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I just went to WAl-Mart and bout 3 small plastic organizers (think office organizers — 2 drawers on the bottom, one flip-top compartment on top, and 2 open slots in the back). One is all eye products, One is all lip products, and the 3rd is foundation, blushes, and remaining lip products. Although, I need to go get another one soon — luckily they are only $4 each!! It works out pretty well, keeps everything organized and easy to access.

I purchased in Staples a plastic organizer with 5 drawers, wheels at the bottom and a flat surface on top. Its great because I have my make up separated by drawer: face, eyes, lips, blushes, and miscellaneous items. I can just wheel it anywere in the house and I keep it away in my closet so nobody sees the bunch of makeup stuff on top of my dresser or a piece of furniture that doesn’t match the rest of my bedroom. I LOVE IT!

I am in the process of turning my old desk into a vanity! My plan is to head to Bed Bath and Beyond and/or Container Store this weekend to get some organizational inspiration!

I have a make-up table, and within that I store my makeup the following way:

top large shallow drawer w/ lift-up mirror lid holds eyeshadows, glitters, and lipstick: Eyeshadow duos (nars) in one small plastic bin, MAC neutrals in another small bin, colours in yet another, lipsticks in an acrylic lipstick holder (if I outgrow the amount of holders, I usually get rid of a few).

top left hand drawer is all blush, foundations, powders etc Now running out of space down to my love for mac loose beauty powders. grrrr.

middle drawer has 3 travel bags one for lipliners, one for gloss, and one for eyeliners. Some times the eyeliner bag gets divided into two: one for neutrals and one for bright colours and glitter.

Not an amazing system, I keep outgrowing it and have to give things away. I bought some palettes for my mac shadows, so that should make things a little better…

Was recently even thinking: chuck most of it, just keep the great stuff, nothing too eccentric or hard to work with, you know…but…I love most of what I have and can’t! But feel like that day is coming… πŸ™

(do I have to grow up? lol)

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Hi DJ,

I’ve been outgrowing my system since before I implemented it. So awful (and annoying)!

I know how you feel! I already feel like I give a ton away, but it doesn’t seem to decrease any.

I just found out that the slim and tall ikea cd-storage shelves fit perfectly into the really narrow space between my bathroom sink and wall, so now a brand new one of those is all filled up with my stuff, the makeup neatly organized in little Γ…hlens plastic boxes. Easy access and fairly neat looking. *happy*

I keep mine in an organizer from the hardware store. It looks kind of like this except it’s yellow. I keep it inside this big armoire that I also keep most of my clothes in. The drawers are long enough to fit my lipglosses, cream shadows, lipsticks and pencils that have been sharpened a few times. But I have to keep the things that won’t fit in it–a couple cups full of brushes and longer pencils, my foundation, plus my 15-pan palettes–in my armoire separately.

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Hi Carrie,

Nice! Hardware stores have some great options for makeup, like toolboxes and tackleboxes. My dad used to joke that my triancase looked like a tacklebox, lol!

Hmmm…I have a big 5-drawer compartment thing with wheels from Target that I bought. It really fits a lot of stuff and I love it. I also have a small train case for my every day stuff, a 3-drawer compartment thing for my brushes/other tools, and I keep most of my face/hair products in my dresser. Long live Target, y’all…

Oh my gosh – I have way too much makeup. I have a vanity table in my bedroom that has drawers in it that I store makeup. On the surface of that I have a large zippered makeupcase with stuff in it. Then I have a Sephora large train case with makeup in it and finally I have one deep drawer of another storage unit with makeup in it. I’m in need of a downsizing!

Mine is a mess! I need a train case STAT! lol

I have a shallow plastic basket type thing on my bathroom counter to hold my every day items, and the rest is in my purple sparkly “Caboodle” thing that I’ve had since I was 13! LOL.. I mean, it works.. its great, but I’ve outgrown it in many ways. =P Must.Get.Traincase.

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Hi Trace,

LOL!! You know, I can’t do train case, just because it’s annoying to have to pull it all out. Plus, I know I couldn’t fit most of my junk in it ;(

Can you say, collection! LOL All the “cool” girls had a ton of them, my dad built me a shelf in my closet to “display” them. I hate to admit I remember the days πŸ™

I wasn’t going to make a comment on this topic until I found out that I’m not the only one who keeps their “Caboodle”thing,LOL!!!And I love them!!I have 2,the “newest?”black one for make-up and the sparkly green old one to nail-stuff…But I’m afraid that I will have to replace it soon because “the age” on the green one it’s showing…LOL
kisses from Brazil!!!

