Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

How important is beauty to you? Is it just something you have fun with or is it more than that?

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8 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – How important is beauty to you?

  1. DJ

    Keeping my skin in good condition is important to me, as is staying trim/fit.

    I don’t wear makeup everyday, and consider it a hobby/fun. A lot of fun!

    But inner beauty means the most, so that is what I strive for…it isn’t always easy to stay focused on that. 😉

  2. Nicole

    I still suffer from acne, so make-up is a good issue to cover the redness in my face. And I like going out with a nice and beautifull eye make-up, which suite my eyecolor. But I can also leave my house wthout wearing makeup, so I am not so hyperaddicted.

  3. I work in the industry so it’s VERY important more like a way of life…
    I try not to get too serious with it though because it totally takes the fun out of all of it!
    I think the real point of beauty and make-up is the joy you get from being an artist and experimenting with it.

  4. lovekills

    Very Important, the way you look says a lot about how you take care of yourself. This website has helped a great deal with my makeup and application. Like Nicole, I suffer from acne so I invest time and money with taking care of my skin with frequent visits to my esthetician. Extractions, peels as per my dermatologist.
    I think most know makeup application works best on a good canvas.

    I have fun with makeup as well and I have share the fun with friends and family, can take it too, too seriously though, it shouldn’t consume your life IMO.

  5. Lingping

    It is something I have a lot of fun with, but also something more. As a teacher I work in front of a lot of people, and it is important to me that I look decent and makeup really helps me feel like I can comfortably be looked at all day :)

    A colleague noted once that after not wearing makeup for a while she went back to wearing it, realizing that the kids seemed to take her more seriously when she wore makeup – even though she wears it really light and natural. They were calmer and paid more attenton! Maybe they just appreciate that their teachers care about how they look in front of them? It is kind of interesting, though.

  6. Beauty is just a fun hobby for me! I love it!

  7. viv

    it’s important but it’s not #1 in my list. makes the top 10 though! 😀

  8. Keeping my skin clear is important to me but putting on make-up.. That’s just a whole lot of fun!