Sunday, August 31st, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you use toner in your routine? Do you think it’s necessary? What toner do you use (if you use one)?

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23 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you use toner in your routine?

  1. Kristine

    I do use one; I don’t think it’s really neccessary, but I like the fresh clean feeling it gives me afterwards :)

    Right now I’m using Clinique’s Mild Clarifying Lotion/ Garnier Fresh toner, I haven’t found my HG toner yet so I’m trying out everything :)

  2. I do use it too! I felt more “complete” using it and true to what Kristine sys, fresh clean feeling is there :)

  3. Eva

    I don´t use one and I don´t think it´s necessary.
    I use a thermal water instead. It´s not really necessary either, but it feels so nice on my skin. :o)

  4. valentina

    I use floral waters as a toner and L’Occitane Almond Apple Toner :-)

  5. Asta

    I feel it’s necessary for my skin (we’re all different) because I have combo/oily skin and when I tone I notice that there is residue on my skin even after cleansing.

    I use Clinique’s clarifying lotion 2 and I also have a rosewater based toner from my local spa.

  6. Ashley

    I use a toner as well, two actually, I use the Proactiv toner because I’m slightly afraid of what might happen if I don’t, and I use Lush’s Tea Tree Water toner as a refresher and I like how it cleans the gunk off!

  7. viv

    YES! I love toner. It’s the next best thing to the MAC Fix+ when I really need to freshen up. I use Origins Purifying Tonic. Love it! Actually, I really like Origins when it comes to skin care. Everything feels so light and comfy and refreshening. 😀

  8. yes, i use yon-ka lotion pg…like many have already said, i dont think its totally necessary but it makes me feel fresher and cleaner.

  9. nikki

    for my face its definitely necessary. there is a significant difference in my skin before i realized what a toner can do, and now. not only have my breakouts calmed down, but the overall texture and look of my skin. clinique clarifying lotion for the win.

  10. kat

    I used to use it just after I did a facemask or when I was going a thorough cleaning of my face, but now I do it daily with Clinique’s clarifying lotion 2. I’m not really sure if it makes much of a difference, but it somehow feels pampering to have a complete routine :)

  11. Well I do the whole ProActive regimen. It comes with a facial cleanser, a toner, and the repairing lotion. If I don’t use the toner it dries out my face and my pores are still huge. I also use the refining mask so I don’t have visible pores and it works.

  12. Nicole

    I hate toners, because I have the feeling that it is too much on my skin and my pores can’t breathe. When I change my cleanser I mostly buy another toner, but it won’t work out for me.

  13. Kella

    IT IS NECESSARY!! Unless you’re using a serum like Olay R., which should go directly on you skin with nothing underneath. A toner is necessary because the ingredients STAY on your skin…. so if you get a good quality toner with known beneficial ingredients (there are few), your skin will benefit. Especially if you don’t use a moisturizer…… Cleansers are useless as far as lasting effects go, because they don’t stay on your skin. So even if your cleanser contains salicylic acid or something AND the pH is correct for exfoliation… it won’t do a thing, because it goes down the drain. So, for example, if you want more than one active ingredient on your skin at a time, you can use a toner containing salicylic acid, then a moisturizer with benzoyl peroxide.. they have to go on in that order. That’s why toners are good to use. If you don’t have any skin concerns, toners are still great because they smooth down any flakes of skin, and everything put on after just glides on. They can be used as a moisturizer for those with oily skin, or as a quick cleanser to freshen up……. etc etc etc. Toners are essential to me.

    • Kelly

      Great point on how cleansers go down the drain along with any active ingredients! I’m going to go buy some toner now hah

    • Sarah

      … Thank you. I didn’t want to go off a second time about the necessity of toner. Haha. I love my Aveda All Sensitive toner.

  14. I use it every morning and night after cleansing! I use Dermalogica’s Multi Active Toner. When I use it in the morning it really wakes me up, love it! x

  15. I use a toner but not everyday. I use Mary Kay Blemish Control Toner a few times a week to combat acne and reduce oil but it’s not something I need everyday.

  16. Theresa

    A toner is a MUST HAVE for me. Its been instilled in me by mom since young as part of my beauty regime….you know, cleanse, tone and moisturise daily.
    For day, I apply Clarins White Plus HP Hydrating Whitening Aqua Milk and for night, its Clarins Toning Lotion (for oily/combination) skin.

  17. K

    I never used to, but I do now as part of the Proactiv system. I expected their toner to be super alcohol-based and completely drying, but on the contrary it’s soothing, has a great scent and even feels moisturizing!

  18. Calico

    Not always – but I do think its an important step to adjust the pH of your skin, and if you look at the cotton pad afterwards, alot of makeup is removed.
    A clarins one I used to use really helped my dry skin, but now im using an AHA toner/lotion, so its multifunctional, and its working sooo well.

  19. MissDeeCanada

    I didnt always it depends on what brand I use, right now I am using ALBA BOTANICA and I am using a toner again, I feel fresh faced when I use toners!

  20. Elaine

    clinique clarifying lotion #3!!! i’m on my second bottle now and have been using this product for about 7 months and within those 7 months ive had like 3-4 pimples!! so it definitely helped to clear up my skin.. yay for no more annoyance of trying to cover up and treat pimples!! woop woop
    be careful of using too much tho….. it can age damage and dry out your skin, therefore making it look older and lackluster so i switched to using it every other day and that problem is no more

  21. Macaddict

    Always! It picks up leftover make up and impurities that were left in the skin by the remover and it tingles and makes the skin fresh and ultra clean! It’s the best part of my routine :-)