Monday, October 27th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

How do you remove your eye makeup? Do you just use the same cleanser as you do for your face? Makeup remover wipes? Specific eye makeup remover?

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48 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – How do you remove your eye makeup?

  1. Kristine

    I rub some of my Dermalogica cleanser around my eyes when cleansing, that gets rid of most of it, and then I use Clinique Take the Day Off afterwards.

  2. Jen

    Mac’s makeup wipes.

  3. Bridget

    Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

  4. Fie

    I used to use Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil. It works well for me. Ever since I got to the UK, I started using Simple’s makeup remover. That doesn’t do justice. :/ I’m in search of the cleansing oil here. I didn’t see any at the counter here :(

  5. Angi

    I use Boots Soothing Botanics Eye Makeup Remover. Wonderful stuff, $6 at Target. This stuff removes even MAC Liquidlast with no problems. And doesn’t leave a film behind, even if I have my contacts in when I take of my eye make up.

  6. SnickerDoodle

    I have to have something oil-based to get all that crap off! I used to use Neutrogena’s oil-based eye makeup remover, I forget what it’s called. I’m currently using baby oil gel, and I love it. It works amazingly, doesn’t leave film behind, and since it only takes a teeny bit, my ($2) bottle will last me forever!

  7. Brooke

    Right now I’m using an Avon cream makeup remover, I use a cotton pad to wipe it off and then cleanse with my normal cleanser. If I just use regular cleanser to remove eye makeup, it never removes all my mascara even though it’s not waterproof mascara.

  8. Nicole

    MAC Cleans Off Oil. One product for the whole face, works perfect for me.

  9. Marcela

    I use a face cream from Slovakia that I use as a facial and hand moisturizer. I find that using lotion often gets all of the makeup off really easily, and it keeps the skin around my eyes healthy and fresh.

  10. DJ

    Clinique take the day off remover
    then wash my face
    then use Bioderma(French thing)cleansing water if there is any makeup left under my eyes or around my nose

  11. Chrystie

    I swear by Albolene for eye makeup followed by Philosophy’s Purity facial cleanser.

  12. Sue

    LUSH Ultrabland cleanser. It takes off absolutely everything!

  13. Vivian

    I prefer oil-based waterproof remover. I find that compared to normal cleanser remover, the so-called “oil-free” cleanser wipes out makeup faster without all that tugging. Right now, I’m also using Neutrogena Remover Cleansing Towelettes. One sheet is enough for the whole face since I don’t put powder all over my face. They work wonder!

  14. Christine

    Cetiphil daily face cleanser takes my makeup of great even if its a long lasting eye product but if Im wearing waterproof mascara then I’ll use maybelline expert eyes remover it leaves your eyes very moisturized then use cetiphil to wash off

  15. claudine

    eye make up remover (2 phase one)
    mostly from a drugstore brand called essence cheap and does the job
    sometimes the 2 phase one from MAC

  16. Mahalia

    i use Pond’s cold cream. $7 at wal mart for my whole face. feels great and is good for sensitive skin!

  17. Millie

    I love Shu Uemura Oil cleansers and Lush Ultrabland, no need for a separate eye mu remover. Both do a great job!

  18. The best is Lancome Bi-Facils, but i’m broke right now so I have Almay eye makeup remover pads — they work pretty well!

  19. I use Sephora brand FACE eye makeup remover. It works like a charm on me so I don’t get those nasty raccoon eyes!

  20. Emma

    I’m in love with philosophy’s purity cleanser. i used to use just about everything that everyone else has listed here (lush, mac wipes, clinique oil, etc.), but always needed to wash my face after removing my eye makeup, as well as use toner to make sure that absolutely everything was gone before i moisturized. since being converted to the purity cleanser, i can wash my face once (including the eye area! it’s super gentle on my ultra-dry and ultra-sensitive skin!) and have absolutely nothing show up on my toner cotton balls!! philosophy’s purity is from heaven, i swear.

