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I never return any beauty products unless they are faulty. I would never buy something then decide I dont actually like it. Even if I order from a website, I try to see the item in person first, if Icant then I realise I am takng a chance. Companoes usually just throw away returned products which is such a waste I think ๐Ÿ™

I haven’t yet had a chance to return any product. Here in India they *just* don’t take back the product if you didn’t like it. They provide testers and that’s the limit of their liability. A very few people order online and some sites, like Ebay have their rules, but I never have returned any thing yet.

Iโ€™ve found there are some items that you just canโ€™t test in the store. Places like Sephora and Ulta give you that luxury but drugstore and places like Walmart & Target arenโ€™t too happy about you opening cosmentics and giving them a try. I will return things if I donโ€™t like them, Iโ€™m not a millionaire and either way the product isenโ€™t going to be used (since really who wants to suffer through wearing a foundation that makes you look like an Oompa loompa!) so I think I should get my money back. The product did not satisfy me. I try to cut down on this as much as possible by reading reviews before purchasing so I donโ€™tโ€™ go wasting things will nilly!

I absolutely return products. I think people take too sentimental a view on major corporations….like their feelings are “hurt” when items are returned, when in fact they should be recycling their packaging and the cost of returns are actually built into their purchase cost. For example, I purchase A LOT of MAC from their website. I have ZERO guilt sending things back. Especially since I know they recycle packaging and because the cost of their products is clearly reflected in the fact that you can’t buy it just anywhere. A lot of people must buy from the site due to limited locations to buy in person. MAC does not expect those people to absolutely love, site unseen, every product that arrives in their mail.

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Hey Annie! I definitely agree that people shouldn’t feel bad about making returns, especially when they didn’t like the product or it didn’t work out!

I return things all the time … right now I have a BECCA mineral primer to return (made my rosacea sad) and a L’Oreal True Match foundation – grabbed the wrong shade. I have retured stuff I have ordered online from Sephora to the store. Last week I returned a foundation to MAC b/c they gave me the wrong one. I spend A LOT of money on makeup and beauty products so I do not feel bad returning a tiny percentage of it. I always end up spending ore at the store when I am returning something anyway.

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Hey Critty! I’m like you… I’ll return things if they didn’t work out for me. And yeah, sometimes you just can’t test things to see. Like DiorShow flaked on me, but that wasn’t until several hours later.

Oh Lord – do I ever return! I will scour websites, look up MUA reviews, go see it in person and try it on, and then low and behold, a few hours later when I check my stuff out in the daylight, things always are the wrong tone on me (esp. foundation), end up breaking me out, or something I just end up being really unhappy with. The lighting in our MACS (Nordstrom and MAC freestanding) are really crazy. The last thing I returned at Sephora was something I swiped once and never touched again, which I thought warranted a return, and a lipglass from MAC that looked so pretty in the tube and very cute amongst those small lighted towers in their store – it totally washed me out IRL. Oh, and that same day I also returned one of the Mineralize Loose, because it was dark enough, but too pink – so I got the more yellow (Dark) version!

I guess something also to consider (at least for me) is that nothing actually ends up getting returned.. for the most part, I usually trade it for a product that works for me, or I agree to take a giftcard for the store (i.e. Sephora), so there is no real money being lost.

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Hey Pquanda! Those are all great things you do, though – you try to find good products, but not everything works out!

Oh, MAC lighting is infamously bad ๐Ÿ˜‰

I used to trust my MAC MAs completely. However, lately some of the newer ones have been recommending products that in no way suit my skin stone. What might appear fine under the super bright lights looks different on me once I get home and into softer lights. I’ve been having to return alot of stuff.’


…. I hate returning items!

Yes I do. Often, unfortunately. There is no Sephora within 200 miles of where I live. Which means I must purchase online (except for the rare times I’m able to make a road trip with the time to shop) and try as I might, the choices I make just don’t always workout out. Even when I’ve shopped at the store I’ve found some products that I thought would work for me just didn’t. So I return everything I get that doesn’t work for me. I’d share it with my daughter but her coloring is completely different from mine.

Plus, even when I can shop in person the lighting is so horrible in most stores that often, what looks good in there looks awful in natural light. Wish stores would get better lighting.

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I agree, Angi! I bought several things via Sephora during the online F&F sale (getting a pass for in store is impossible, LOL), so I bought some stuff sight unseen or without trying, and had to return!

Nope, not possible here in Germany (if thereยดs nothing wrong with it)..so you really have to think twice before buying.

Yes, if I don’t like something that I bought I will return it. Why should I waste money like that? And it’s annoying how rude cashiers are when you try to return something. Returning is not against the law-I think people in retail forget that sometimes.

It depends on how much I spent on it. Whenever I’m buying something that is expensive I ask first if its returnable and the quality or color isn’t right, I bring it back. If it wasn’t too much $ I don’t even worry about it. But I used to work in a store that sold make-up and we took it back if they weren’t satisfied, as long as it didn’t look TOO used and they had a receipt. ๐Ÿ™‚

I return any and everything that doesn’t work for me. I’ve returned a lot of products over time and not felt bad about it. The result is a that every product in my large makeup collection is useful to me.

I did it twice only and they were both MAC, wrong color foundation the MA forced on me and Cult Fave l/g from Fafi which I was dissapointed with cuz on me it was identical to my NYX Pink Frost l/g!!

I definitely return things with no shame. Like another reader commented, I spend a LARGE amount of money on MAC and other cosmetics so I feel that it is my right to return the small percentage of items that I am unhappy with. I save a little money, the product does not go to waste sitting in my drawer for 10 years, and MAC retains a high-buying customer!! ๐Ÿ™‚

And, looking back at my returning trends, I tend to return things that MAs have ended up pressuring me into buying! Lessoned learned, I find myself completely ignoring MA’s at MAC and testing out products alone in the store for a LONG time before committing myself. I read beauty blogs and see stories and view swatches enough to the point where I think I know more about a particular product than what the MA’s tell me. They just don’t have enough experience with each product, whereas the online beauty community is chock full of firsthand experiences! Anyways, I go on and on.. I encourage my friends to try different things at MAC with no fear because of their return policy. What ends up happening is that they end up buying more in the end :).

I used to have no problem rturning at MAC they never give me a hard time and their policy is great. That was until i found out they they throw it away. even if i didn’t use it. i feel like its such a waste so now i just list it on MUA.

of course all the time. I return MAC cosmetics that look great under the department store light and then when I get home it looks horrible. I returned a FAFI quad and FAFI blush because when I got home because they seemed like dust with a lot of glitter. It was just too sheer for me. The MA seemed a little upset that I brought them back.

I tried to return a mascara to MAC that i thought had dried out, i was really disappointed with it, and the MA told me they cant take it back, and that there stock could NEVER be old… ๐Ÿ™

I wish I had known that ๐Ÿ™ it was only a few days later. But this is a MAC counter at a department store, maybe they have different rules ๐Ÿ™
sucks though…

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