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Very – I wrote a blog about my top favourite brands and what they represent on a very personal level – and 3 of those 4 brands I talked about were cosmetics (MAC featured, of course!). Basically, I grew up very insecure about my looks and was considering surgery on my nose. While I’d never rule it out, I’ve grown into my features a bit more and am a lot happier with the way I look.

Cosmetics and body treatments feature strongly in my life because they tie in with a sense of pampering and entitlement. It’s not just the artistic element that appeals (I’m a writer and former nail tech/artist who flirted with being an MA), but makeup is designed to gently enhance your features. So I can take the parts of me I like and make them better, which can only do great things for my confidence and therefore my life in general. That may be a little deep, but there ya go 🙂

A neat appearance is really important to me. The first thing I notice about someone from across the room is whether they look like they dressed out of a dirty clothes hamper – sloppy and wrinkled. I don’t necessarily need to have a full face of makeup, but a dusting of my powder mineral foundation, blush, and gloss and I’m good to go most places.

It’s been said that you make your mind up about someone within 10 seconds of meeting them so clearly, appearance is really important. For me, this means looking somewhat neat and presentable. Of course, this differs for everyone and I don’t often wear a face full of make up either but I find that even just a little bit (e.g. eyeliner, concealer, vaseline) makes me feel a little more confident.

When i get up in the morning i make sure that i’m groomed. Not over the top just put together.I see some women who just look as if they don’t care.No make-up, extra rusty hands, hair in the nose,just messy.A little freshness and grooming go along way. Even if i’m not really going anywhere for the day ,i still get up and get it together.

Appearance is important to me, but I wouldn’t say I’m vain. I like to look put together – with the clothes, hair, and makeup. Doesn’t mean I’m dressed up all the time, but if I’m wearing sweats, they match (unless I’m home, then anything goes). It’s important to look good, because then you feel good about yourself and that carries through your personality. Plus, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Hey Cristine,

Yesssssssssssssss it is very important to me.All neat clean.Coz u know ”FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION”



Yes, I always feel that apperance is important. If you look good, then you feel good…right?
And I like to play with my makeup (just basically different eyeshadow colors and combinations), because I am in scrubs all the time. If that makes sense.

Very. My appearance makes or breaks my confidence. I know that is a somewhat sad statement, but I´ve done enough therapy to see it as it is, (not enough to change it obviously ;))
I´m considered beautiful by most people, so that is something that defines me, not the only thing but enough to really count.

Well since i’m already gorgeous inside and out i have to say that my appearance is the one thing that comes before everything else lol, i’m a high maintenance kinda gal! 🙂

Appearance is definitely not as trivial as some may believe. First impressions are very important, and those impressions are usually drawn from appearance. Plus, looks are what pull people in, even though personality ultimately keeps their attention. There’s also the confidence issue–if one appears to be put-together, then there is a high chance that they would feel put-together.

I believe I’m somewhat of a vain person, but vanity has saved crushing blows to my ego some times, because sometimes when I’m feeling down, vanity has helped inflate my self-esteem a little. I really don’t spend a lot of time on my appearance, but it’s a necessity for me to look polished and ready to conquer the world. 😀 I like to think to myself, “Today will be a good day. I will make it.” I don’t often wear full faces of makeup, but blush, mascara, foundation, and groomed eyebrows are all I need.

I feel how you look is truly imp. Mainly b/c that affects you and your self-esteem….You don’t look like a Porn Star or Hue Heffner’s playmate..But you do want to look presentable, no one wants someone who looks a mess…
Gloss, a good hair brush and eyeliner go a long way,,don’t forget nice stilleto’s..even with a basic tee-and jeans….

It really annoys me when people who don’t care much about their appearance look DOWN on girls who spend an hour or more getting their hair, makeup and clothes looking fabulous (like myself). It may seem like a waste of time to them but honestly, i dont feel confident without all of the above and although looks are not everything, it definitely helps your personality shine without shame. Sometimes I will feel lazy or exhausted in the morning and wear sweats once in awhile but i always end up regretting it because i feel so gross the entire day.

I agree with all of the comments b4 me.

I spent many years of my life feeling miserable (yeah…depression) and looking horrible. Once I got help, I decided to try and change my whole look. It made a huge difference in my mental health! I felt so much better just by knowing I looked better. It gave me confidence. And yeah, makeup has been a part of it. People around me have seen and felt how I´ve change, and now I´m getting some nice compliments!

That´s the main reason my appearance is of the most importance to me.

Appearance is incredibly important. I don’t mean to sound shallow, but judgments are made by appearance all the time. Appearance can definitely make or break confidence, as a previous commenter said.

Honestly, appearance is of moderate importance to me. I enjoy dressing up sometimes but honestly, as long as I look clean and put together and not scruffy, I don’t really care very much what I look like. Sometimes I think I’m cuter plain or with minimal concealer and a little blush over the full face. A tshirt and jeans are what I’m most comfortable in, but it’s nice to know you clean up purdy. 🙂 I don’t make many judgments on others unless they really look horrid, and I expect the same of my friends- or they wouldn’t be my friends.

My appearance is very important, although some days I just feel so crap that I can’t be bothered looking nice.. but that often makes me feel worse. Although I feel like I should make the most of what I have now, because I won’t look like this forever!!

My appearance matters to me on a moderate level. I try to be as well groomed as possible when going out and I certainly don’t judge others simply based on their appearance. Experience has taught me to dig deeper 😉

I like dressing up for an event like a wedding or a party. Shopping and dining out require a little less make up and on some days, I don’t wear anything but sunscreen and lip balm. As long as I look clean and neat, it’s alright with me.

My appearance is very important to me, in order for me to feel good about myself, not to get other people’s approval or attention. I love to wear makeup and wear skirts/dresses, stockings, high heels and lots of jewelry. As long as I like how I look, that’s all that matters. It adds confidence.

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