Friday, December 21st, 2007

Do you prefer liquid or pencil liner? And by pencil, I mean kohls, pencils, etc.  Why?

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34 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you prefer liquid or pencil liner?

  1. Lori

    This is my latest (and fav) routine:
    I line my top lash line with Fluidline (I have two as of right now, Blitz N Glitz and Rich Ground) and line the lower line with a kohl power or softsparkle pencil. IE Yesterday I wore some dark blue and silver combo eyeshadows, lined the upper lashes with Blitz and Glitz and lined the lower with Mystery Kohl Power–<3!!!

    I find my pencils seem to pull my top lash line a lot, so I’ve found I prefer doing the Fluidline for easier application and then the pencil on the lower as it doesn’t pull skin there. Hope that made sense!

  2. Jenny

    Hmm.. I actually use both. I used MAC Liquid Eye Liner in the past to line my upper lashline, but it just didn’t work for me. After an hour or two, I would end up with racoon eyes =( So I tried MAC Fluidline. I love it because it stays put, but I wanted the intensity of a liquid liner. I’m afraid to try MAC Liquidlast liners because the brush is soooo skinny. Anyhow, I recently bought Style Styli Liquid e/l and OMG, I’m in love. I bought it because it was on sale (50% off, woo!!) and it stays on forever AND gives me that bold color I like! This is definitely my HG e/l. Oh and I also use Technakohl to line my bottom waterline. =)

  3. I’m a 100% liquid liner girl. It’s an obsession!

  4. victoria

    fluidline is the only liner that will not smudge, water resistant and washes off with soap and water. i would love to use pencils but they always dissappear after a few minutes or takes forever to wash off. even if i use makeup remover, they always hide under my lower lashes.

    • LOVE fluidline, too 😀 If it only it was a touch BLACKER, I’d pick it as a #1.

      • victoria

        you’re right. i wish they would make the colors stronger, like the colored ones, if they only had a pay off like the liquidlast, that would be THE perfect liquid liner for me. i swear i would buy every single color. but this is the only one that doesn’t smudge on me and is easy to remove.

  5. bec

    Neither! Gel eyeliner is the way to go 😉
    But if I had to choose, I’d go with liquid eyeliner.
    Pencil eyeliner always seems to smudge on me and it’s not as intense as liquid eyeliner imo.

  6. I actually prefer gel liners too, but I alternate between that and MAC eye pencils most days.

  7. Mary

    I ADORE the look of liquid liner, but pencil looks better on me and is easier to pull of the smokey eye.
    I can’t pull off liquid application either. Of course I haven’t tried since I was 14, maybe I should try it again.
    I love eyeliner!

  8. fluidline all the way! pencils never work for me :(

  9. Anna

    Always always always pencil on my lower lash line, its easy to apply and I can always get it how I want it. I never use liquid on my lower lash line as it irritates my eyes and I end up a watery mess

    I’ll usually put liquid along the top of my upper lashes if I want something dramatic or I’m doing a smokey eye. Otherwise I’d do a bit of pencil on the outer edges of my upper lashes if I want it a bit messy and smudged

  10. Kat

    If I have time to get ready, I’ll use liquid. But I find it’s quite unforgiving if you mess up and often have to start all over and remove all of your eye makeup, so If I’m in a hurry I’ll use pencil. I find that liquid is more responsive an does exactly what you want (unless you slip, then its a huge mess haha) and won’t fade-but it is also more difficult to remove!

  11. Tekoa

    Hmmm. Liquidlast liners are my favorite for their color impact, but I only wear them if I have time to correct a potential Ooops!. Then fluidline, so easy to put on. Pencils are easiest but I don’t have enough to make a definate verdict.

  12. Tonee

    Liquid liners all the way. The only eyeliner pencil I liked was made by Deluxe Beauty and now that’s it’s not available, I no longer use pencils.

    Since there are so many wonderful gel liners available – MAC (Macroviolet/Dipdown), Stila (Jade/Bronze Shimmer), BB (Cobalt/Black Plum) and Clinique (True Black/Black Honey) are my favorites – I don’t need to try out pencils anymore. And now that I am addicted to tightlining, I will stick with liquid liner for a long, long time!

    • hey tonee whats tightlining? straight line no smudging?

      • Jenny

        It’s when you line the inner rim (waterline) of your upper lid. I hope that helps!

        • Tonee

          Actually, it’s applying eye liner to the roots of the eyelashes of the upper lid, instead of applying above the lashes on the lid. I first found out about this after reading a Laura Mercier interview. It’s very easy to do with gel liner and a straight eye liner brush. Just make sure that the liner used is waterproof or it could get really messy!

  13. this is a loaded question LOL!
    I like cream on the bottom (Stays put really well) Liquid on top (easiest for me to apply in a hurry on top) and i like lining my upper and lower waterlines with pencil.
    Usually i skip the pencil and just use the cream on bottom and liquid on top but lately i’ve been adding in the pencil.
    By the way i totally hate the uppity fluidline that i thought i’d love:( When i try to line my upper lid with it i get streaks. Lower waterline makes my eyes look nice and big but if it accidentally gets on my lashes it looks untidy and mascara wont cover it :( Also i only did the waterline twice with it – dunno how safe it is to put metallics there hm…

  14. Nicole

    I typically use fluidline everyday on upper and lower lashline.