Friday, May 9th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Have you turned anyone into a beauty addict? Who? How? Do tell the details!

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38 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Have you turned anyone into a beauty addict?

  1. YES! I turned my BFF into a total MAC addict — and now she’s got a bigger collection than i do!

  2. karen

    yes, in the last one month, I introduced MAC to three of my friends. thats good to have someone with me when I went to the store. but I feel a little bit sorry for their wallet, because I knew there will be new color coming out almost every month.
    but girls always love color, right?

  3. Ashley H

    no.. all of my friends think i’m crazy ! lol they all wear makeup, but they stick to the same few products every day. They think i’m wasting my money lol. oh well, i consider it a hobby. I don’t collect anything else, or spend extra money on anything else besides clothes and tanning.. so who cares right?

  4. Katherine

    Yes, I believe I have. My best friend is now addicted to MAC (admittedly – after leaving the boutique she said “This stuff is addictive!”) and one of my friends at work recently got a makeover at MAC. She came back with lipliner, lipstick, lip glass, eyeshadows (a quad!), pigments, etc. It’s crazy!!

  5. Erin

    Yes. The first night we went was a special Nordstrom event and she got sucked into a card and spent $200 that night! Then her roommate started blaming me for money owed, etc… it was bad. She’s paid off all her cards now.

    • LOL! How funny. I’m glad she’s been able to pay everything off though!

      • Erin

        I am too, I guess. But now I have nobody to go shopping with! I’m just the lone expert who makes friends with the MAs. I introduce myself to the new ones: “I’m Erin… I’m a regular. You’ll be seeing me.”

  6. YES! A lot of my friends used to ask me to do their makeup for special occassions and nights out…now they are getting into it also. I don’t think they are really MAC addicts yet though, then again, neither am I, but I am getting a lot worse!

  7. Tonee

    Unfortunately – no. I have convinced some folk to actually wear make up – which was a huge challenge and that’s about it. I have turned a few people into skin care addicts – and I am more than happy about that 😉

  8. Chloe

    If I only I got some type of commission for every person I’ve converted, I’d have a mini replica of a MAC counter at my home…lol. Yes, I’ve introduced this wonderful line to everyone at my current and previous job. I simply show them my makeup collection and they start asking questions and I start elaborating on everything I know about makeup. It’s amazing to discover that there really is a diva inside all of us just longing to get out! So now, I have a small network of friends and family (about 30) that come to me for their makeup needs! They call me the makeup connection at work. LOL. I owe A LOT of it to you, Christine!! LUV YA!!! 😉

  9. Hey Cristine,

    Oh yes,i have convinced to five six people for MAC and now they r addict to and r really a makeup ‘DIE HARD FAN’.And my most of the credit goes to u,”HATS OF TO U GAL”!!


  10. ayat

    I’m proud to say I turned my BFF, both my sisers, my cousin and my mom into total MAC addicts!!!

  11. lala

    everyone at my job!!! I lie not…they come to me everydau asking me ..”how to do this..”…”which is better this or that…”…I did one of the marketing girls make-up yesterday…yeah I’m liked alot! lol …they basically like how I do my make-up..and thats what turn them into ..addicts lol ..I talk about make-up all day everyday :)

  12. One of my best friends is now my MAC addicted partner in crime! And another friend is really cute and keeps attempting eyeshadow combos and asking me what I think, and is finally going to get her first MAC stuff when her mum goes to Canada for a holiday. I wrote her out a big list of basics and she’s really excited 😀

  13. Ashlee

    Nope all my friends think that it’s silly. They still wear wrong color foundation, one shadow(no highlight), lotta liner & sticky lipgloss. I’ve tried to help and show them different products and colors for them but still they don’t like it. Whatev I guess, I’ll save what I do know to help someone willing to accept it.

  14. danielle

    YES!! i have turned my sister-in-laws into beauty addicts! they come to meif they don’t have the color they need or they come to me for advice on which color e/s’s they should do.
    i love it when they come to me because i can experiment on them and do theyir makeup when they are too lazy to do it themselves!=)

  15. Mel

    Yea, my mum, my sis and my best friend! my mum threw away her old kit which she’s had for years and we went to the mac store when we were on holiday last year in VA (we’re from London) and she baought herself all the essentials. We speant about $600-700 that day plus we both got a couple of major brushes (like the 134, 187, 116 etc, the pricier ones!). She went to L.A a couple of weeks ago and came back with a bigger haul than i requested for HERSELF! my sis steals my pigments so she has samples of most of mine now n i bout her some select tint (she’s only 15) and some blush. I’ve gotten her cheaper brushes but now she wears makeup every time she leaves the house! she’s worse than i was at her age (i never wore makeup to school!). My best friend did a beauty course and she says that i’m more crazy bout makeup than she is, i love filling her kit with her but she has such a small budget that she’s my drugstore haulin buddy. I don’t think she owns and mac though. Next step my brother!! lol, just kidding.

    • OMG, wow!! Talk about one huge haul!

      MAC should have cut you a commission check!

      • Mel

        i know right! a cute little south east asian guy, he even got me to buy black nail polish! the first and only nail polish i’ve bought from mac (i don’t see the point as i only wear black and black is black, $1 or $10. He had a field day with us, and we were the only ones in the store cos we got there a 45mins before closing.

  16. Ruby

    Hi my name is Ruby and its my first time writing to Temptalia. I’ve been visiting this web site almost everyday since past five months & I turned to be a beauty addict now. It really has brought +ve change in me. I used to wear make ups however due to my daily busy schedule I couldn’t find time for myself. Now I pay little bit attention to myself and try to look good and fresh everyday. Better then before and m improving:) thanks to temptalia!!

  17. claudia

    not really. I just ENABLE my mom to keep on buying new stuff, and then I help my friend pick out MU too…more than she would normally buy.