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I do believe that some items are worth it to spend, so I don’t mind and won’t think twice. I spent $28.50 for Too Faced Retractable Kabuki brush, it’s kinda expensive for brush, but for the quality, I won’t complain πŸ™‚

If it’s more than I wanted to pay, but I really want it, I’ll use a modified version of the Cost Per Wear principle with clothing. The more often I’ll use it, the cheaper it becomes. So it’s not SO expensive for a good brush I’ll use all the time, or a product I find myself reaching for almost every day.

i totally agree! if i use something a few times a week, it turns out to not be so expensive!

plus if it’s too pricey to seem worth it, i look around for cheaper alternatives!

i don’t have like a certain price range for my cosmetics, gut i wont buy one when the price is absolutely ridiculous (like the $90 powders from HK kouture)!

I’ve been pretty good last few years but if I do buy something very pricey its either around my birthday or Christmas as a present to myself.

It really depends on what it is, the quality of it, and how often I will use it. For example I just bought Nars Duo Laguna bronzer and Orgasm blush for $37. Though for me it’s $$$, it’s worth it because I use it all the time and the pigmentation is great.

Typically, because I have so much and really know what works for me, if I see something I LOVE I buy it regardless of price. It doesn’t happen very often anymore, however. I buy something maybe once or twice a month.

I’ve always been into beauty products but some how in the last 3 months I turned into a beauty junky. Here is the guidelines under which I make my purchases:

skin care: spare no expense
foundation: spare no expense
lipgloss: shop for bargains
lipstick: shop for bargains
mascara: I’m always looking for the best new mascara so it depends (right now its BE Buxom Lash…it’s the bomb)
eyeshadow: depends
eyeline pencils: black (ill pay some money) other colors: bargain shop
blush: I’m just venturing in to blush and I’m trying to figure out whats the best route for this one.
brushes: depends
nails: I have great nails if I do say so myself — OPI isn’t that expensive so I would say that’s a bargain.
body: ranges…I like bath and Body and Carol’s Daughter…I buy more at B&W since it’s easily accessible so I would say I save money in this area.

i completely agree!!!
foundations, powders, concealers and blushes – i’ll spend any amount.
but when it comes down to lip products and eyepencils – bargain shopping is the way i go.
as far as eyeshadow, it really depends on the quality, texture and color payoff – i’m open-minded.
mascara – easy, drugstore often carries the best anyway, imo.

Like Christine if a product really, really excites me then I have to have it. Things like beauty products rarely go over a certain amount anyway (unless it’s creme de la mer etc).
If it’s really pricey like YSL’s summer collector powders for

i do my research. is there any other product like it? can i get something just as good or better at a comparable price? as far as makeup goes, im pretty loyal to mac so i have to check and see if mac carries the same shade. if my research fails or trial-and-error fails, i break down and make the purchase.

The only thing i really don’t mind spending a lot on is on facial moisturizers and i justify the high prices at times by telling myself that it will cost me way more when im older if i dont take care of my skin from now because then i would probably be using botox at an earlier age and spending more.

I try not to spend so much on makeup, at least not for one or two items. Depending on what it is I feel like paying over 10 bucks for some beauty products is crazy.

I spend a lot of money on beauty. I won’t pay a lot for mascara. I only buy plushlash. I think spending 30 dollars on something I know has a 3 month shelflife bothers me.

I’m loyal to Mac so I don’t have an issue justifying purchases there.
I also buy from sephora and utlize the exchange policy if I’m dissatisfied. That helps me decide what I will try knowing I’m not stuck with it if it isn’t right.

I have not been able to justify that HK compact though.

I saw a Rockin Republic crystal compact in allure for 228 USD. Someone must buy those.. I just can’t.

body scrub for $65!!! i mean fresh brown sugar body polish is like insane expensive…though i found spending on origins microderma abrasion stuff was worth every penny…
Mascaras…i can’t buy very expensive stuff…

hair and skin care: it depends. I spend an average of $225 every 8 weeks on deep conditioning treatments and other hair care necessities. I use a basic face wash and witch hazel for my skincare. So, I’m flexible.

mascara, eyeliner, and lip gloss: save. I will not spend over $10 for these products. These products spoil the fastest (e.g. liquid liner) and I can’t justify spending more than $10.

powder and eye shadow: it depends. I’ll go cheap (WnW) and I’ll consider mid-range (MAC), if the product’s good.

I like buying nice makeup, MAC, Lancome, Clinique, Smashbox. I work for Lancome so I get quite a bit for free, which usually gets me free skincare and basic color, and I buy trend makeup with my discount. i never buy anything from Chanel, Dior, Bobbi or Shiseido because those are just so expensive. I have splurged on NARS but once in a great while. I love makeup and I love buying new and trendy pieces. I do have my limits, the only expensive thing I bought was the Clarisonic brush with the Sephora F&F discount last year. Other then that I will not spend more then $50 on makeup or skincare. That’s my limit! And only buy stuff when I have an extra discount!

it depends, i just started buying make ups but the more i research and read reviews the more i learn. i would always search for dupes and great deals! but once in a while i treat myself.. if it’s too expensive i’d tell myself “that’s 5 hours of work”. πŸ™‚

For me, it really depends on the product. For items like skincare or foundation, when I find one I really love, regardless of price, that works on my sensitive skin I’m all about it.

For mascaras I typically do bargain. I’ve been enjoying Maybelline mascara for awhile now.

I use a lot of Nixie for lipsticks, lipglosses, and eyeshadows. I get the pro discount, so they’re very affordable AND good quality and color pay off. I don’t think you can really put a budget on a good quality product.

I feel that skin products are worth the money. Eye shadow, Blush, Foundation and Primer if it’s what I want. Everything else not really. I don’t see spending a lot of money on a mascara or nails.

For me its about the quality of a product not so much about how much it costs. For instance if I can shop at Sephora (Sephora brand name) for mascara or foundation rather than purchasing at Dior I will. However if the products qualtity is wonderful yet it is expensive I would also buy.

Don’t be fooled by the cost of a product. Test the product. Try it out. Determine the quality of the product. I find that if you do this with everything you purchase you will come out on top!

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