Saturday, December 29th, 2007

Do you prefer your lip gloss to be sticky or non-sticky? Do you prefer a smooth, soft, non-tacky formula or are you down with the tackiness that everyone associates with MAC lipglass?

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42 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you prefer your lip gloss to be sticky or non-sticky?

  1. Nicole

    I’d rather it be non-sticky

  2. Kat

    I also prefer a non-sticky formula. A bit of stickiness upon application is fine, though. But if I feel that after an hour or so my lips are still sticky, that’s sorta gross. I like MAC lipglasses, though! To be totally honesty I didn’t know they were known for being particularily sticky?

  3. Madeleine

    Non – sticky.

  4. Gio

    I prefer a no-sticky formula too.

  5. Carrie

    Non sticky, also. I just recently discovered MAC’s lip gelees and it’s like, uh-oh, they are exactly what I want: a sheer wash of color over lipstick, and super smooth. I’ll still wear the lipglasses for color, but I don’t prefer the texture.

    • Lip gelees are growing on me, but they are soo sheer on my lips. My favorite is Lil’ Sizzler, though – what’s yours?

      • Carrie

        Oh, well I only have one so far, Lust is Lush, but I want to pick up Saplicious, Jellybabe and Saphoric the next time I feel financially non-guilty. And I’ve got my eye on some mini sets on ebay. I’ve heard Lil Sizzler is great, I should check it out.

  6. Melissa

    I personally love the sticky! I don’t care for the gelees, it feels like melted vaseline on my lips or like I just ate alot of fried chicken:oP

  7. Tanya

    non-sticky!! I hate when the wind is blowing or a head flip sends your hair straight into your freshly applied lipgloss and it just kinda sticks there.

  8. Tonee

    Definitely non-sticky! I would rather re-apply non-sticky lip gloss than use a sticky gloss that turns “gluey” after a while!

  9. Stephanie

    Non-sticky. I second Tanya’s comments.

  10. Skyler

    Non-sticky! This is why I own only a handful of MAC lipglasses. I hate the texture. Funny though because I am quite sure the ones in the Finery bags were reformulated. I loved the texture of them and hope they plan to reformulate the permanent line with this non-sticky, smoother formula!

    • Awww, I LOVE the stickiness that is lipglass. I honestly do! I suppose if they were slightly less, I wouldn’t be upset, but I hope they never make them like lip gelees!

  11. Annie

    I actually like the sticky- only because it’s the only kind I’ve tried that stays where you put it..? If that makes any sense. Also, I like that sticky ones generally tend to be more shiny and opaque… BUT I hate the lip-hair effect- it’s a pain in the butt when hair sticks to your lips!!!

  12. Cristina

    I prefer non-sticky formulas, since the sticky ones feel heavy on my lips. But I still use MAC lipglass, because I like the colors :) Half the fun of lipgloss is applying it!

  13. Sara

    i tend to like the sticky ones. they generally smell, taste, and look better! plus theres so many colors to choose from. yeah, it sucks when your hair sticks to your lips, but whatever. im usually inside anywhere, where there is not much of abreeze lol

  14. I’d like my gloss to be non-sticky, I’m really getting tired of picking my hair off my lips when the wind blows, lol.

  15. Carrie

    Regarding the hair-on-lips thing, *anything* I put on my lips makes my hair stick to them, even lipstick (hey, guess if I cut my hair short that wouldn’t be an issue, huh…) so I just take that as a given now. :(

  16. victoria

    i love lipgloss because my lips get so chapped, chapstick just doesn’t cut it. i use lipgelees as everyday lipbalms actually not really for the color because they are very sheer. lipglasses are sticky but the color stay longer than those brands that are not sticky and disappear. i also love the selections from mac. lustreglass is somewhat in the middle, not as sheer as lipgelees and not as stick as lipglass.

  17. MoOn

    I hate hateee sticky lipsticks or glosses but most of them are sticky >_< even the high brands ugh

  18. Niqui

    sticky. If I use nonsticky I feel like I need to reapply so so much. With a sticky one (MAC 3D lipglass my fav)I don’t think I am rubbing my lips together so much because of its texture, and that is why it lasts for me.

    • You know what, that’s totally true. I know I tend to smush my lips more when I have something like a lip gelee on rather than lipstick + lipglass on.

  19. Tracey

    Non-Sticky!!! I have the clear lipglass, but I save that for that “something special” mood. I like to use my tinted lip conditioner(Soothing Beige works with everything I swear!) to help make the texture of the lipglass less sticky.

    • My sister loves the TLCs! I like the fuchsia one, because nothing else shows up for me, but it’s the “I’m not really going out, and my boyfriend won’t kiss me with lipglass” product.