Saturday, May 10th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

How many lipglosses do you own? Less than 10? Over 100? Share your best estimate or really count!

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79 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – How many lipglosses do you own?

  1. I would say I have around 20 lipglosses and maybe 25 lipsticks.

  2. Nell

    Iยดm sure I have over a hundred, probably closer to 150, the majority from MAC, others from Bobbi Brown, Nars, Smashbox, Clinique, Chanel and Dior.
    I could not live without lipgloss!

  3. Kirsty

    I’m not big on putting stuff on my lips. They’re very pigmented anyway so most of the time I can get away with lip balm, especially the medicated/menthol stuff that reall brings out the colour of them. I’ve got a few Lancome Juicy Tubes, a couple of Mac glosses and about 50 different balms! My favourites are Body Shops Brazil nut butter and Palmer’s mint and dark chocolate!

    • You are both lucky and unlucky! I say this only because I love wearing different colors, but I get so frustrated when a sheer lipstick does nothing for me, and yet looks so utterly fab on someone with less pigmented lips!

      Palmers are great!

  4. Chica

    I used to have a couple – as I’m much more into lipstick but gloss seems a bit more summery somehow so I’ll probably be tempted to buy a few more :)

  5. Lingping

    I actually got addicted to lipglosses as late as this christmas! My friend gave me a holiday set of 4 lancรดme juicy tubes, which I totally love. That set actually trippled my collection; I had an old juicy tube and a stila lip glaze. Now I have also bought a cute little tube of Kanebo Lavschuka gloss and a lancรดme LUCI gloss. That makes 8. The first of many to come, is my guess.

    My watching-list on ebay currently has a ton of dazzleglasses and a tendertone in it… I am seriously lemming Money Honey, Miss Fizz and Funtabulous dazzleglasses. And I pretty much need them too ๐Ÿ˜‰ what makeup addict only has 8 glosses?

    Like you, Kirsty, I have quite pigmented lips so clear shiny glosses and heavily pigmented ones are my favourites, not so much the ones inbetween.

  6. Tonee

    Not a big gloss fan – I have about five or six, which I use rarely or over matte lipstick. I am more a lip balm fan, as I hate the sticky nature of most lip glosses. I like Dior’s Ultra Gloss in Linen Beige and Denim Pink but I don’t use them every day.

    • Do you do anything special to your lips before you apply mattes? I’ve found some mattes can be quite drying on their own.

      • Tonee

        I exfoliate with an olive oil/sugar mixture and then apply a thick balm (something from TBS or MAC TLC) for a few minutes, then wipe off before applying a matte lipstick. Lips should never be dry before applying a matte lipstick IMO – there should be a very thin layer of balm (not gloss or Vaseline, because then the lipstick would just slide off!) on the lips.

  7. I am a huge lip gloss/lipstick/lip balm fan, even if I don’t have a big collection. I think I have two Lancome’s Juicy Tubes, one L’Oreal’s Glam Shine (one of my favourites) and two ‘Les Accords Naturels’ lipsticks (I am really into nude colours at the moment), a MAC Lip Varnish, a Dior ‘Diorific’ scarlet lipstick, two Rimmel lipglosses and a lipstick, two Chanel’s ‘Glossimer’ glosses (I love them!) and several lip balms I keep in my bags and on my bedside table.

  8. about 20….but going to MAC today for the Naughty Nauticals event, so probably will be 25 by tomorrow……….someone take my credit card away!!

  9. Susanne

    Around 20 lipglosses.

  10. Thalia

    Four! I used to be addicted to lipgloss, but now I’m leaning towards moisturizing lipsticks (Slimshines). That, and I don’t like keeping any gloss beyond 2 years (they might’ve already expired by then).

  11. Sandy

    hummm…never thought of it, maybe 20-25 glosses and about 30 lipstick. My glosses are from MAC, Lancome, Clinique and some drugstore brands like NYX.

  12. valley

    I have 23, but some of them are tiny square pans that are included in a larger set. Several are junk glosses that are useless as far as color goes. I probably only have about 6 nice full-sized ones and 6 small pans in a Sephora palette that I use regularly.

  13. I counted. 36. ๐Ÿ˜€ Almost as big an amount on my shopping list, tho! This week I got MAC Lustreglass in Ensign and Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect in Coral Lame. ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. DaniMae

    I used to have well over 100 glosses. Now I’d say anywhere from 50 to 70.

  15. Pia

    Hmm I have just 10, 5 from MAC, and 5 from Dior and Clinique.

  16. kat

    10 of the holiday mini glosses, 1 regular gloss, and 1 from Oscar De La Renta I got with a purfume I bought… I also have 5 lipsticks

  17. lala

    24 l/g …and that’s just my M.A.C ones.

  18. Alexa

    probably 20
    i have no idea

  19. kellie

    Too many to count!!! Some of my favs are prr from MAC, Lip fusion lip plumper- love this stuff, def. a must have, and vanilla frosting lipsmakers gloss- I’m 25 and still can’t stop using this stuff.

  20. Clemence

    I counted 28 lipgloss ! I love my lipgloss !!!!

  21. Vivien

    17 Lipglosses [All MAC except for 4, which are Bare Escentuals Buxom Lip Glosses]
    11 Lipsticks [All MAC]

  22. Hey Cristine,

    Who has time to count,lol.Well i think i have more than 20 thats all i can remember, LOL.

  23. 6? I gave a few away to my younger sister!

  24. Kristy

    I have about 25 or so. Mostly MAC but a few NARS as well!

  25. karen

    8? sounds I am quite reasonable about lip product. these 8 include one set of lancome juicetub (3), and another set of Chanel (3). I bought two MAC lipglosses recently. but I prefer to use lipstick rather than lipgloss.

  26. Julia

    Probably about 10… Pink Poodle, Lychee Luxe, Enchantress, She-Gold, Rags to Riches, Sugarrimmed, Hey Sailor, Style Minx, Starlet Kiss… Can’t think of any more.

  27. bec

    Only 2! I’m not much of a lipgloss girl.

  28. I have over 100. It is a sickness, I tell ya!

    • GOODNESS! But I am not surprised, you do such amazing things with makeup. I need you to have a ton so I can get ideas for myself!

  29. MEG

    About 30
    Love MAC’s Lipglass!

  30. I have tons of lipgloss! :)

  31. Valerie

    Oh wow what a question lol I maybe started wearing lip balms in elementary school and now I’m in 11th grade I’ve lost track of how many I have but I will estimate a about 50 (lip balms, glosses and lipsticks) I’ve been “craving” lipsticks a lot lately I find it weird. How many do you have Christine?

  32. cloudburst

    I know I have over way over 100, but the exact number I don’t know…actually I’m a bit afraid to count.

  33. Anna

    I have forty lipsticks and thirty-five lipglasses, only about a third of which are MAC. I use about 3-5 lipglasses a year though, and i like having a variety to choose from.

  34. boxofmakeup

    Oh wow..I have 32 Lipglosses and 18 lipsticks

  35. gabby

    about 250

  36. Sarah

    I own 65 lipglosses and I am having a difficult time using them all up.

    • Sarah

      My favorites are the Beauty Rush by Victoria’s Secret. I have about 15of those because our store had them on sale for $2 each.