a week, when i go out at nights or if theres an occasion to. if not, i just put on loose powder, light blush and gloss on a daily basis

i feel that putting on too much makeup too often changes my own confidence about myself, for the worst (if that makes sense!) its just the contrast of before and after, and i dont want to be too dependent on something external to feel good about myself


2-3 out of the wk maybe a full face (I guess eyeshadow) ..but I don’t know since I wear the NMSF (buff one layer of it and set it w/ fix+) as my foundation if its consider “full look”

Pretty much every day. I work in a business environment, so I have to dress to impress Monday – Friday. If I’m not going anywhere on the weekends, I won’t do a full face. But for the most part, its every day… unless I’m short on time. Then its tinted moisturizer, finishing powder, MSF, lipgloss & mascara.

5 days a week.. the days that I work. On my days off I am usually lazy and just spend time at home, but if I go out I will do a full face. Otherwise I feel like I have spent a truckload of money for nothing! And it makes me happy 🙂

I wear full makeup almost every day, on a day I don’t, I atleast wear tinted moisturizer, blush, lipstick, and mascara.

90%of the time I do eyes and lips (concealer, eyeshadow, liner, mascara, lipliner or lipstick and gloss) and a little bit of cream blush. I can’t wear powder or foundation (hence my obsession with make up!!!) If i’m not going anywhere, i only do concealer and curl my lashes. But I never, NEVER, go bare. That’s like a crime against the cosmetic gods!!!

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