Friday, June 6th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you like to hear about new collections? Is it fun for you to plan out what you want from first-glimpse? Would you rather hear about it after it has launched?

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30 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you like to hear about new collections?

  1. I adore to read about it, that is how i plan what to get.

  2. I love knowing about them way before they come out. That way I can be sensible about what I want to get.. though my hauls still tend to be massive! Lol. The anticipation is fun 😀

  3. Lucy

    I love beauty updates….keep them coming! :)

  4. claudine

    i love to hear about future collections

  5. Stella

    Absolutely!but only with MAC> I look over other collections.

  6. viv

    yes. yes yes!! i love it when i come onto the site and see info about a new upcoming collection. i have to agree with Stella, i’m only interested in MAC though… probably because i’m not that rich and if i get hooked onto every single other brand, i’ll become broke and die. haha 😀

  7. Nell

    Oh yes, please!!!!!!!!

  8. Ashley H

    yesss ! I always get so excited to hear about new collections..especially when the first few swatches start to come out ! I usually plan out what I want ahead of time, but I tend to change my mind when I get to MAC lol. My neo sci fi haul was completely different than what I originally planned to get.

  9. lisa

    I love to know about them before hand that way i can save up and have an idea of what i want before going to the store.

  10. Vanessa

    I love hearing about them early, especially when you have swatches to share!!

  11. Jennifer

    I love, love, love hearing about them and seeing the product photos ahead of time!! I, too, use these sneak previews to plan what I want… like I know I’m skipping Tendertones, Cool Heat, etc so I can do Cult of Cherry in the fall 😉

  12. Stephanie

    I’m new to the site but I love hearing about the new releases (for me that has been neo sci-fi, cool heat & cult of cherry). It is exciting and it is also a means for me to consider what I have and what I want beforeI go buying at the counter. I mean before I would just see what was at the counter when I was there and buy whatever without eer saying to myself, what do I have that is similar? So please continue to give us all of your info!

  13. DaniMae

    I love hearing about what’s to come but I feel like I’m hearing something new every 30 seconds and I get kinda overloaded.

  14. meg

    Something to look forward to !

  15. Sharonda

    I agree with most.I like to know ahead of time!

  16. Jen

    I love to hear about new collections, when they are coming out (sometimes you let us know and the Mac associates don’t even know yet), and love to see your swatches so I can start thinking about what I want to buy!! Keep it coming : )

  17. Mimi

    I love it…my pocket book well, not so much! :) It helps me know what I like from each launch so I go in prepared!! THANKS!!

  18. Jessica

    I like to plan ahead. Helps me decide if I need to save my money or not! (And you site helps so much!)

  19. kimberly

    as you know, i love to see upcoming releases…keep it comin

  20. Chica

    It helps to know when I need to save up a bit!

  21. lala

    I love hearing about up and coming gets me so amped up!!!…then I start seeing swatches …I get all “googoo eyes” …lol I love it!!

  22. I Love Love to hear about them always..


  23. karen

    I love to hear about the new collection as everyone enjoy colors.
    but I comes from NZ. that means I always got the news and saw the swatch before they are available here. considering my budget,I have to say thats is a good way to pick up the right one. so I should say THANX to everyone posted the swatch and haul photo. they are helpful.

  24. michelle

    i looooove hearing about the new collections in advance! i always try to decide which ones i want and which ones are leaveable but i always end up buying way more than expected! haha



  26. kat

    Definately in advance! Otherwise I can’t plan my purchasing. Also, I’m so terrinly busy I used to MISS launches completely :0!!

  27. Calico

    I NEED to hear about the upcoming collections! Its wonderful!
    I can better plan myself, love when you do ‘inspired’ looks from upcoming collections too, so we can see what permanent colours go with the upcoming ones, and can plan and think before ITS ALL GONE!
    Dont stop!

  28. Bianca

    I love it!! Not only do I plan what I’m gonna get but also since I live in Mexico I get to see all the swatches, so I pretty know what I’m getting. The only thing is that I get psycho with the time of arrivals and I start to kind of harras the MA at the Pro store here. I do it since they just won’t call you when new collections arrive. HAHAHA!! The excuses a makeup addict invents.