Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

How many eyeshadows do you have? Have you ever counted? (Are you afraid to?!) What are you up to? And hey, while you’re at it, is there a color that seems to prevail?

P.S. – What are your weekend plans?

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47 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – How many eyeshadows do you have?

  1. Fie

    Hm..I’ve never really counted. But I have 5 of the MAC 15-pan palettes and about another 15 of undepotted eyeshadow. D: That’s a lot.. oh no.

    Weekend plans…hmm.hmmm….Going shopping with financial controller tmr (aka my dad) so I can finally pick up stuff that I can’t buy on my own. That’s all I suppose. It’s already Saturday night so I only have one day left for my weekend.

  2. Heather

    I know I have well over 500 eyeshadows. I also have 5 full palettes and a trunk full of limited edition ones (and that’s just MAC). It’s very heavy to carry around, and I need to look into depotting them (but I’m scared to play with fire). I am definitely a collector!

    I’d just like to say how much I ADORE this site! I love all of the recommendations and comments. It’s the only blog I read everyday, and I refresh it almost hourly to see what’s new! I’m soooooo happy to know there are other people out there as passionate for make-up as I am!

  3. I am afraid to count the amount of eyeshadows I have. My eyes are the favorite part of my face…so I am on overload. I would say I have about 80 – 100.

    Weekend plans…spend time with the Honey. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Vanessa

    107 eyeshadows not counting pigments! It’s the only makeup I really focus on. Everyone knows me for doing my eyes every day…so that with a little lipgloss, I’m good :)

    As far as the weekend is concerned; working today, drinks tonight, and SuperBowl tomorrow!

  5. Danapotter

    I have 11 eyeshadows. I have been collecting for 6 months. It is really hard when you get a $14 allowance, and have to use that money to go on the subway, get snacks, stuff for school, etc.

    Hopefully, when my dad takes me to MAC Pro today, he will offer to buy something (YEAH RIGHT).

    • Tanya

      Wow Dana, thats rough…14$ a week is not much to support a beauty habit. Maybe you could earn some extra cash walking dogs, babysitting, making crafts and selling them to friends/family/Etsy or being a plant waterer? just some idea’s for raising extra cash. There are tons of books on Amazon geared towards young people like yourself on how to earn extra cash starting your own small business. I bought one for my son even though he is a little young for it. Good luck :)

    • tricia

      You should try recycling, to make extra cash everything can be recycled these days not just soda cans/bottles but lotions, bodywash, shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent bottles etc everything. or maybe you can go shopping on the weekends for an elderly person who might not be able to make it to the store.

  6. lala

    i think maybe 80 …i gave aloooooooooooot away was getting to crazy.

  7. claudia

    I actually did a rough count last week! It was hovering somewhere around 105, but It’s not 100% accurate.

    This weekend I’m going to hang out with my mom (since my dad is camping near San Diego with a friend) and make Valentine’s Day cards. Hee!

  8. hannika

    I don’t have a lot .. YET lol. i just finished one palette plus the N collection and the flashtronic eyeshadows.

    Plans? IT’S MY BIRTHDAY (YAY) so just spending time with family and spending time with the boyfriend. : D

    have a good weekend everyone!

  9. Tanya

    LOL I think I have maybe 20 shadows :) I get so freakn overwhelmed when I am standing in front of the shadows at MAC…mostly I end up just getting a lippie instead. I think I need some hand holding and someone who I can really trust to help me shop for eye colors.

    • Tanya

      Oh and this weekend I am working on some sewing projects, My son has a soccer game and I will be doing some grocery shopping…WOW what an exciting life I lead. We went to the movies last night and saw a super silly chick flick – Over Her Dead Body…which I have to admit I actually kinda liked…super silly but super cute.

  10. Nell

    Iยดm more of a lip girl, but I have 10 MAC shadows and a few from Bobbi Brown.
    As for my weekend: my baby has a fever, he poor tyke, so it`s cuddling and trying to comfort him!

  11. hm i only have about 6 mac shadows and one palette of 6 as well so 12 mac shadows and a bazillion catrillian in other brands such as sacha cosmetics, nyx, chanel, elizabeth arden, christian dior, revlon,maybelline, covergirl etc.
    I tend to have a lot of metallic/frosty ones tho i want to build up my matte collection. I also have a lot of nudes/golds/bronzes put a few pops of color for the times i feel braver.
    As for weekend plans i spent 7 hours last night doing outrageous eye looks on people as carnival is this weekend. I will take proper photos on monday and tuesday to submit to temptalia :)

  12. Zsofi

    i have around 150 ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Charlotte

    300 is my guess, counting powdered shadows in palettes, quads, pots, pans, and pigment jars/vials. Half are MAC, the other half are Trucco, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Nars, and the Body Shop.
    I have about 100 lipsticks, 100 lip glosses, 30 eye liners and about 65 blushes/highlighters (powder and cream).
    These are all rough estimates and after weeding out my collection. The real total is probably frightening!

