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I don’t know if you’d classify it as an allergy, but after 2 continuous days of Sally Hansen’s Lip Inflation, I noticed tiny white bumps on my lips. Not many, maybe 3 in all. I realised it was from the constant irritation from that lip product, and those bumps became PAINFUL after awhile, even after I stopped. Thankfully they went away. I guess it was my lip’s version of a painful blocked pore/ pimple. I don’t use that stuff as often now. I actually find the burning sensation kind of annoying.

Having said that, I’m one of the lucky ones not to have an allergic reaction to anything. Whee!

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Wow, that’s crazy!! I didn’t know someone could be allergic to mascara (silly I know, there are so many ingredients in every beauty product, lol).

I used an EstΓ©e Lauder moisturizer once; I think it was something like “Daily Wear”. My face started burning right away, and even after I hastily washed it, I had the WORST rash afterward; itchy, swollen cheeks, stinging. It practically left blisters, and my skin was rough for about weeks afterward. I don’t know what in the world I could have been reacting to, but that was awful.

I had a really bad reaction to an eye makeup remover once… My eyes got swollen to the point where I had to just lay down and do nothing for a few hours til they got better and I could see properly again. Yeah, that went in the garbage.

I have a reaction to these eye make up remover pads..I think mine were from Nivea, but stupid me tested another brand, same reaction: swollen, red eyelids, scaly skin…

Pond’s moisturizer … made me break out into a rash. It was hooooorrible. I hid under my bed covers until it went away after a few days. Now i’m too scared to use drugstore moisturizers.

i thought that i was the only one in the planet that was allergic to pond’s moisturizer, i also had an awful breakout and a pretty bad rash!!!

I’m allergic to Sodium Lauryl (Laureth) Sulfate. It’s a foaming agent, and is in everything. I have to be really careful when I buy any toiletries or makeup remover – if I use it, I get a nice scaly itchy rash anywhere that it touched.

There are many cleansing products that don’t contain SLS; so many great natural cleansers to try, and also many non-natural options. Just have to check the label. Usually the non-natural products are grouped under “sensitive skin”, “non foaming”, “soap free” or the like. SLS shouldn’t be used on the skin anyways, really… unless it is in a super small amount. I’m sure, since you’re allergic to SLS, that you’ve found cleansers that don’t contain it, but let me know if you want me to suggest more options! Allergies suck don’t they.

Yes, I usually go to Whole Foods for shampoo and toothpaste. For face cleanser, I just use Dove for sensitive skin – have you found a good face cleanser that is SLS free?

Try Cosmedix Benefit Clean, it has a gentle plant based foaming agent instead of the usual SLS.

SLS is plant based as well, I think. ItΒ΄s just been treated chemically.. :o/
To the OP: California Baby makes some good gentle cleansers that are SLS-free and can actually be used as a shampoo as well.
Diana Yvonne…thatΒ΄s all I can think of right now..

Yes, I have quiet a few. I’m a allergic to MAC’s natural MSFs especially when I use it with strobe cream; my skin hates this combo. Others are Clinique tinted moisturizer with SPF and Dior Black Out Mascara.

Well, I felt like the repeatitive use of this combo clogs my pores. Not only that, but also I developed mild irritation in my forhead and nose area.

I also have had a bad reaction to DIOR mascara, just bought it, the corners of my eyes tearing all day, absolutely awful..

I am also allergic to Diorshow mascara. I have only tried the blue (2x) but both times my eyes swelled up like I had a sty. It was painful and itchy and eventually peeled. I am a frequent buyer of lash stashes from Sephora and I have never had another mascara allergy.

I am allergic to Philsophy’s Purity Made Simple cleanser, my little brother bought me in a set for my birthday and over here(uk)it was expensive for an 11 year old to buy. He was gutted.

Olay body quench body lotion it gave me a red rash and it’s not just me because when it didn’t work on me i had my aunt try it and it did the same for her i was really disappointed since i like there face creams so much.

Stila’s product! Bought their TM, and I broke out in tiny bumps all over my face and my skin felt really tight! And also their Perfecting Concealer…… a light burning sensation under my eyes (where I had put it)!

I don’t know if this is a “beauty” product but i think i am allergic to Secret Platinum Deodorant. πŸ˜› When i put it on, a few hours or days later, i get hives all over my body . πŸ™

The ONE time I bought a drugstore foundation (thought I’d try saving some money), the skin all over my face broke out into a red rash. It was a covergirl foundation with Olay Regenerist in it. It left my skin with this rough layer on it that took days to go away. I’m pretty sure it was the perfume added to the product, because even to this day, I cannot use any products that contain a perfume; now THAT is difficult to find lol I’d say 90% of all products contain perfume. I also can’t be around any scents (impossible) because they trigger my chronic daily migraines.

Another time I had a horrific experience with tanning lotion, where my whole body broke out in hives, as well. Possibly the scent.

I’m also allergic to sunscreen, unless it is mineral based such as zinc/titanium dioxide.

My lips get hives from scented lip glosses.

So now I stick to non-coloured, non-scented, no SPF (unless mineral), very well formulated products, without any needless ingredients. One good thing is that I know what everything is on labels lol Allergies aren’t fun, but you just have to learn to live around them and deal with it.

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Oh, no, Kella!! That is so terrible. It’s amazing how badly perfume causes your body to act πŸ™ My dad is pretty sensitive to scents, too.

I’m glad you’ve been able to identify your allergies and find things that do work for you!

1. MUFF water proof eye makeup remover – Gave me a rash on my eye ;/

2. Diorshow Mascara! OMG! I loved this thing, but when I used it, by the end of the day, my eyes were CRAZY itchy and red! I use MAC Plush Lash Mascara and it doesn’t make me itch ;D

i haven’t but in august i bought strobe moisturizer and after wearing it for just an hour, my daughter broke out in hives. the only thing she’s allergic to is shellfish….i found out that strobe has crushed pearls and had to return it.

Neosporin – I get a rash.
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Glow Sheers – makes me break out something fierce. Even on my dry skin it feels oily.
Benzoyl Peroxide – makes my lashes fall out. No, I didn’t put it on my eyes but I guess the fumes irritate my eyes. I have tested it a couple of times “no, it couldn’t have been the BP – maybe i rubbed my eyes or something” and every time my lashes itch and fall out after I use it. It’s the strangest thing.

definitely the active ingredient. I had a doctor prescribe drops for an ear infection once that had the same active ingredient and I ended up with a rash in my ear canal. THAT was fun… πŸ™‚

Benzoly Peroxide–I get huge red rashes and hive-like bumps (but bigger) allll over my face that itch like no other. They itch so much, I often wake up in the middle of the night to scratch them!

BARE ESCENTUALS ACCCCK!! I’m Indian, and have always had really nice and tan skin (and always got compliments on it too!), but figured I could use BE to keep everything polished and even. Horrible,AWFUL, cystic acne. Now I spend countless time and money trying to find other foundations that match.. I’m dark, but I’m also really yellow.. It’s impossible! Yesterday SA at Sephora couldn’t find anything in Clinique, Shiseido, or Urban Decay that matched me. She finally said, “Try going online to MUFE, they have all the colors, or MAC.”
I previously used (a few years ago) an ultra-sheer powder from Px that was custom made for me, I just need to go back and do that again.. Ugh..

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