  21. viv

    I use Origins eye make up remover for both my eyes and face. My eyes are a little bit sensitive… Estee Lauder stinged my eyes – Origins didn’t! If it’s good and safe enough for my eyes, why wouldn’t it be for the rest of my face? No point in using money for another remover that I can’t use without stinging my eyes! :)

  22. Erin/slipnslide

    I use Cetaphil cleanser.

  23. classic

    L’oreal Eye Make Up Remover

  24. Charles

    I came across Andrea EYE Q’s Ultra Quick makeup removal pads in a blue container… THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER USED!!! comes off so quick and easy… I swear by the stuff. you can find it in your local drug store or supermarket.

  25. I use makeup remover wipes :)

  26. hippo

    dermalogica pre cleanse followed by dermalogica face wash

  27. Eva

    Jojoba oil.
    Gets off everything without much rubbing, is gentle, doesn

  28. Jen

    Clinique Take a Day Off Cleansing Balm, followed by Juice Beauty, Cleansing Milk. Love it! The cleansing milk cleared up my skin too!

  29. Maddie

    BI-FACIL – Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover
    it is absolutly the best!!!! got it as a sample and i cant live without it… it takes it off in one swipe!!!

  30. Johnsons&Johnsons make-up remover wipes and followed by my skin care regime! x

  31. Naomi

    I use Quo oil-free makeup remover. Amazing!

  32. jaibee

    Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly. Try it!

  33. Rio

    Sephora’s waterproof eye makeup remover. I use MAC Liquidlast, which is near impossible to remove, which is great during the day.

  34. Chynna

    I use my contact lens solution. It gets the makeup off, and my eyes can handle it.

  35. Jessica

    Philosophy Purity takes it all off. I was so skeptical of the cleanser. I thought, “psh…this probably won’t take off fluid line.” I was wrong -it totally takes off long wearing products.

  36. Briana

    BABY WIPES! Cheap and efficient! 😀

  37. Douglass

    almay oil-free – and i can’t believe it took me 15 years of making up and taking off to try this cheap product!

  38. Saira

    I use Tesco eye make-up remover. It’s really, really cheap and it’s the best eye make-up remover I’ve used – it takes off all makeup really easily and leaves your eyes feeling fresh.

  39. MissTiss

    Dermalogica Precleanse

  40. Jennythemakeupguru

    I use MAC Gently Off Eye followed by the Equate (Walmart Brand)Makeup Towlettes. These products never irritates or stings my eyes like many other removers that I’ve tried so far. I seriously tried everything from Lancome to MAC wipes to Vaseline, etc. Trust me, especially if you wear contacts like I do, you will definitely not feel irritated. Besides, the Equate Makeup Towlettes is so cheap that you will be able to use it without feeling like you have to spend a fortune just to remove your makeup. I would rather spend more money on night cream or eye cream! What do you think?

  41. Jai

    I’ve tried some drugstore brands and they still made my eyes burn. So I go with my contact lens solution it’s perfect. Takes everything off and no burn!

  42. neepoh

    comodynes sensitive wipes (1) & mac cleansing oil. followed by a gentle cleansing in the shower.

  43. Patricia

    Clinques Take a Day Off Cleansing Balm the I follow up with Philosophy Purity and moisturize with Hope In a Jar for dry sensitive skin. OoOoOh, so fresh and so clean. =)

  44. DaniMae

    Baby wipes! It’s amazing how many things that work for babies will work for mommy too! I put a little bit of MACs Gently Off remover on the baby wipe if I’ve packed on a lot of color or if I’ve used something particularly stubborn (Liquid Last).

  45. Laurel

    Believe it or not I’ve found plain old Johnson’s baby shampoo to be the best eye makeup remover — I used to go to an aesthetician who used it for that purpose and have been doing it myself ever since. It lathers up, requires no rubbing, rinses completely clean and doesn’t sting the eyes.

    A bottle of baby shampoo doesn’t travel well, though, so when I’m away from home for the night I use a Dove Facial Cleansing cloth, which is almost (but really, not quite!) as good.