Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Temptalia Asks You

Do you like reading about beauty looks from celebrities? Do they interest you or do you skip ’em?

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33 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you like reading about beauty looks from celebrities?

  1. They’re so fake, it’s not very interesting. Mostly it’s promotionnal space for the brands, and the tips are the worst : “two coats of black mascara”, helloooo, do you think we’re so dumb we do not see the fake lashes ?

    • Tanya

      LOL OMG I soooo agree with both Edea and Kayc! Its like either they think we are dumb or its just one big ad for whatever line the celeb is being paid by. Its fake and an insult to our beauty smarts 😉 I pass on them!

      • I like the ones that look like they are really listing what actually was used. But lots of times, as the first commenter said, they use false lashes but claim only mascara was used. Or, they’ll say X brand eye pencil was used, when the celebrity clearly has liquid / gel liner on. Often they’ll omit key products as well!

        Once I spot something like that I don’t even bother reading the rest.

        • Macaddict

          Totally agree!!! And, like super hot Hollywood stars &/or supermodels would really wear Maybelline, Cover Girl, AVON, or Rimmel makeup!! PPPUUULLLEEEAAASSEEEE!!!! LOL. I don’t even wear that s**t on my face! Yeah! With the $$$ they have, it’s most likely most of them have had plastic surgery &/or Botox injections, laser treatments, or some other non m/u work done!

  2. Kayc

    No not really. I don’t really care for celebrity looks since I’m sure they pack on 500 pounds of make up. I prefer reading about beauty tutorials from blogs, etc.. coz they’re actually done by people who understand that not every woman wants to pack on enormous amounts of makeup on a daily basis.

  3. Whitney

    i just look at the pictures, not how they did the makeup. It would probably be just as good if you just put the pictures without how they did the makeup and hair.

  4. Sarah

    Yes, I love reading that stuff! I’m a sadist, and that stuff just makes my day.

  5. Cat

    I love reading it….especially if the celebrity has similar skin tone as me…gives me different ideas. Some of the tips are spot on but others can be a lil exaggerated.

  6. Myxa

    I skip’em. I agree with Edea. I mean come on – sometimes, it comes across as if all they are wearing is mascara and lipgloss. But in most cases, there are way too many products that are way too high-end for me to try something similar. Now if there were more looks using MAC, that would be cool!

  7. ayat

    I just love the pics more than the breakdown of the look but it is interesting to know what celebrities are using!

  8. Sarah

    I like reading about eyeshadow techniques of celebrities as this is something that I generally lack inspiration from.
    Saw good video on You Tube from celebrity makeup artist on what celebrities do before they apply makeup – or their personal make up artists do:

  9. Kristin

    Not a fan of the celebrity beauty looks postings :(
    I will admit, I do still read them though…lol.

  10. sssolene

    I love when people recreate the looks!!!!

  11. Bea

    Yes! Keep posting!

  12. sprut

    Some but not so many. Maybe like 3 or 4 of really different looks.

  13. lisa

    Yes but what i love is when the look is recreated.

  14. tc

    yeah! hillary duff has the best looks!

  15. Dee

    I like the makeup looks. I’m not too interested in how they get their hair done.

  16. Lena

    Yes, I do enjoy reading what products maybe used to create a look. What gets me is how the majority of the m/up artists are in over drive with that totally nude look at the gala events.

  17. Nope, always look at the photos and then pass it by! x

  18. geri

    I prefer reading books by professional Make-Up Artists. Have a few from Bobbi Brown, Linda Mason, Kevyn Aucoin etc…

    Its more interesting and their style are all so different and fun to read and learn from!

  19. ice

    i love reading those stuff.

  20. Anitacska

    I’m not very interested tbh.

  21. carriespooner

    Every minute of the day I read those. I disagree that they are just ‘advertisments’. People ask stars all the time what they are ‘wearing’. Why not makeup too?

    Please don’t stop doing them.

  22. shari

    I don’t care to read about them because more often than not they are advertisment for one paticular cosmetics company.

  23. rowan

    like them if i like the look.

  24. Felis

    I skip them. I could not possibly give less of a damn about what celebrities do or wear.

  25. missobtuse

    i find post on celebrities looks to be quite annoying. Half of the time it is just an advertisement for one brand and the instructions are way off.
    “Oh this look is just foundation, a sweep of blush, a dap of lip gloss, and two coats of mascara” YEAH RIGHT.

  26. honeybrown1976


  27. jess

    I like them if I can actually believe what was on them. I agree with other girls–I hate when they use it as an ad for their sponsor–thats complete bs and fake. Be honest! Y go through the motions if your just gonna lie? Like I believe Amy Adams only used one coat of mascara–who ever does that? lol If it looks like a wide range of brands then I might believe it. But I agree, these girls only wear drugstore makeup if they are pimping it. Then its just another ad opportunity. I don’t believe they walk around using neutrogena skincare and covergirl makeup. NO WAY! The hair is less interesting. I still like to look at the makeup up close to see how it looks. A slideshow would be cool to so I don’t have to point and click through 20 posts.

  28. jess

    One more thing—I agree with Missobtuse–they think we are fools if we believe that its one swipe here and one swipe there! COME ON! These are actresses under harsh lights–they HAVE to use more makeup then us!–not less! We know not all actresses are stunningly beautiful without makeup–thanks to STAR mag. we know this! lol So quit pretending they wear no makeup!

  29. Vivian

    yeah, like everyone here, celebs don’t tell us EVERYTHING they used. You can’t blame them, we’re the ones that kept pestering them what they wear and of course they don’t give out many info-it’s most likely a makeup artists who TELL us, so don’t always shift blames to celebs.

    To me, I just go “they so had false lashes” and that’s it. Yeah, some had plastic surgery, but not all do that. However, i’m seeing few outrageous NOMAD here talking gibberish. Who doesn’t like saving $, esp when we find a great price for a great look. mind you, I use low-end lip/gloss and they work better than high-ends I’ve tried. *rolls eyes*