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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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It’s sometimes both and both. I have to shop online at Sephora because I don’t have a store near me, but if it’s MAC I usually go to the store b/c I like testing the products out before I buy it.

Absolutely not.Like to go out to the store and buy b4 testing,i luv to test out different products.For me online is kinda risky!


I like both!
Online because it’s a whole lot cheaper for me to buy from American companies, products are so much more expensive here!

I like to shop in-store because it means I can play with my products straight away rather than having to wait a week or so for them to be delivered πŸ˜›

I like to go to the store so I can test the product or see what the real color of the lipstick or eyeshadow is and I don’t have to pay shipping and handling. If I can’t find the product I want, then, I have no problem shopping for it online: )

Both really – i usually find that i shop online during the week and go instore on the weekends.. either way, i’m spending too much money lol.

Well, it’s easier for me to shop online. I also have a membership at an online rebates company, so I get a percentage of cash back from a lot of the big beauty retailers online. (I always spend enough to qualify for free shipping, LOL!)


I like to shop in store better because then I can play with it and try it out!!

So I guess, both!

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Oh, very nice! That’s so great that you found a way to get some cash back πŸ™‚ Sometimes I’ll shop in store for ideas, then make the purchase online!

I love both.

I do mostly in store shopping because I like to shop actively [try on colors, do swatches, ask questions].

This is going to sound really weird and probably pathetic but I’m an online window shopper LOL I love to look at products and load them all into my “cart” and then empty it and start over…LOL Ah well, we all have quirks.

re: online window shopping, LOL, I do this too!! I always have my MAC online shopping cart filled up. I think of it as “research” for when I go to the store.


I just did that very thing last night. I’m going to MAC either later on today or tomorrow and I went online to see what I might want to swatch when I get there.

Plus it’s fun to just fill up the online cart and just WISH AND WISH AND WISH I could buy everything in it! :p

In store, absolutely. I like to swatch things. Also, when it comes to things like lipsticks, I like to see how they interact with my body chemistry to make sure they don’t change colours (most MAC lipsticks I have don’t, but grenadine slimshine does). Really, that’s something no one but me can determine, and my nearest MAC is just a short bus ride away!

I love going to the store to see ans swatch everything, but if need refills on something or it’s a L/E and my local stores are out well ONLINE HERE I COME!! :0)

I do like online though because taxes out here are 9 something and online they are 6 something I believe. . not that it’s a major difference, but it makes me feel better, lol ^_^

i definitely like online when i am doing big hauls. idk i find it a hassle to ask for a million products at the store so i only end up getting a few things and then i want to get outta there.
i love swatching tho but i can sometimes look @ ur swatches and know what i want

I agree. When I want to do serious damage, I’ll go to the store to swatch & make my decisions, then order online. My local MAC store is a crazy zoo unless you go there 1st thing Sunday morning. Plus I don’t often like MA’s swarming all over me asking me if I need x,y & z to go along with what I pick out. I don’t know how the rest of you feel, but being such a long time makeup junkie (& having worked at a counter before), I feel pretty knowledgeable about products, so I don’t always want or need to interact with MA’s.

I do both. Since many things I like are not readily available here, or at least not WHEN I want them, I often use ebay to get my goodies. But it is better to see before you buy, for sure…

I prefer to go in person. There is a freestanding store and a Nordies counter near me. The counter while staffed with great people, is usually a zoo, so I prefer the Freestanding.

I like going in person because I like being able to try the colors on and get advice from the MA’s.

I do like Ebay though, because I can get some really good deals on stuff.

I like shopping in person, I’m an instant-gratification-sort-of-gal and I want to play with my new make up right away! I also want to make sure the colors and textures are what I really want.
Like DaniMae I’ll online window shop too, then when I have a list of products, I’ll hit the store to test and buy.

Depends. If you can get a good deal online with free shipping or samples or discount, I will usually go that route, but I usually end up ordering items I have and tried and want to restock on. Other than that, if it’s a new item I try to track it down in a store first.

In store all the way…it’s very, very rare when I buy makeup or clothes online. If it’s like kitchen stuff or anything like that…online all the way. I go to deal websites and get the best deals on everything!

I prefer shopping online (especially when MAC offers free shipping!) because it comes conveniently to my door, I don’t have to wait for someone to help me, and I don’t have to feel embarrassed that I’m buying a ridiculous amount of product! I’ll usually buy online if I’m making a big purchase.

I do like to go to the store to see the colours in person and play around with the products, and I’ll buy there if I’m not making a huge purchase. I’ll be honest, I don’t go for the benefit of the MAC employees because I already learn everything I need to know online!

I prefer shopping in person so i can test the product, ask questions and play with my new make up right away. I only buy online stuff that I can’t find in stores.

I prefer to shop in person since I can see the exact colours and see how close they are to other colours I have etc. Plus I find I tend to go into stores (especially MAC) with an idea of what I want and then totally change my mind once I’m in store! (NN for example, I was most interested in Pandemonium and Submarine e/s and only ended up buying Illegal Cargo e/s)! I also definitely prefer in store because I always have problems with shipping and customs!

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