Saturday, September 13th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you wear your makeup differently around family/friends? Do you tone it down? Do you go with the bare minimum? No change?

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36 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you wear your makeup differently around family/friends?

  1. Nope! They all accept me for who I am – crazy & all! =)

  2. viv

    not really. i just wear whatever i like whenever i like. i don’t really care what they think! 😛
    although when i’m with relatives i might tone down my eye make up a bit… just slightly though. relatives tend to be over-opinionated.

  3. Nicole

    No change, because I no drama-makeup.
    The only exeptions are funerals, cause the tears will ruin every makeup, no makeup then.

  4. Not really. Whatever I’m in the mood for, I’ll wear it. I’m not concerned about what anyone will say for that matter.

  5. Kristina

    No way! My family and friends accept my love for makeup and though one or two may not always understand my love for it, the only person who will give me a hard time is my dad! Everybody else is used to it by now.

    The only thing is, I have to wear neutral colors and minimize the amount I wear during the day at work. When the weekends roll around I tend to go all out!

    • My family is used to it, but I definitely know what they like to see. Though they have warmed up to color — I think it’s just I’ve gotten BETTER at applying makeup vs. when I first started.

  6. carriespooner

    Nah.. I do what I want. I always have. They are immune . My mom and I shop for makeup together. Still.. after all these years. lol

  7. DaniMae

    It depends on what side of the family we’re talking about! LOL

    With my moms side I may still do a full out face, but with more neutral colors. They are a fun and sweet group of people but rather conservative and I like to mesh with my family, not stand way out.

    With my dad’s side, I go bare minimum. No, they’re not more conservative than my mom’s side, they are just obnoxious and love to rag on a person simultaneously for 2 hours straight LMAO I try not to do anything to stand out because I don’t want to be the object of their affection anymore than I have to hahahaha

    I love both sides all the same.

  8. Nope, not usually. I guess, I like to look my best around them, so I won’t usually do a lazy look, but that’s the only difference.

  9. taj

    I try to keep light handed when meeting family members as they are used to no make-up look.

  10. DevilishDoll

    Nope, no matter where I’m at, I’ll still wear any crazy makeup I want.

  11. Tekoa

    I tone my makeup down when I see my parents. Dad gets all grumpy when he sees me wearing anything but a neutral lip. The guy thought Jampacked was too vibrant! Oiy.

  12. Kella

    I always do my makeup completely for me and the way it makes me feel about myself, so other people have no impact on what makeup I choose to wear at any given time. That said, unless I’m getting ready for a night out or something, I always wear my signature look – & anybody who knows me knows nothing but that look!

  13. Kristine

    Definitely toned down; no electric purple eye liners 😛 My mom barely uses a mascara and some lipstick, so she might comment on it if I did go for the bolder colours.

  14. kat

    If anything, I tone it down. I don’t usually wear bright makeup as it is, though :0

  15. Karen

    i hang out with my parents once a week when they dont work, & i usually wear whatever makeup i want, but skip da fake lashes. cuz my dad doesnt like them, & he doesnt like my acrylic nails either, or my coloured hair lol. he prefers natural beauty

  16. Tina

    I pretty much wear what I want around them, except when my dad is around I tend to go for more lighter colors or a neutral look. I don’t thinkmy dad wants to see his baby girl in smoked out black eyes like she’s ready to hit the clubs LOL

  17. Heather

    I wear whatever I think makes me look my best. My family is used to all of it!

  18. When I know I am going to be around my relatives *sigh*..