  14. oh god i own well over twenty mac eyeshadows and der is so many more i really want!!! i thougt that was bad but there are loadsa girls on this with over one hundred so i dont feel so guilty indulging that bit more!!!! plus you wear ur face everyday!!! i tend to spend more on make up than clothes .. its nicer to have a pretty face than a load of hot fashion labels it think!!! i also own bout seven lip glosses, seven blushes and bout seven lipsticks.

  15. Tekoa

    Hmmm….about 65 in every colour of the rainbow. :)

  16. Monica

    I think I’m scared to
    I have 16 15 pan palettes and that’s not even including ones still in the pot or pigments

  17. Tonee

    I have around 100 eye shadows and 8 quads. I got rid of products I don’t like or use about two years ago and my collection is a lot more easier to handle now, thank goodness.

    Most of my collection consists of a lot of gold, blue and purple shades.

    • Shefali

      Hi Tonee – how did you get rid of the ones you weren’t using? eBay, giving them away, or something else? Were any of those slightly used…I think I need to clean out too…just wondering which way is best and will make me at least some $.

      • Tonee

        Hi Shefali,

        I give products away to friends and family members. Some products were slightly used (not more than twice) but I did inform the folk I gave them to and it wasn’t an issue.

        You can try swapping your extra eye shadows with other gals – have you tried Great place to find swappers.

  18. martha

    i stopped counting when i passed 300…there are alot of brown shades. I have alot of samples of pigments (90 something) and at least 20 full sized ones too.

  19. building up my collection yay
    still i don’t have too much

    happy weekend to all1 i’d be seeing friends

  20. Madeleine

    I owe 8 blushes (only) – one palette + 2 loose (8 different colors)and 120 eyeshadows (8 palletes x 15 e/s) and the 9th palette is waiting (bought on Thursday heehee).Not to mention 5 x-mas palettes and one from last summer (Novel Twist).

  21. dee

    I’ve got something like 10 lol. contrast, silver ring, espresso, carbon. a bobbi brown trio, 2 bobbi brown singles and a bobbi brown shimmer brick i use for eyes. I also have 2 cover girl quads i hardly use, and i do believe that’s all.

  22. Annie

    EEEEHH… About 100… How many do I actually use? About 5. LoL!!!

  23. Rach

    Eight MAC eyeshadows…I have just starting buying them in the last few months. I have Shroom, Era, Cork, Mulch, Goldmine, Woodwinked, Jest & All That Glitters. I also have Dior Incognito quint, CARGO Ibiza palette, a purple Dior Duo and a couple of Revlon quads. Woodwinked and Shroom seem to get the most love lately :)

  24. Hmmm…just yesterday I gave 3-4 eyeshadows to my friend…so now I have 15 (single) eyeshadows, one duo, one trio and one larger palette with 15 colors (small size pans). I know that pink and purple (and a bit or reddish) prevails – I have blue/green/gray eyes so those colors suit me. I also discovered yellow/gold, which suits me really well!

  25. There are two that I am currently using. Pink and a goldish colour (they are metallic); $24 each.

    I have a few others but I never use them. They’re pretty bad.

    I have a quad in the post, along with a couple of others…

    I have yet to order some Mac cosmetics. My boyfriend is gonna buy it for me. He’s American and can get it cheaper than me, as I’m in England.

  26. Allison

    I had well over 400 but I’ve swapped quite abit now I have alittle under 200

  27. Erin

    I have probably 25. I seem to like browns, greens, and reddish/plums best. I keep buying different shades of amber/gold to go with the browns and greens and pinks to accompany the reds, but it all revolves around browns and greens and reds.

  28. Carrie

    I have about 50 eyeshadows. Ah, I didn’t think I had that much, as it’s pretty much all in 2 15-slot palettes and a few 6-color holiday palettes.

    Most of it is neutrals, with greens coming in second. Gold colors are starting to make more of an appearance, though.

  29. victoria

    i have 40 e/s. i would love to get more than that but not all colors suit my skin tone. i would love to wear really bright colors but also don’t want my look to be all about the makeup. that’s why i love mac because they come up with different collections, just like fashion, sometimes you just need a few trendy colors instead of the whole package.

  30. Elizabeth

    I am just now starting to collect my eye shadows I have 83. I need more. I looooovvvvveee MAC.

  31. Erin

    I guess I don’t understand the need for makeupalley- if I don’t care for a shadow I bring it back to Nordstrom and get the one I really want. Everything I have is the pick of the litter.