Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

How do you choose what lip products to use to complement your eye look? Do you have certain shades you reach for certain color schemes?

Thanks to Roxanne for the question!

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13 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – How do you choose what lip products to use to complement your eye look?

  1. glamqueen

    I like working with warm-cold contrast and to contrast a warm eye with cold lips and the other way around. usually the blush is around the same tone as the lips, that way it looks more natural.

  2. viv

    hmm.. i think it tends to depend on my mood!? hahaha.

    if i have dramatic eyes, i will keep lip products to the minimum? i think the style of the look is important too… if i want something more glitzy then i’ll go for a pale pink sheer gloss but with quite a bit of glitter. but if i want something simple and pretty then i might just pop on some lip balm and let the rest of the face complete the look.
    if i have simpler/neutral eyes then i’ll use gloss with more colour or sometimes add colour by using pigments mixed with gloss. :)
    and when i’m lazy and not wearing any eye makeup, i’ll have my glasses to hide behind 😛 and so i’ll do more with my lips like fill in with lipliner then cover with a layer of gloss.

  3. SnickerDoodle

    I don’t! Haha. I’m reallyyyyy trying to expand my lip product horizons right now. I’m pretty obsessed with nude or nude-ish lips, so it seems every lip product I own is some variation of a nude color.

  4. cocodior

    I like to play up my eyes everyday with color and when i do i wear a nude or pink lipstick. and when i want to show my lips with color i tone down my eyes with brown or nude eyeshadow.

  5. Jenna

    Actually, unless my eyes are almost bare, I don’t wear any lip colour. That’s how all my lip products go to waste! Well, except for my lip balm though!

    But if I have almost bare eyes, any lip colour, I presume, would do :)

  6. The lip to eye product ratio is vastly uneven, but I try to keep them coordinated either by colour if it’s a subtle look or by tone if one is stronger than the other.

  7. Ruth

    I only ever wear mascara, I’m a lip product junkie. I have every shade of lipgloss and lipstick you can imagine, so I mix and match alot.

  8. Ziya

    Lately I’ve been a lot more conscious of this LOL Like if my eye makeup has a cool undertone (eg blue)I’ll pair it with a cool blush and lipstick like a plum with a dirty or silver undertone and if I’m wearing a warm eye look (eg bronze) I’ll pair it with a warm peach or pink with a gold undertone..
    I agree, I generally pick one feature and make that the focus but I think it helps the whole face come togethor if you stay in one family..

  9. I think the way I do it depends on my mood too.

  10. This kinda falls in line with the What Blush? question. It’s like, if the eye makeup is warm then go with warm, if it’s cool then cool. Certain combos are always nice. Like teal eyes and coral lips. Or cat eyes and red lips.

    The only steadfast rule I have is the ‘pick eyes or lips to emphasize, not both’ rule. Although, if they’re both kinda tame that’s ok too. 😛

  11. Normally I would see what blush matches the eye colour. And then match the lips according to the blush!

    My fave look is brownish tone eyes (can mix some orange as well!), peachy blush and then some nude colour for the lips xD

  12. Whitney

    it doesnt come to me until I am finished with my eyes….