Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

Do you plan your makeup before you apply it? Or do you just start with one product and keep adding until you’re satisfied with your look?

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32 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you plan your makeup before you apply it?

  1. Nicole

    First I choose my cloth, then I look which colors suite my dress best and then I work with eyeshadows and lip products.

  2. Taj

    I normally have an idea when I put on my oufit, but may adjust when something inspiring in my makeup drawer catches my eyes.

  3. AshBash

    it depends. sometimes i just know what shadow or lip glass i really want to wear and try to compliment that. other times, i want a look that will compliment my outfit, so i’ll think of the entire look before applying. other times, it’s an add-as-i-go type thing.

  4. Cat

    On special occasions I plan everything out, clothes, and makeup look

  5. nikki

    sometimes yes, sometimes no.

  6. viv

    i usually have an idea in my mind but i never purposely plan or draw it out. as long as i know the effect i’m going after i’ll pick up those things as i go along :)

  7. Melia

    Depends on how I’m feeling…. There are times when I really want to go all out and will plan and other times when I just want to go a bit random and just choose which eyeliner I want and go from there.

  8. DaniMae

    Sometimes yes and sometimes no. It depends on why I’m doing make up. If I’m doing it to go out and I already have an outfit in mind, I’ll do it according to that. I might think about what sort of look I want to create. If I’m doing make up and I’m just at home I just go for it. Some cool stuff usually comes out of letting the brush flow LOL

  9. Dee

    Most times no. I pick out clothing and then build from there. Today I’m wearing brown with jeans and a touch of green. I couldn’t find the green I wanted so I focused on the brown.

  10. HoneyBrown1976

    I may know that I want a lip gloss or an eye shadow along with a certain color range when I shop. But, I end up deciding as I shop.

  11. Lingping

    I like to plan ahead :) I do my nails at night, and in the morning i match my clothes and makeup. Also, no time for fixing failed experiments in the morning :)

    • Macaddict

      Same here! I plan ahead bc I have only so long to do my morning routine. I also have to wear neutral colors for work so that leaves me with whatever colors I want. The problem is I have wayyyy tooo much makeup to chose from and it’s all stashed in tons of different containers. So, I check it all out the night before and dig out stuff that otherwise I would forget about too easily. Otherwise, I’d always be wearing the same colors just bc they are handy!

  12. I get an idea in my head at night and usually just go with it in the morning. I experiment heavily but never really make it bold unless I go out somewhere outside my routine. Most of my clothes usually go good with what I wear considering most of my shirts are black.

  13. The Mighty J

    Mostly yes – once or twice I get sidetracked though LOL

  14. Manda

    my twin sister makes fun of me because instead of picking out an outfit then doing my makeup.. i do my makeup first and then put on something that compliments that..i cant help it :) but yes, i usually have a general idea of what i want on my eyes before i get to work on it haha but sometimes i improvise along the way :)

  15. sometimes, but most of the time I just start picking up stuff and applying it.. if it looks bad -I just take it off and try something else. =)

  16. I usually have a plan but I never follow it. It always changes, especially the eyeshadow.

  17. I plan my eyes and base everything else around that.

  18. Julia

    I often find myself aching to use a certain eyeshadow when I wake up and then find a way to work with it

  19. Sasse142

    I usually plan or I go by what I’m wearing…

  20. Saira

    I either have a particular eyeshadow colour that I really want to wear and then plan a look around that or I base my eyeshadow look on what I’m wearing that day. I normally plan out the colours, etc and the look I am going for before putting on my make-up but I do sometimes also add extra things when I’ve got the look together if I think it would look good with some extra (e.g. a darker colour in the outer v, some colour on the lower lashline or eyeliner).

  21. Liz

    LOL. I pull my makeup out the night before just like some people do with their clothes haha.

  22. I’m usually inspired by something: my clothes, a photo, a look or tutorial around the web… and I try to form a general idea as I’m getting ready for the day, just so I don’t end up staring at my makeup for hours!

  23. KaylaK

    I do plan my makeup out for work anyway. Since I work in the cosmetics dept. at Macy’s I just try and think of a look to do with my own line’s colors and go with that. For everyday though outside of work, I will experiment to an extent.

  24. I do try to plan my makeup when I’m heading out or anything, but for work I usually do the same thing over because I just can’t be bothered to think too much about products to use in the wee hours of the morning. But I do love to think through color combinations and whatnots.

  25. cloudburst

    If it’s for a big event, then I do plan my look, because I’m usually running late & it helps speed the process up. But if it’s just for a casual night out then no.

  26. summer

    i just look at my eyeshadows pick a few and just go at it

  27. CeeBee

    Unless it’s a special occasion and it needs to be just so, what with the nail, nails and outfit… usually I just decide as I am standing in front of the mirror… I usually do my eyes first though, so sometimes I just think “H’mmm, I’m in the mood for green.” and then I pull out all my green/yellow/gold/bronze shades or I go “M’m, pink and brown neutrals” or “Purple!” and then tailor the rest of my makeup around that.

  28. Lisa

    My everyday makeup is really simple and basic. But if I go out, I will plan a little. Sometimes if I see a new technique or buy a new product I will practice with it at night right before my shower, then wash it all off.

  29. Macfan1966

    Because I have a child who loves to wakeup early, I really don’t have much time in the morning. I prepare my clothes the night before and match my makeup accordingly.