Sunday, December 14th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you match your makeup to your clothes? Complement? Completely contrast?

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19 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you match your makeup to your clothes?

  1. Sara

    i do most times. if i’m wearing a blue shirt i can wear blue eyeshadow, easy as pie. it also helps because i can be so indecisive about what colors to wear, so if i just base it on my shirts then its a lot easier.

  2. Annika

    Nope. I wear only black, shades of grey and dark blue these days. My makeup is natural, a lot of nude shades, and brown eyeliner etc because I’m a blonde and black would be too harsh, I should probably try some greys, but I don’t know, they might clash with my golden blonde hair though… :)

  3. I do!! Or at least try to achieve some kind of harmony between them most days. Others I just do my make up the way I feel like it even if it doesn’t match my clothes.

  4. Lingping

    Absolutely. It might not be the exact same colors, but I like to stick to a theme or a tone. And I always start out with the nail polish :) I choose clothes that look good with it, and then I match my eyeshadow to nails or clothes.

  5. CC

    I did lately, but sometimes when I want ppl to pay more attention to my makeup, I do constrast colours.

  6. Edda

    No I don’t, not intentionally at least

  7. It depends, but not really

  8. Alessandra

    Almost never. I see a lot of people pulling it off, but me… pretty much every time I try it, I feel like a showgirl. I prefer complementary colors ou neutrals. E.g. once I wore a bright pink dress to a wedding and just couldn’t bring myself to do pink makeup, you know? I liked much better my solution of smoky eyes with blues and purples and a nude pink lipstick.

  9. Anitacska

    Definitely. Today I’m wearing a dark blue top and with it Mac Mineralize eyeshadow in Sea & Sky (or whatever it is called, it’s the blue one anyway), black lashes, nude lips and Laura Mercier shimmer bloc in mosaic.

  10. It really depends on my mood if I feel like doing my makeup crazy colors or not. I usually do match my eyeshadows with what I’m wearing but sometimes I’ll just do natural looking makeup when I want to be lazy

  11. CeeBee

    Sometimes. But not usually.

    I generally prefer contrasting to matching shades exactly.

    Today I have antique gold and bronze eyeshadows, with a teeny tiny smidge of bright metallic greeen in my lower lashline, a deep taupe shade of blush with Estee Lauder Tiger Eye metallic brown lip colour on, which goes very nicely with my bright green top.

  12. Teresa

    I never match my makeup to my clothes. I just try to make sure it doesn’t clash, so I wouldn’t say “complement” either. Just not clashing. Makeup comes before getting dressed for me.

    • SnickerDoodle

      I’m pretty much the same,except I do my makeup AFTER i get dressed, or at least decide what I’m wearing. ( I HAVE to lay out my work clothes the night before or I’ll never decide what to wear). But then I just do my makeup however i feel like, as long as it doesn’t outright clash with the outfit. Honestly, I’d rather clash than be all matchy-matchy though. I can’t stand that.

  13. Camille

    Like Teresa, makeup comes before getting dressed. So it goes the other way around for me: I’ll match my clothes to my makeup. But if I’m wearing all black then I can go crazy (that may be why I wear a lot of black huumm…).

  14. Gigi

    Never. I make it a rule not to match my makeup to my clothing – I think it’s horribly tacky, at least for me. Like someone else said, I feel like a showgirl. If makeup is to have fun, why restrict yourself to any one colour? There are colours that complement others and bring out the other colours and make them pop – wouldn’t want my purple eyeshadow to get lost in a sea of purple as well!

  15. SmittenKitten

    I love being matchy matchy…sometimes I wear just dark eye makeup with a smidge of the colour in my outfit to be more subtle.

  16. Mahalia

    I never match. it’s uber corny and comes off as super amature. and my mac ma doesnt believe in it.