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“again”? MAC has teamed up with Disney before? I didn’t know! That would have been an awesome collection.

Very excited about the Hello Kitty collection! Though I have to be honest and say I was a little disappointed from the images >_< I was imagining ……….. something more cute. But i can’t wait to see more!

I’m very excited!:)
And even though Hello Kitty is a cartoon, it’s not a part of Disney it’s part of a company called Sanrio!

Who said it was part of Disney?

I was referring to the lipconditioners a few years back (if you were referring to my comment. :o)).

I think it’s a little childish – I won’t buy anything for the packaging alone. Now, if those dazzleglasses are cute, I’ll probably get them anyway, and just apply them in the privacy of my bathroom! 🙂

I think it’s cute as hell, but I learned my lesson with Heatherette’s collection. I try before I buy, not just because it’s cute. I’ll definitely be there first thing the day it comes in stores though.

Not so sure yet. I know I’ll def purchase all of it as I’m diseased like that but honestly it’s a tiny bit boring….I’d have loved cute pink compacts…and more shimmer? The trio looks like colors released with Heatherette 🙁

Keep my fingers crossed that Hello Kitty Kouture holds the good stuff 🙂

What are you thinking about it Christine?

me too… i thought the packaging would be super pink and just scream hello kitty. but it’s pretty mellow… i’d still get everything.

I’ll probably pick up a beauty powder for the logo, since I’ve loved the BPs I’ve had so far and the decorated compact makes a nice collector’s piece from the collection.

Otherwise, meh. My MAC collection reached a point a year ago where I couldn’t really add much to it without starting to double up on similar shades. I haven’t bought anything since Fafi (although I love the Cool Heat eyeshadows I got for my birthday).

There was a Disney collection of lip conditioners a couple of years ago–very cute, but nothing amazing.

I am SO excited about this HK collection, especially after seeing pictures! It’s right up my alley & I can’t get enough Hello Kitty! If only they did some Badtz Maru too…

More hype than anything….

I’ll get a few items from the collection.. but.. i’m not really blown away..

and for that my wallet is thankful

I’m not a HK fan. However, if some of the products are lovely and the packaging is cute, I might get something. I’m glad to see they didn’t just take a stock HK picture, slap it on a compact and call it a day. Launches like this seem more to me like a collector’s item and not as much of a collaboration as, say, Alexander McQueen.

Tacky. I used Hello Kitty briefly when I was a little girl and now that I’m an adult, I take pride in using, good, high quality (which Hello Kitty was not, as I recall) makeup and tools. MAC teaming up with Hello Kitty makes me think that I should lower my standards of MAC, and possibly raise my standards of Hello Kitty? Yeah…probably not.

Over it!

Cute for a 12 year old, not so much for a 22 year old. I guess I’ll just wait to see how good the products are before I judge.

i’m not sure. i like hello kitty as a one time thing, not so sure about it coming back again and again because there’s just so many special collections that didn’t impress me as much. no offense i like girlie stuff but it’s really rare to have a demand for cartoon characters, i don’t know if that makes sense. i love collections that are unique, maybe a new formulation, something that makes application easier and better, an upgrade to cosmetics rather than just grabbing some bright colors and slapping a cartoon character and call it an upgrade. take palettes, i used to think they were a great deal but i’m begining to realized it really depends. i consider quality first than packaging.

This is to cater to the scene kids, not adults.
I am going to try absolutely everything until the MAC girls make me leave the store x3

I think it’s a little overrated. I’m really doubtful of this collection. I hope that the quality of the products will lure me in. As far as packaging, I’m gonna pass on this one.

I absolutely LOVE MAC, but to be honest, I have never gotten excited about a collection and usually stick with their regularly available colors. While sometime I have an afterthought or two after it’s gone, it’s usually short lived.

I will admit though, I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS COLLECTION! I grew up with Hello Kitty and now verging on 30, I still find she brings me a lot of joy in the odd world we live in. I hope to get more color details closer to the release as there is no way I could allow myself to splurge on the whole she-bang, but I think a few well selected items will keep me a happy girl for quite awhile.

I think MAC and Hello Kitty will make an excellent team!

I was never a Hello Kitty fan as a kid, so the packaging does nothing for me. Unless there’s a product in here that absolutely blows my mind and is my holy grail, I’ll be avoiding the tacky packaging at all costs.

I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I think the packaging is just ok…but I haven’t seen the higher end stuff, which I really have high hopes for. I AM a collector though, so I’ll get as much as I can, or maybe something of each type. However, if there are a lot of repromoted colors (if they do Deep Truth or Satin Taupe one more time…!!!!), then I’ll most likely be passing. If it’s all new shades, then I can see myself indulging. 🙂

Meh, over it. I personally like the packaging now that I’ve seen it much better than I thought I would, though. The LE brushes actually look appealing to me! Now, if they had some Badtz-Maru logo stuff I’d probably find it harder to resist. That cute little angry penguin gets me every time.

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