Friday, October 10th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you like to receive beauty products as gifts? Do you prefer buying them for yourself? Do you save up a wish list to give to others?

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25 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you like to receive beauty products as gifts?

  1. deepblue

    YES!!!YES!!!YEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!! ,-)))

  2. PorcelainPirate

    I prefer to buy things myself, but I definitely appreciate it when people know my taste well enough to buy me something I really like :)

  3. PAOLA


  4. Lynn

    gift cards are the best…the giver’s happy, you’re happy

  5. Tayma

    It depends who they’re from and who knows my tastes. I much rather get giftcards =)

  6. mars

    i try to save everyone trouble by making a wishlist but makeup is something no one would ever try to buy me. i think one small fun item ex. glitter liner or dazzleglass with a gift card is the best way to go.

  7. chelsea

    ofcourse! :)

  8. I love getting beauty products! Esp. when it’s from close people, because they know what I want!


  9. No not really, I like to pick out exactly what I want otherwise I risk getting a cheap cosmetic set, which I never end up using. I recieved 3 last Christmas and it’s in the garage! Ahh well it’s the thought that counts!

  10. Yep, just as long as they know some of my rules. Mainly, no fragrance. I’m allergic. I wouldn’t be able to use it. Other than that, it’d be pretty rad to get some beauty as a present. I usually ask for stuff like that. Past birthday and Xmas, I had “lip gloss” and “liquid eyeliner in funky colors” on my list.

  11. Tekoa

    Gift cards are the best, but I sure aint going to be unhappy with the gift of a physical lipgloss. Send them to Momma!

    Oddly enough I’ve never gotten makeup as a gift.

  12. Ashley

    My boyfriend buys me great makeup gifts however I make him a list of what products I want and in what colours, he walks into MAC and hands it to the MA who fetches my things :) I like getting makeup for gifts when its something I’ll use, I don’t care if its drugstore brand or whatever, I just hate those massive makeup palette sets that are full of poor-quality products. I never use them but I feel guilty getting rid of them!

  13. Vee

    I like to give them, when I have a good understanding of what will work well, and what a person wants.

  14. Jennifer

    Ehhhhh… it’s difficult to say, really. I love getting makeup, period. But because most people don’t know exactly what I like/want, I prefer to get gift cards for Sephora or something. Even my friends misjudge my tastes or get me something I already have. It’s better when they get me fragrance/body/skincare things, because my tastes are more predictable there…

  15. Ann

    I like receiving good beauty products by mail. For example I am on Allure mags readers panel. They sent me the latest channel mascara to try & I love it. So much that I spent $28 to buy a full size tube. As a brown girl I hate receiving foundation samples though because they are almost always far too light.

  16. Skyler

    No one knows my taste well enough to buy me make-up (except maybe my online friend Ariele; she’s my MAC chat mate!). I like buying make-up myself. But as for other bath and beauty products like nice soaps, creams, body mists, massage bars, anything from Lush… I love receiving those things as gifts! :) I like practically anything like that, especially fruity scents and most people know that about me. One of the best gifts I ever received was a massage bar from Lush from my boyfriend last Christmas. OMG. LOVE! (Bet he never figured he’d have to work so hard even AFTER the gift was purchased. Haha. Every time he comes over I ask him for a backrub. :P)

  17. Macaddict

    Love to receive any beauty products, makeup, fragrances, etc for any special occasion…or just because! In fact those, besides books, CDs, lingerie, movies, are my favs options.
    I alwways have a wish list of particular items, colors, and I always make it known what I like. I drag my spouse to beauty depts when in malls to get his opinion on scents, etc.
    He is pretty good at remembering, although, I have to admit that twice for Christmas, I ended up with men versions of fragrances that were on my list!!! Of course, I exchanged them for the women’s versions afterwards…

  18. classic

    I never refused when friends or other give me beauty products as a gift.

    But for my favourite beauty product many of them I buy myself.

  19. Alma

    I’m happy, but I actually prefer other things.

  20. Anna

    i love receiving gifts. period. regardless of whether they’re beauty products or other stuff.

  21. Cristina

    I do appreciate getting beauty products as gifts. Sometimes, that’s where I discover potential HG products!

  22. Ashley

    As much as I love shopping for them, I dislike receiving them as gifts!

  23. Ly

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS that would be the best gifts ever