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Im happy about one of them lol! My other brow has a major scar from when my hairdresser teared out my eyebrowpiercing with her comb.. im not really happy about that.. Its coming though, its almost grown like the other one.

I like them, get them threaded – love the results most of the time (there have been occasions where they turned out a bit too thin for my liking but nothing a little make-up cant fix ;))

They are so sparse and wimpy. Typical Scandinavian eyebrows, really. I dont tweeze them at all, theres no need to. I really want fuller brows, Im tired of applying brow powder every single morning before I go out…sigh. But its never gonna happen πŸ™

I hate their non-symetry. Seriously hate it, but theyre not that bad, shape -wise, it could be worse.

And Im not happy with the color too, theyre fair, like my hair etc, so its strange to draw them to make them stand out, sometimes too much. Im still searching for the perfect e/s that would do that correctly.

Gahhhhh, frustating.

I like mine in general. I have dark drown hair, and I like the shape I pluck them. The only thing is that the hair is coarse and the hairs can go haywire! Love my brow gel.

My brows are pretty ugly & scarce when not filled in! But when I shape and fill them in, I’m comfortable with the way they look. I just have to have them perfect & even–which takes some time to do!

Anne –

My brows are naturally an albino blonde that doesnt match my hair color at all. I get them tinted a chocolate brown every 6-8 weeks at a salon. The process is super fast, relatively inexpensive, and makes such a difference to my face. And, unlike makeup, the tint wont smudge or budge when its super hot in the summer, or when you do sports. You might want to look into it if youre unhappy with your color – I love mine so much that I recommend it to everyone!!


I think my brows look okay. They fit my face and I like the shape but I hate the maintenance that goes into it. My hairs grow very fast so I have pluck about 3x a week.

Im not entirely happy with them. The older you get, the more difficult they get. They start to grow longer, curvier, where ever and point up or mostly down! These days I only use gel on them, no filling or extra colour.

Its very hard to maintain my eyebrows. I have no idea how to manage them myself. I guess the only thing I can do is get them arched professionally but I wish I can do that myself. All I can do is use a brow pencil and keep them looking less wild by brushing them.

I think its a love/hate thing… They have their good days, where they look fierce and awesome… and then there are the uni-brow days, where I just want to shave them off! (im half greek – so I guess its a given) πŸ˜›

But generally, Im quite happy with them. Hehe.

Im ok with mine for the most part. I hate when I get someone that waxes them wayyyy too thin. I used to have the thickest brows, but they will never grow back fully due to years of waxing. But like I said, Im satisfied with them.

i hate mine!!! they are way too thin!!! filling and shaping every morning is a hassle. someone told me to use castor oil but my skin is too oily… idk what to do!

I like my eyebrows, theyre naturally high arched and the arch is very defined, but since my left eyebrow has a scar that runs along the whole eyebrow I cant say Im completely satisfied with them. Theres no way hair will grow back because Ive had it for more than 25 years (Im 27) but on the other hand Im pretty much used to it and have learned to work with it in ways no one even notices I have a scar.

Love my brows – hehe the one thing I always get compliments on from estheticians. Im really lucky my brows are full, strong color, dont need much maintenance… so brow-wise I couldnt ask for much more.

I really dont like mine. The hair is so long, I trim it down and fill it in. If I didnt, nothing would hold them into place. They are also REALLY thick and big. Constantly tweezing and threading to keep them looking somewhat okay.

Im happy I have full, thick brows. I dont like to get them done, as I hate full arches on me. They look unnatural with my face shape. I hate plucking stray hairs, but cleaning up does not mean making brows razor sharp. Im into a more natural look. Im glad a full brow is in now, as it means a wide range of looks is acceptable. I really hate when cosmetic counter ladies tell me they know someone who can get them done for me. I take one look at their thin, fake-looking brows and think uh-huh.

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