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Hey Cristine,

Yes it does RAISE my confidence.I luv doing makeup.With it i DO feel COMPELETE FROM MY SOUL,MY BODY!!


I unfortunately must agree – im totally much happier when my makeup is done and my clothes are fitting me. I get through a day TOTALLY better than if i just get up and run a comb through my hair and no makeup. weird. ๐Ÿ™‚

I feel rather “naked” without my make-up on, especially without mascara. In fact, I have grey-greenish eyes and fair lashes so sometimes I envy dark-eyed girls as with/without make-up contrast is not so evident for their type.

I definitely agree that it increases confidence! I always refer to applying makeup for work as applying my “warpaint” lol. When I know I am going to have a tough day, it provides me with confidence. It allows me to control the face I present to the world…

i feel incomplete without my make up
and the right foundation gives me alot of confidence since my skin looks really bad without it

Yes, I guess you can say I am more confident. It seems that I socialize much more when in full on makeup.

hmmm, maybe I should start making time to put it on everyday, LOL.

Wearing make up gives me a HUGE boost … I dont think I remember that last time I went out without it. I guess I am just the kind of person who cant lounge around the house with no make up and P.J.’s on, even on a saturday morning when I have no where to go I have to get dressed and put my face on. It doesnt bother me at all that Iam that way, my fiance loves that I take pride in myself and the way I present myself to the world. I mean he’s seen me without make up lots of times and he loves me eaither way so I got the best of both worlds ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s not essential to me feeling confident, but if I am having a yucky day and feeling a bit crap and I see girls who look nice and made up I worry that they think I look like trash and don’t take care of myself.

Make up totally raises my confidence. I never venture outside (not even to the mailbox) without at least some powder and lipgloss on.
When I have a “good make up day” I feel un-selfconcious, which means I do not worry about my appearance and can focus on others. When Iยดm nervous or in unfamiliar situations I always check my make up, reapply lipstick or powder my nose (privately of course, never in public). It lets me regain a measure of control that is helpful for me.
Well, that has a lot to do with wearing a mask, but so be it, Iยดve made my peace with that…

I agree with you, i get totally self concious when im not in a comfortable environmnt and stress about my makeup the same way.

Good makeup makes a good day better. Otherwise, I go plainfaced and don’t even know it sometimes. If I have had some crazy cryfest though, it helps to know I can do something about it so the whole world doesn’t have to know. ๐Ÿ™‚

For me it is a huge boost to my confidence.
I feel good with out it but when I have a rocken smokey eye and a great nude lip there is nothing better !!! : )

I feel very uncomfortable when I leave the house without makeup, especially mascara. Now I keep a little tube in my purse for those days …

I guess it raises it because I end up feeling really confident about my makeup ability. I think I do a good job, so when I go out all dolled up, I feel special.

I feel “naked” without it on, and yes, it is the epitome of confidence for me. It’s really what makes me…me!

I definitely feel more confident when wearing makeup!

The exception is if I do more makeup than usual, either to go out or just because I was testing stuff and then forgot about it and left the house ๐Ÿ™‚ That makes me feel really self concious and less confindent. So the makeup thing is a fine line that needs careful balancing for me.

It’s kind of a double-edged sword for me… it makes me feel more confident when I am wearing makeup (and I rarely-to-never leave the house without some on), but at the same time it makes me feel less confident knowing that I don’t like the way I look without it.

I feel better with make-up on at least cocealer. I have a port wine stain near my eye and a weird greenish birth mark on the side of my face. When i don’t wear concealer over those, i usually get asked who hit me! So i never leave the house without concealer.EVER.

Make up is my security blanket. Well, not that bad, but even if I’m not wearing it, I have to carry some with me. I have dark circles, so I always wear concealer, it’s a given, but other than that, I could do benetint and call it a day, or do the whole shebang and feel tons more femenine. On the other hand, like Lingpin, if I wear a lot, I feel self conscious, I got used to doing “natural” looks =(…

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