Sunday, May 25th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you keep track of your purchases at all? Spreadsheet? Receipts? Is it all in your head?

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49 thoughts on “Temptalia Asks You – Do you keep track of your purchases at all?

  1. viv

    yes!! i do!!
    I plan out what I’m planning to buy each month from MAC. (yeah, only MAC needs planning, since it costs so much!!) Then I keep all the receipts from my MAC purchases and staple them together. I also have this “cosmetics mini handbook” where I have a list of all the products I had/have with a short comment on one side so I know whether I liked that product or not and whether it’s worth repurchasing etc.

    • How cuteee! I love it, Viv!! :) It’s something I would so do!

    • MissTiss

      How funny! I JUST started doing this. I call my book my beauty handbook. It’s got review, a holy grail list, and my purchases. I thought it was a bit OCD, but now I can see it’s just smart to plan. You’re right…gotta plan for the MAC purchases! Loveeeeee MAC.

  2. No not at all,i know its bad.Its not possible though..


  3. Vanessa

    I pretty much know everything I have. I don’t keep track of it any other way. It’s funny because I was just thinking about how I wish I knew the names of all the Collections that came out so I know where all my LEs came from!!

  4. Jennifer

    I have had to start… a year ago I took a job that pays $13,000 less per year (I know it sounds insane but it was a great decision in terms of happiness with one’s work). I used to just purchase what I wanted (up to a point), but now I have to make VERY careful budget, and I include a small amount for cosmetics. So, I have to pick out what I want very carefully.

  5. I usually just throw my extra dollars and cents in a change jar and when its full, I take it to a coinstar machine and then let myself spend all of it on whatever I want (since it was just extra change i would have lost in the car anyway!)

  6. Kimberly

    I usually keep a spreadsheet of what I buy @ MAC, if it’s an eyeshadow, lipstick, if it’s Frost/Veluxe Pearl, how much it costs, and if it’s Limited Edition.

  7. Sara

    HELL no! if i did that, then i would have to actually see what i spend on makeup lol. i dont want to know

  8. lala

    sometimes I do :/

  9. Patricia

    I keep a file with color samples for all my MAC and other high end brands. I ALSO keep a speadsheet that I discovered from someone online. It’s a bit over-kill, but interesting to see how much I have spent on makeup.

  10. Well I keep all my receipts and stuff all the boxes into a bag for recycling which I need to empty soon because it’s filled to the brim! Every time I look at that thing I feel a little pang of guilty pleasure haha. I don’t keep a list…but maybe I should!

  11. DaniMae


    The guilt would get to me LOL

  12. I’m really terrible at keeping track of my finances. I have tried before to keep a ledger or something, but it always falls through. I’m not good at constantly logging things. Like food diaries or journals (the only journal I’ve ever kept is my LiveJournal, which I don’t have to fill out everyday.) so filling in Quicken or something never seems to work out for me. I wish there was an easy way. :/

  13. I don’t keep track of how much I’ve spent, but I do keep track of everything I buy in a big spreadsheet my husband made for me online. It’s really cool cuz I can update it online and text to it to ask if I have a color already – comes in handy since I’ve double bought so many times!! :-) Check it out:

    If you want one, let me know…I may be able to hook you up!

  14. Julia

    I usually make a list of things I want before I go to the MAC store, but don’t always stick to it. It all depends on what I like in person and swatches.

    Once I get home I update my spreadsheet on my computer. Love it! Tells me how much I spend (even though I have no budget when it comes to MAC, I like to know) It’s even alphabetical by type lol.

  15. I use your spreadsheet :p I also keep all my receipts so at the end of the year I can add them all up and shock myself into being more sensible!

  16. Sash

    Psshh, Yea right!
    I totally should though!

  17. Sandy

    no, but I definitely should. I mean, I know ahead of time what I’m going to buy when I get to the counter. So I don’t overspend but i don’t keep receipts or make a spreadsheet either! I know, horrible!

  18. LippyNBlush

    I write every makeup purchase in my hand organizer ie the date, price & where I bought it!

  19. HeavenLeiBlu

    It’s all in my head, plus I have a budget. I think my lil obsession is pretty small compared to a lot of people, LOL. I usually only like no more than 3 things from a collection, because I may already have something similar, or already know of a dupeable alternative.

    Now if only I could find a bigger traincase… I’m spilling out of mine all over the bathroom and bedroom.

  20. Brooke

    I keep a spreadsheet of every penny I receive and every one I spend. Ive done this for 3 years now. I don’t actually DO anything useful with it, like keep a budget or see where most of my money goes,,,, I just total it up at the end of the year and make sure I made more than I spent, then I’m satisfied :)

  21. mmmm not financially wise, lol . . I think I would stop buying if I did. I just keep track of all the eyeshadow I buy in a notepad document. As far as anything else, I rely on MAC to remember my foundation and stuff since everything is saved in their computer.