Trace, the Caboodle brand actually makes train cases! Thats what mine is, got it at Wal-mart for like 25 bucks i think. They have tons of sizes and colors, and even clear ones.

well, I have this wooden DVD/CD tower that is about 1.5m tall and about 20cm depth and about 40cm wide. It fits perfectly into the small space between my (opened) door and my in-wall(?) wardrobe. It’s really good because its not a wide piece of furniture and it doesnt protrude from the wall very much! It has interchangeable shelfs that you can rearrange to fit your DVDs (in this case lotions and perfumes &whatever, lol!)

I put all my makeup on the shelfs. Usually, the heavy stuff, like 500mL bubblebath, and the stuff thats in makeup ‘limbo’ is in the bottom half. In the top half is all the products I like to use regularly or look at….(heatherette…) At the very top shelves (top 3, actually!) is my fave stuff and expensive stuff like perfumes and of course, my MAC that i’m currently obsessing with!

lol, this is interesting stuff (how many times have i used ‘stuff’ in this thing…dude)! I’ve never done any (minutely) in-depth thinking on how I store my makeup. Primarily, I think I want it to look pretty, no plastic storage boxes here….(yes, I know i’m a packaging snob lol!)

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Hi Tanya,

Don’t you love when you find the perfect sized piece of furniture? I do! You feel so good… at least until you move πŸ˜‰

I’d love to see some pics!

I use my aunt’s old secretary desk. The surface closes up, so when it’s neat, you cannot even tell it’s for my makeup. But usually it’s in such disarray, that it looks like MAC threw up on the desk! I use the first drawer for misc things like lashes and odds and ends, second for eyeshadows and paints/paint pots, third for lipstick, fourth for boxes, bags, postcards (MAC). The top area holds my brushes, liners, fluidlines, powders, foundations, mascaras.

Hi! Love your site! πŸ™‚

Visit everyday now! πŸ˜€

Well, I recently bought a plastic organizer with 4 drawyers and wheels. It works pretty well for me – I don’t have thaaat much make-up yet, just enough. Now I have lots of space and I can organize it pretty well.

Now, you should show us your make up storage and collection! =D hehehe


I have a big plastic tool box, which is really cheap but it is getting a little too small for all my stash recently. then i keep my brushes in a separate pencil box from ikea.

I just bought a 5’5ft tall 6 drawers big brown cabinet for my makeup. I have to lock up the drawers whenever my makeup is out of my sight,as my maid will play with my makeup.

Within the drawers,I have transparent stackable individual trays to hold them too (works like a MAC e/s palette). Eg.Tray 1 holds my MAC mes,Tray 2 holds my MSF,etc.. I love seeing my makeup colors whenever I open my drawers. So my way of storage is taking up more space than others. Hence the big cabinet.

My makeup collection is also sort according to brands. My favourite MAC will be in the 1st drawer,2nd drawers will be other brands,etc.. I am a clean freak so all my stuffs gotta be clean and neat.

And that’s not all! I got another cabinet inside my wardrobe which stores my beloved MES & MSF backups!!Everything are still in their original boxes and wrap up with MAC plastic bags then put in Louis Vuitton boxes.

I have a large MALM commode from ikea, inside the drawers are wooden divider thingies. I re-organize the stuff inside every few weeks, love it, lol!
Currently I have a Bobbi Brown drawer, a Dior drawer, two MAC drawers and another full of NARS, Smashbox, Chanel, Clinique etc.
On top of my vanity table is another wooden tray that holds the daily stuff and my brushes.

It’s stored in an open shoebox. Eyes and face products go in the shoe box itself. Lip products go on the shoebox lid. I keep it on top of my plastic dresser(I rent a room, so I have no real furniture besides my bed).

I have a number of little wooden organizers w/ drawers from Ikea. In there I have eyeshadows, blushes, pigments, eyeliners, cream eyeshadows, bronzers etc. Then I have a plastic organizer w/ draws that hold lipsticks, glosses & lip pallettes. My MAC e/s pallettes I just stack on a shelf. My brushes are upright in old tea canisters. I have misc items in Sephora boxes (the gift boxes are great!) and shoe boxes.

Whew! I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Ha, ha.

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Hi Cloudburst,

Isn’t Ikea fab for finding cheap storage solutions? Gotta love that place πŸ™‚

I’d love to see pics of your storage solution!

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