Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Have you ever applied makeup while driving? Mascara? At stoplights? While on the freeway?

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38 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Have you ever applied makeup while driving?

  1. Chloe

    Yes!!! I’m guilty of applying makeup at stoplights and sometimes while on the road!! I want to think I can multi-task very well but, honestly, it’s not safe and can be a major distraction no matter how talented. Recently, I’ve just been waiting to get to work and apply.

  2. dee

    Nope. I’ve put on mascara while riding, but even that, I’m terrified of.

  3. Shefali

    Never. I’m afraid of getting into an accident, poking my eyes out, messing up the rest of my makeup, and tons of other things.

  4. If my lips are dry, I’ll swipe on some balm or lipstick … IF I can safely reach my purse.

    Otherwise, no mascara, no makeovers at 65 mph.

  5. Briodmun

    No way – all makeup is done at home and touchups when i’m in a bathroom/in front of a decent mirror. I can’t stand watching girls try to put on makeup in the car – ridiculous. Not only is it a danger to yourself and others, but lets face it, who can really put on eye makeup like that and make it look presentable?!

    • LOL, true. I think there are some who are pros at it, though ;P

      I think I’ve applied lipgloss at a stop light or something, but that’s about it!

  6. Not while driving, but while being driven. I’ve actually applied the whole eye look (shadow, eyeliner, mascara) in a super bumpy mini van.

    And, the expert that I am, I always looked great. Control, baby!

  7. Sharonda

    I can’t!I need a nice size mirror so I can look at what I’m doing.Maybe is I was like parked in the parking lot, but while driving I can’t put myself in danger over makeup.

  8. Erin

    Maybe lipglass at a light. That’s about it. First of all, I find that it’s not a good idea as far as having a “finished” look. That right there is reason enough.
    Let ALONE the terrible idea of endangering your face in a car accident, that certainly would be against the point, right?

  9. danielle

    only when i’m being driven. i’ve never tried while driving..too dangerous. i’ve applied my face(e/s, brows, lips, e/l, and foundation) on numerous occations because i was either late or too busy to put it on in my room so i would take whatever i need with me.

    when i’m done i always look good! hehe

  10. HeavenLeiBlu

    Only while being driven. I’m too nervous to do much anything while driving other than changing music on my ipod, LOL

  11. Oh yes!!Mnay times, i applied on signals like my lipgloss or even eye pencil and even purfumes ITS REALLY FUN!!


  12. claudia m.

    I used to do that if I was really late and driving myself. But now I’ll just do it in the parking lot rather than on the road. I can’t put any make up on when my hubby’s driving b/c he steps on the brake purposely to mess me up. =)

  13. Laurice

    LOL I ALWAYS PUT ON MAKEUP IN THE CAR!! i totally put on powder foundation while driving. apply mascara and eyeliner at stop lights. lipgloss and lipstick i can do while driving too!

  14. Only lipgloss.. It’s way too dangerous! I’ve had 2 accidents in the last 2 years and I don’t need anything to distract me! Lol.

  15. Annie

    lipstick while driving.. I dont need the mirror cause im so used to it, so its not a distraction.. Houston drivers are bad enough lol!

  16. karen

    never, too dangerous.

  17. DaniMae

    I’ve freshened up my lip gloss at a red light plenty of times! Other than that, it’s a no-no.

    Just a few days ago we saw a woman PLUCKING HER EYEBROWS while driving. And I don’t mean at a red light, we were MOVING! Ridiculous.

  18. No – I think its completely irresponsible and dangerous. When you’re driving the situation can change completely within seconds, and so to be concetrating on something thats not the road i.e your make up is just a recipe for disaster.

    Sorry if that sounds harsh towards other people who say they have applied make up whilst driving, but I really really cannot stand irresponsible driving, even people who do not put their seatbelts on bug me!

    A couple of years back here in the UK, there was an article in all the national newspapers (I think it was on tv too) about a girl who had been caught speeding by a speed camera, and the camera caught her face on and the picture showed her holding her mascara (I think) and a mirror in the other! Then it came out she had been banned from driving in the past before. Explains it all really…